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I ño obüorvation ís ncitnor very profound nor novel - what is the use oL having aíiro, and going through it.unless you caneóme out botter than ever i" - it ís, however, the natural thing to say, being invariably forced into one's mouth oa witnessiug the really iinproved and more spacious quarteta into which our railway ooinpanies and groat manufacturers are oao by one PhcBnixing thomselves. The very latost of thise ehunges for the better is that raade by tho Michigan Central Hailrcad Company in tho coinpletion asid OCOop&tion tho present week of their new building on tlie old site and foundations, ut the fcot of South Water st., Chicago. Tho whole, however, is now occupii'd, tho Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Bood having provided its new otjlces eiswhure. - This new building, like thu old, is tbreo stories in height, but tha stories are higher, and tho apartmouts far moro spuciouR. ïho ground floor is occupied with the local offices - that of the looal freight being ou tho left, and that of thu cashier on tho right, - both connocting with tho freight houso in the roar. On tho second floor tho suite on tho loft (west sido) is occupied by.th3 General Superintendent - hisown oflioo in front, coni:r:can with thoso of the Goneral Cashier and tho tclegraph ; and back of thes Í3 a conductora' room provided with every noeded comfort and convenience. Oa the east sido, are tho offices of the General Freight Agent. On tho third floor, tha front room oa tho west sido is devo,ted to tho offices of +ho Chief Engineeer of the Koad, hoso removal to Chicago will groatly facilítate the work of improvcment on th'3 Ine of tho Conipany, carriód on under the supervisión of the Geneneral Superintendent. To the rear et the Engineer's oiTicc are two spacious rooms for tho acorumodation of tho baggagemon and portera, vrith suitablo sleeping accommodationa, and on tho eiist side aio r(oins iittod up for the accommodation. of thoso employés whose work extpnda into tlic evening and night. Tho hall ou this iioor is broad and high, and thequarter.; of iís oecupants aro rondored as comfortablo and picasant as ia a good hotel. The docorntion of tho offices on the fitst and saconü floor is very elegant, being in nativo wcods of the Poninsular State, and m artistic design and exquisito flnbh. All the rooms are flooded with light, and aro of dimensions adequate to the utmost nocessities of the road for years to cc-me. Thn accessories - the clouets, etc. - aro in uniform stylo with the officos, aml tho whole building is heated with. stoam. Tha old vault on tho flrst floor ia rotainod, having passed through the ftru uninjured. -


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