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day. The time must come xvhen siïch acta wil] be oppreciated." OM 10. Tiiirty-eipht connije rn Ohio grvo tliU year 6,937 Liberty votes: Jnstyenr for B rnev 6,201. Therp vwll probubly be a smoJ] incrense through the State, while the oiher partiea have fallen off. MA IN E. The official vote in Maíñe is tlius ffiven. 1845. 1844. Democratie S0,f46 4&.7I9 Wbijf 253.983 Si,34G Liberty 5,437 4,9 PENNSYWVANIA. The American Ciiizen of Philndelphio, give? returns of the Liberty vote in 12 counties o! Eastern Penn. as folio ttsj For Birney 1844, 2033 For Canal Cominissioners this ycar, 2ö93 Gain, 855 (Cfln our article of last week on the Railroads, tho types make us to say that a load for one Locomotive is 200 barrels of Flour. The usual average is about 400. Also, in the same article, the Marshall writer says that tho distance from Albany to Boston is 300 miles: it is a little more than 200. 07' An eastern exchnrrye brinca the followinj newe, whic-h is ratber olnrrnin to us: Alien. - Benrs ore vnry plenty this fall, one nuiii nh)ne lins kiüed 17 ner.i Grand Haven.- Moie or lesa are killed daily. IL The vote for Governor 11 this'County wns, for Birney 305- for Fclch 1,759- for Vickery 2.005- whole number. 4,07?. Lib. vote for Representatives, ubout 307. (üommtvtinï. Ann Arbor, Nov. 14, 1845. Wheat was sellinp for two or thrrc days ot 33 to 70 cents. Flour retnik at $4,00. The weather for four weeks past lias been ?xiraordinnry. Scarcelv onv rain has fnllpn.


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