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The Clock Of The Year Is Soon To Toll

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Uil' hour oí' twelve ; lut Jont stm-t deal or tiiuid reader, we do ïiot, propose t inflict our r.'mini:oencos npon yon, neithei to teil nor failures, oiiiisyions or coinmissions, its rnalizationi or ilfs-iiiji! ■iatinciil. , or rather of what we or t'no world have done or experietn ed at its tours mul dayfl nr.d weeks .'iml months bare fiittcl by, bringing sadnese td some joy to othera, sucoess now failuro noxt, bealth ar.d sickness, birth and deatb, al] in an iaezplioable niodloy. We slial! only s:!V let t lm c!(! :d past Imry lia dead, face to the front, uil prepare to grapple with the futuro, and deserve it' not cominnnii -, greatsr degree of raooesa - truk HAPP1MB68 - in 187;i thi.n hs Vesm vonchsafed in 1872, ïh;it is our ÜAi'iY i:v Yi:ai'.. - One word moro : rotnombor tbs po r araifl thoao holiiiay festivitice, and lot no ncighbor shirvc or freeze to deatb.


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