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TV" COLÉ, Dealer tu Co ■ . ..1 ; C il i. & (iitAM'. nv r :,iví u Oú Sons1 Store, r , Poarth and Liuroo k. "XTotic? Tho a-.inual meeting of Poreal liiílf. mll etery Comptnj of Aun rbnrvrilll ay Jannary 7th 1878, at 2 neo k p. ftf., for in e eo ion of olí transad ion o suob oil-ci 1 - l efore it. OliO. GKENVIL Ann Arbor, Tre. 2fl, 1372. Olerk. HARPEK'S WÉËKLY. splexd:dlt illustrated. TKs ifr.'iaT ilthsableal indmi 1 powerful i!. ! : 1 l ■ : , ■■ I ■ . ' ry. It8 il i re - bo k v nnd i ui i . ■ I md fin m i h ti íffht. i 1 ■Mr.-i i' ns . i cñrri'fil evi ■ - VIh -i I ■ ". !:,. Wrr ,;i.Kv i, v :.; least holl a mi'Hol p i ii lulo i le slmply tremi'mlou. The W Ins ■! p .-:■ , ■ Itton, and exlo idod vi. v.-. di l:t I and loclal i,r.ljleiurt - 'Louitciltc i turia Jotitnal' SUBSCS -1873. TtjkUlFBSí'e Wskkly. one year $i oo An exera eopy of ifcber ihe Maoaxibse, v or Bazar will o; snppltei irratb for eVery Clab of inscriben ni ín odo rvniUtance; or, i - ■ aptos íbr30 00" without öxtmcopy. Snlvcriptioin in Habpeu's MaoaxiVSi BTtdBj ' ■■■ ;■ ■■ ir, I 8 le, to on address ufuw, $7.00: Back N timbera e n ho snpptted nt finy time Thc nnn.-il VolutaO ■" o f H'irpt i 'a Vi:i;kt,t, m neat drtth l;n''ii-:, will be nt by exprcés, frw of i . T 00 each ■ completa 8U comprklng Sixtem v li tnea bpdI oh rec Ipi i fi u h i I M e rati of$S 2t per vul., froj bt al ei] Bnse of parcha The p ■ EIarper8 ■■ k"v ■- so conts a ye :r, vhi.:h ma t he pald at tlic Mibscribfi's post fflCC. I ■ i HARPKRA BROTHERS, New York. Egtate of Jool Hornbeok. : MrAX, County of W'.-isIitoTiiiw.hH. don ol the Joróbate Cooxt for the Gountïoi licCiij oí Aun Alicer. OB SátUídftj', the Iwoiity lirstiinv üj ur one thow i.uuclreü ; ram J. Boakes, Judgeof Pi [a xi'.'j raui ' r oí [ornbeckj ,■ . onn oio Dvi, büxioutoroi thelast wiii ,: 1 1; Btlid (l.-i-i-a.-c íl, comes int o nuil representa that lie isnow prepATed to renderbii fina] ii :'j tlie of Janaary nest, at ten o d : ■:■ exumiimig And :;1. . ;nui that 'lie iegutocs, deiscca and heira at Uiw oí said ■ ■ ■ ■ I, nnd i : . .' . -■ p niin-J ío p■ -i , ifírü tu be hi ' . bate Olüco, ín tlie City of Ann Arbor, nnd ..use, ií any there be, why the lid ehoultl not be allowe 1 : And it is i '■li Q'OJ ('t BBld BC .i copy of thia ordw io li" publislieU ti Ihe p'ipcr printed and tirculnting in siiid ooiinty, thrce ■ dny oí' henring. lA i: opy.,) UUft Jutli'öot' Pscbal. te of Ëtfvarcl Ëyatt. lE OF MICHIGAN. ■. Ier f;i : !:' Pro■ uní y of -■'■': ■. BÍS TlKillttiS fro-n tbn e nlTowed for - - ■ ' that all er i to ptesimi 0 . in the City (r '■■ bt ol June íUííh c! Cowrt. t Sftturdy the eighth doy of Muren nnt nnd on ie twcnioilh day of Jane n-_-xt t trrn oelfck in tho forenoon of oücIi uf thow DuUd, Ano Arbor, Da ■ I, A. D. L872. H1R. 1406 .■■oí' Probate. Estiite ot' Liyon- minors. ST.VTEUPm:noAN c.hh'M ofWasbteniw,ei ? Ai ji scsaluu ol che Probate Coarl Toi tuv Coaut' ■- holden ■: the lrobate Offl c lo tic " i t ■ i Ann Arbor ó:. ■ ty-thlr diy o( December, in the y. -ar one thouBani and c vi 'ii ; y lw . Preaent Hiran J. Beakeít-Tu te In the matter jI the pstatv ol PFaU i Ivon ■ i . 1, ou Charles Lyon and Mary Lyon rñ ;i v :i % lardian t .--i d . ti represfiit" thftl he U now pre 1 ÖoardlsD Brut day of J nmry oextnt ten o 'dock lu tbe ■ ;, be Hslgped fo nndalliminj euch !cciMim,ftudtfiurh" di í of kia bfsaid mluon un. i all other puriíoiiii íutereeted tnsald entatí, nrthen to be noldon at-the Probate Ofi1ce In tt' City of Ann Acbor, insaiUCotiDty andehowcanei itn'nv then -i-. w:v .■ the - ■ I ncconnt shoald iioi be ailowed Ai0 Utsfarther ordored Ihat natd Gnardían ■m ín [ hií persone interestud In said estáte of the poiHteney n . thereof. hycintlnff a cüpy of tbhi orAer to 6e ptib lfrticd in the M ■ puper prfutc and ctrcnlatlng In ?.-iit Conoty. thre sai tu eaid day ol h f . trnecopj.) lili. '".ks, 140) i -t Probate. for Sitie. .. TAXEOV S1ICHIUAN, county oi Wiishteaav, es, I l'. Ureene; , tbnt in pi ; ; Of . un order granted to the i - ■ tecnth day of Februmy, V, Desoíd it Public Vendue, to tht hi . e dwÜibí d, in j ■ tftte, on 'J ■ be aftern on of I hfti ■ ■ ■ i i i ■ 1 1 1 j time oí tüe dBíti ti or' sí i ío Inwíi % describí ! . wit: Tbe west half ol ti;e soiiihwní quartí ri ■ half of ■ ■ : ven ; H ■ Mi qi:a: to of thc soutl ■ . . , t r esouthol i . in snid Ktate, con ■ . ■ ■■ - ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ tore or Ices. ■ . .cT T HARPKU, 1400 Adminútrator. Uhancí ry Notico. TI for UieConntyol "ishi 0. Munly. nfelville L. ■ , A . iv tí. ' ■ . tienry 1) Ilci.i .:i , iunü '■ ' ; ■ -i'".í o t 8t. Ani . .-. I huroh ol Ana Ai 1 triet number one of the cuy oí Arn A mis. ■ 1 y í'io híÜ. complitii - ■.-■; A vt ];. ! t. y, iá not ni U ■ ■ Iboj iiTy oí Litke. nnd State 'i li and ; hu a f ui, ;■ 1 1 of and un lor the i ii lo ibe d ■íi'Mhi: t ni I Uura y un ■ '■ ■iilii i. ; thentoie, on rao ;■■;'". I : wili' ll i-i . Kum m y and mee ín , i ni iK' late of ti ■ l ii] r :■ . :■■ ■■!■ 01' - nul H ;■, ( lie ■ and in i ■ i.. aey un i ■ ■ : l -.i vi Uin ■■[ in tl:r .(;. : . ftrt Lhe ;( i ui ui . o i,-. ■ ín ■■ 'i i v, ci !:, or . . ill L. i , ■!■ oí Ib ir ap . [8, 1872. VX, L4OS-W0 Circuit Conxi Com., Wahtenaw ( o. Micb. rmrs 8Cavejíge j acton & flowers, Would reepectfully Infonn ti osof Ann Albor thüi ihcy are prepared U OUT HOÜS E S ! lád f ingru-nH Ktodi of [hiUWsh sli y: notioe, nnd ;it tlie i ualloidnato ' 140J ación & fi."Vvi;::s.


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