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i E ■ " - k' - ; . II MOTHEES! MOTHERS U MOTHEES'!! Íoii C til to procure MH8. Wns. jl.íiW'S SOOÏHÏNO SÏKIP lOIS t;UI,l5:!: TEETHINO. Thl valnuble preparalion hu been oaen wltli NKVKR-PAILISG BUCO88 IN TH0USAND8 OP C SKB. . It notonly reHeveati cliild (ron p:nn. itiTig:.-!■ sioin'Chnndb wel'. correct ocldity, and d i nergyto (lie liulc oyaiem Itwli] :!ls Inatantl] rejleve (ripiíijr In t!i! Boweia and Wind ('olio. vVebelleve II theBIMr and 8UHB8T BBMKDY I PHB WORLD, lo nll catea ol i ï&BRTERT N DIAUUiliK.i IN BttlLUKBN, hoth.rarlaJ Insfrom iceihlnj: of nY dthertane. Dcpeudiip ultmoibars, it ill civcresltoyonr. uud líoüei' and Health to Your IufantSé Be euro and oftll for 'Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Svrnp." HatIdk the fac-eimllo'o: "CUHT18 PFBKIN8 1 11 che outsidi wifl] per. Soldbj Uiuij.liMí tiin.tiíhout Ihc world. A FA1.SE REPORT I THAT A. A. TERRY HASGONEOUTOF TP.DE HE STILL UVES, AKD HAL A LARGE AND COM PLETESTOCK OF HATS & CAPS ! JUST THE STYLEj AND AT TRICES TO SVIT TUR TIMLa. ALSO A I-U 1.1. LINJÍOP GENTS' FURNISHIN6 GOÜDS! DONT PÜBCHA8K YOCR Fall and Winter OÜTFITS TNT1L YOtT O-IVET-IIM ACALi.. 15 3-nlh Main St.. Ann Aibci . L.C.RBSDON'S Al)VERTIEMLN ; . Xow is thc íiintí to PARLüMlATlfi STOYSS. I will s.-il the ftt C08T until further nos ice. 3fo. 31 S. Maín St, Ann tibor. TAMES McMAHON, Justicc of thc Peac o, ■ Oííiee in new black, ííorth of Court Ilouse líoney collccted and promptly paid otct. IXSURANCK AGENT. Trfmnph, aae', $;7.ina.ii Korin í:es'ivri, " H45.41 1. i nilrtrntft, " 980,000.00 TJKAIi KSTATE. I Vara 3 aere' riand 'i ol t mlle fnn theelty imits, :. i for frait r ; ir,u-n purposes. ■ Alno i" ai-. a]h lo ncro9, ',vi!h h' use .T!d t;irn.íind a I ,'cl if water rnnnlBflll" ufU (;k lr;i yird. 60 aoreSi nUc otit. 1 v:l] í.'ll :;nv nr :iil thc :lbovt' oíionp. or 6XC0ftD2 for el! v prupvrly. I 74 JAMES McJIAHON. JOST REOBIVED T T' S' STORE ii . Urge ptock of Bonntt and Sat'h Kilibous i. m t;.:!.:s and Otway. "V"0ïICE TO THE PUBLIC ! i I wül eeU on M N0A.Y iext, DECE3IBEK IGth, :i in;ije teck of Dry G' od, Millinerv 3 Wotionp At ftrictly New Tork Cost. raá Boto'e (ffwtdff bélow. p is ■■ :" P"rtraa in üiy Uno fur thc llolidays, na tliore isno Cali and See fot Yoursclves Wliethcr I do as I mlvcrtise. CHARLES FANTL75. Aun Arbor, December 12, 1872. ll'Jwl Real Estáte for Sale WÏ-V01H 'I GIIAPÍ hllMSSTRAlï. Nar the north nrt comer oftbe Curt Tlr.nuti fn-iic 'I'iiit pjnporty -wUI be Br.M t u'.-immih1 le Ín fots ni?;li!-' fir a r -irKurr or fur ' □ U ■;;.'ms Ál so Tota oh MtUer Avenue ewt .i PoiDb1 grwn honwj Alvo a Farm of 160 Acres, ■. ■ 'i trati u ■'■ anrt fenced. wltl ird rsd ;;:-!■ ri i: ■- withtD n mlïo of ;■■!■ onrt II uSein i nud s 'veral hnndre n b i ■..'is in Sju:nv Cínmtv Mi hlir; n. :■ Of N. V. OTirrVER.or l:;OÍ)ir,n C A CIIAI'IN tcTlbt. ' ■ jo nd modi-m íirw Grocerv torc in ríuríioz , ■ i . ; ■ ■ ; thcbvat lo..::;t : n : 'h:lt T. "f lu' City for síiI.] I il?! ;i i s -. pevr '--.i :: n! !■!( !:"(" r i he pn mis ís. i jourlj, to be tallen In grocerle for : nsc. Ais )i Qnc nw Mal Wnrkot, olí complete, folnfn? i vi mol mnrl rn! !, c .lirgc !! w Bmokc honsc, larun hrlck clmern and w harn anixll ready for iw. lth three rn 'ílv nms above. Store n ata for (2i ycnrlv ; tnk n in i" ■■: '■' "v famllj Alio a mu ül atore In m.v bl el;, hoirses, rooroe, .te, to i t. t m SALE.- Thrce n od laree carrlnjre or f.irm !i rsr , one fln ew earrla? ■ isons larm Ing tooi. Ako three I4i otr i ni" ofL. lï i-T.'ilOZ I PACT IK ver WISETOOETANT GOODS . the w "ik í-f v rr mol i v. v. n mn lo the rVmr' Plorcíwhere they Bell al] ■lu'.iinr ;:.:.- !'-' '■'■■■" mr bfora, WIS HART 's PINE TREE TAR CBUIU! NATURE'S 6REAT REMKDY FOK T!IE THKOAT AM) LU3GM. It is jrrntilyins to ns to kiform the pnbflc that Dr Q.C. Wiahart'a PineTW T.r Cordal, for Throat and LtmL niseaacs, ii... -r.!rel un eDYtnble feputatloo frcim Atlnnilc to the f'acifle eoast, and from thenae-to'atotto o!thefiret ftimtlicfl f Batop.s not Ihrongh the pren alone, brfi by peratfna tliroughmt the BtaUn actnall; benefiled rad cored ut his office. While he publKlu's les, Bo raj onr reporter, hei tnnbleto npply the di-m-iuj. It gaius and holds iiH reputauon - Hret. Not by i-topplng congO, bot by lootenlnff an aaebtlBg nature to lorow off the tui tn:1.! ici ccllccfc cl i.l i u ; the il. ron t .111 il brouchiiil mht 8 ctiHh canses irritafon. Sccond. It romovi's the c.iuscf of hritutlon (which produces congbj t mnêoiü membrane a.d broDch'ii tuhrs, r.?iilH the lnüL-s to net ancj throw off the unhealthy secretions. and p:iriiW the blood, Thtrd Itltfree (rnncsqtilllsi lobella, ipi oplDm, ol whieh most throatkod luiiy remedión ara composed, whteb allaj eongh only, and dlftrgitDlxe the atomach. Tt has a aoothlng effect on the -lom ch, acts on livor and kldneya, and lym pathlc and nerroaa reglonS) thna reachtag to cv ry pari of the lystem, and in t3 lavlgoratipg and pur Itylnf IfecU It has galned atepntation which it mnüt huid ubovc a.l others in the uarJsett KCTIC53. TNEP1NE TREE TA3 CORDIAL, CrttKAf AMSRICAH DI8PÏPSIA IMLS. W05M SUGAR DROPS neins; nndiT my Immediaato dn-fcfion, thej shail oot loose tSelr curativo qiialitiis by the use of chcap huí] imnire articles, HENRT R. WISHART, trI' ) ti r; ïktor FREE OF CSfARfiEi Ör. L. Q. C, Wishart 0 'i e Pnrlors are open on Moi.iinv-, 'ilrii y ai.i! Wc 'nrs l.-iyi (rom 0 A. S[ to . [' M.. for conaaltAtltiu by frT ffm.T. itlihim o aèfoclated two conmltlnfi ph of 'ackcowiedged Rblllly. Thl opportnnity is not oflered by any other iiü-tilution in the ity. All letters nu: si Ie :itlrrscil ti L. a. WISHART, M. )., JVo. 232 N. erond t .. pi-u . : " r::::-.. f.-.ini; The Cliéupest hiüI Bpsi Firo Department in Ihé World. Oeer One Thoutand Actual Fires Pul Out U'ITW IX, AKS KOBB TIIAN" JpSjOOO-jOOO-OÓ Worth of Propert Bk.ved From the Flauies. THE I A O ü U L S v - = , ? = ' 8 fi 11 I lïf Towns thnt haVè boUghl iiirm y twHve Kx'iu eatislierr make -! ftr aepanmtit mi tfficlem &Dd nore avatlftl tbao a ■ team eoglne. . Tbe Bitbcock Actiflg Fire Engine, FOR CITY, TOWN 4IID VILLAGE USB, I; l mire efl u tl: e Stram Flrê Fut hti tecaueo It i Intttnntanenfllv renMy ané chruwii ;i wi rul itroaii f cnrbüuic acW h&b sud wcitcr f i in, lens ïh f time It is the t :in-l chcApa t ï-Viï Pnülne ín th vuil l.Kiid comes fflthlD Qu-incl ilabliitt S'.fev;rv plu e It does ooi reqnlresn expenfifve svatenr rt frter :iini is Qever uut ui'ri'p.iir s.ini fof tbrtr : Bv ry towD in the fttatfl ?honlfl hrp thi m Iwfore he dry wi-aUur sei in, anrl prevent conti irnUong. i:. 'ï'. fiïAlS'Sï .71, Gen. Accnt, lis Wu i.u.n.t Ave Detroit nctarer o [rpn, Pracs mul Coppcr W'irr, Wlre Oloih, Wlre KáUíne Hnrl Fonctn Coppei Weaiher Vaijra nnd Wïi&WorksenvraUy. 13 3 Iyr Q LPAI Kocps on hand a first class stock OF CIGAR3, tdbacco rrpEa. fr:urr And all smoltérs arücl AT TUK O.tD STANS 2 doors werit of Ccolt's FTctcl at Bign ( f the CIG INJUN raf, KWTJS WA NTKD FOR BOOKS NEEDED BY ALL FARMERS. Tt&besl pnblUhi tl :t the Iïovrc nitfl the f 'ow i.i"' r . in . .'# ■ y b Agenta i el lug ttn-Kc bookf. ■.■■' '■ ■ r ■ ■ ■ ] EK & UVATES, PPBitBiifiB. I'hilndciphia.Pa Stil Sis' PIANOS II A YE TAKEN Tl IE F1E-T PEEMIU.M OVER ALL COMEETITION HÏ AMERICA, ENGLaND, FRAÑCE. TlicsD Standard Instrumenta ; Are now offored at ïleducéd Ratea on The One-Price gystcm. @41,OÓO OF T! Standard jPíano Portes Have tfeeii made and sold since IS23, Anti Eiglity-Onc First Premiums ltoourFinn OVER ALL COM- i'Kii'l'lnS. The&e Pituita aro still regarded and mnvers il TA ". 7'. i l:i TN8TRUMEXl'S OF THE n'oltíJj, :,nd me so pronounceii l.y fti] ■ . StS. Dr. Frai t Lfazi naya: 'I Gonsuler fhe Chickorinir □u superior lo ;my m.uioin tiuropeor Amerirn, nnd edtíuklthey vera juaily entiilcd ttf Ule Firet i'. ■ . ChicSterisg & Sons' 3Iam!iioth 3Iann i'aclory Ib more tban cne-third Inre-er í nny othrrPinnoForlP Miinuí: c' i y m fhe W Oïld And is, ín tvtiy res]i'. a i'(-.';in!s riijiciiiiK ly and tí:c focilj . ry best tías of ipork. Mrssrf. C. vni oí 1 1 1 i: bnctJ nul & M -11.' i !' i ïüiics iiTidtliesc Btandnrd Instrumt nte areno offered Ht reduced rntrs upo] . in.' fvr (mm ni] dkconnta n"d i ■ . hui Ihey iro, beyond uil reíutu'iorr í he vt-i y buat tind V'. i y oheaueflt flnt-dasa Piados now oflered. V ÖAHD. "We cali espccinl iLtention to our ÜPlilGHT PIANOS, Which nrc. in vty particular, the finest instrumenta of tlieir daba maoufac urnJ, ondaecoad only lo the Grand Pi ino, for hicii they are n good substituto. Bret] i 'i.iuu w.iiranted fórüve i-ajs. CHKKERING & SONS, 12E. 14thSt. nv York. 854 WashiBjfton St., 15nston. 1400m3 ÜSSS So Pcrson cnii fnke t!icí! niíícrs acconlliv to (irecuons, aiul rcniain long unwcll. providciï nes nol destroyed y mineral poisoii or otlicr means, and vit;ü orgaus wastcil beyond tbo poini of rp Dysjopslii or Iiili-;est ion, neadachc, Paln In Uie SliouHler, Congha, Tlgbtness of the Clicat, Dizztoess. Soor Eructatlons of the siomach, Uad Taste in the MoQth, BlUoos Att:icKs, 1'iilpUation of tiic Hcart, Inflammatlon of th6 I.unp?. Paln Ín tire resion of tlicKiilncvs. r.ndalinndred other painfíil svniptoms. are lite off-aprlng of Dvspepsia. Ono bottlc Wlll prove a hetícr (tuaraulco of its raerit than a leagthy adverusement. For Femalr C'oniplniiitB, Ín TOung or oh!, máltted or siiislc, nt ihc ilawn of vrömanhood, or the torn of Ufo. tliese Tonic Hitiors display so ílecided ai lnflucncQ tliat iuiprovcmcnt is sooa perceptible. For Inflnmtimtory nntl Chroiltc RhciH iiiatism and Qotiti Buious, Remlttent and Intermlttent Fevers, Dlseasesof iho Blood, Uver, KUland Iilachlcr, these Bitters have no cqual. Such Dlseasca are caosed by Vttlated Blood. Tlicy rc aentlc Pui'í;atl'c as avcII n% a Toíiic, possesstag the m'erit of actitifr as a powerful aaenl in roliovins Conjresiion or Inilamninüon of ihe Uver and Visceral Organs, and iu Biüous Dlaeases. I'or Skin nisenscs. Ernption?. Tetter, Sa!tRlietim, Blotclics. Spots, Pimples, Puatules, Hoils, Carbnncles, Rlng-worme. Scald-Heml, -Sore Eyes, Erysipelaa, Itch, Scurfs, Dlxcoloratlons of tbe Sno, Humon dad Día ! - : ■■! the Skin of wharever name or nature, aro UteraJly dog np and carriol ont of Uie syatem in a sliort time by the use of tUeso Bitters. Gi-ateful Thoiisnmí proolaim VlNlOAB Rittkks the mosl woBderful Invlgorant tliat ever sustaincü the sinkau' system. R. II. JIclíO.XAl.D t CO. Dnigsisfi nn: Oetr. AEts., san Francisco, Cal., Je cor. or Washington and Charltoo sis., N.Y. SOLD BV ALL DRÜGOtïra & DKALER3. DR. A. TRASE'S Magnetic Ointment . FOR TIIE CURE OF INFLAMMATOEY LISEASES. ♦ 4 ■ Ir Trask wíis cnaged for twonty years Id a eoursüof experiment uuoii the medical propertieB and power oí vegetables, separate and combi ned. At tfae nge of Beveaty jwn ha sacceeded in presenting to the worl.l, cis the roáiilt of his oxperimeoA. a combinatton f Vegetable extracta, tho power of which in romovias disonscd is nucqualcd m the aúnala of Medicino. UW dlscovery nonsiwts in a corahinntion of iwcrfUI Vegetable Extraéis witli iilcctricity or Magnctism in the foriuof an Ointment. CertaSn, It Is, that thorenvirkablcanu'nnprccedcnty.l sacceu wnich has attended ItsappllcstíoD la the care ofdiseaaes, stampa ttatonoo as thcírrontcst disoovery of t ■ age, and calla íbr a trial and cióse inreatigattoo of its propertlcs. It never niN, whllo thero romruns mflSéfent lifc to rectoro ft natural and bealthy action to thc enplllary véaselo of the hody, and cqnalizc the tíon of thc blood. By this mcmis :i coittrolling power il Ea ir.iin-' L ovor the inol maltgnnot furms of discaso, fjB which cannot be obtalned frum any otlicr remedy. SiichlsthopouorofihisromMnntloii, that it peautraiua to every port Ion or the human .;■ bono and nrascie, ve!n,nerve and Htjument is aoarched out and raade seualble of ita puiifrIng aml heáHng Influonco, Houco It copea aa roadilj wiih hitemal aa extoroal di) Niinierous instancen .iré on record whero [y reatored health to patlenta so ncar tlm etuve thal the most powerful lateraal remedlei falled (o produce aoy effect Boch bad (reqoeotly been ■ . .i ii. 1 1 :i :.i l ti ni of the BoireJa. No paticnt over iicod dlc wiih tola discaso where the UagueÜc Ointment m beobtained For Tul. mtiisitory KlieumatUm thís Ointtntínt is the moat complete remedy ovar preparad. For Diphtheria r I'titriJ aore Throat it is unrivuled. I n nitie ty-n!iifí cason nt of a tiimdrotl it wil! aSbrd entlre relief t the worst cases of Nervous Headache in iliirty minutes. For Ncrvous Siscaae thís medicine is of Immense valuó. AíIVttioiisof tlte SjIne, Tílinimatism, Lanien;s3, Ulccrated Bure Türoat, BroachitU, Piearisy, Oroiip, Cotic, Cholera tforbus, Agüe In thc Kacc or Breast, Borne, Scald Head, Scrofara,8altRheum, Ery, itpelaa, [nflamed Kyes, Firver Sores, Sores, etc, jvill tMlmmediately rellered by the tueoí Dr. Trask'a Magnetic Ointment. D. Uansdm, Som & Co., Propr's, Buflalo, N. Y.


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