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Michigan Election

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i uiecDumry nos lañen place. Tie seaeon thus far has been mild and Jike enmmer. The news by the Caledonia raised the price of Plour in New York at once tó $6,25 being ' an advanccof half a dollar. But on the 7tb it had declined to $sti,12i. In BuíFalo, Nov. 10, Flour wos selling at I $4,75. 10,000 buehels of Whcat brouglit 85 i cenie: Flour waa ohipped tbrough from Bufi 1 falo at $1,00. Fot the Signal of Liberty. i B0DV-SNA1CHING. j Mííssrs. Eijitorr: - Passing through th up-town burying the other duy, I no. ticcd that the gravo of a child had been new ly opened, and that it contnined noihinw bu an etnpty coffin-boJc, ihe lid of which" vvo loóse. From nppearsncee, the occupant o the gravo might hare been from three to fiV( yeara oíd. I notice the fact, thal the public attentioi may be called to it, the pnrents ascertcincd the grave filled up, the aggresoor irpoBb!( brought to justice, and thepeople of Ann Ar bor ploced upon their giiard agáinat futurt aggressions of the kind. G. H. FORZSIGSr NEWS ENGLANÍ).


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