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The Atlantic Moidkly opeas the iicw yo:ir ivith au attractlve nnmber. The flrst artlcle is, A Chapter of Autob'.ography, by Robert Dalo Owen, from whlch an extract will bc (band in another column ; W. D. Hovrell glves the flrst part of A Chance Acqua'ntancc; The Cablnet of President Washington, by Parton, is aaothet readable leafln ihe llfe or Jeflerson ; and beslrtes, there are A Faded leaf of Htetory, by Re becca Harding Davls; Barbara'a Dir.v, by Caroline Chesebro; The Bet baal Grccc H. James, .Ir,; Tbe Kitchen Common Sense, by .1 E. Babson; In the Ötralta ofMageilan, by Mre. E O.Agaastz; and Amóng the Rains The poema ure: A Wis:;, by M rehalOIIrcp; Sou-, byCelia l'h.ixu-r ; Tbe voice In the l'iucs, by Paal H. Huyue; One Day Öolltary, by J. T. rrovpbrldge : öylvia, by Lncy Lascom; Alter the Pire" by Ollver Wendell Holmes; and, Ad uutlmely Thought, by T. B. Al dricü. BestiltH, tliere are tbe usual nnm ber of pages ulveii to literatura, art, music, au ! ecience, wlth the politica! paper, - A better understandiug wiiii Kugland and the use of it. 4 :i f i' ; two James B. ('sí; iod & Co., Boston. The AÜaiUic and the Altoos for - Scribntrs Munlhly is beautlful In iliiis tratlons and has a cltoice blll of Pare, opening with New Ways in Uic );d Dom - gecon l'oaper; nu I lucludlng chapter m oi' Holland's serial Bounlcaatle, whlch lacreases in iuteresl, - the si vlo belng pure and cli:is'.e and the narrativa easy and natural. The otber papers are: The Klng of Deiiinark's Sous, poen), by Wllliam Morris: KNv ttauley l'ouud Livlugstoiie, Illus , by Edward Elug; A Spiritual Sou,; froro the Gtrrman oí Novalis by George MacDonald ; After the Accident, Ulna, poem, by Brei Harte; Ou tlie Heiiding of Ncwspapers, üy Plilllp Qllbert Harrlugtou; Tlie Pilgrlni's Packets, by Frank B. Stockton; A Uird 80111;, by Chrtstina Rose'te : The Ünê-Legged Dancere, by Saxe llolme; Tlie oki year and tbe New, poem, by Charlotte liiites ; un a perron called Frlar La bln, poem from tiic Fivnch, by WUIlam Gullen Bryant; Vlctorian Poer-g, by Edmuiicl C. S.radman ; Tiie O.ickoó; poein, by 0. 8. Oalveriey ; Intercollegiale Bcholarsiiip, by T. W. iliüumsoii ; A Nlght in ihe Garden oí tlie Tatlerles, by 0. D. Warner: and Tlie Chrlstmas Ciub- ajGhost Story, by Edward Egglestoo. The severa! departmcnts Topics of the Times, Tlie Old Cabinet, Nature and Science, Home and Society, and Culture and Progresa AM well Ülled, wklle the paye of Etchlnffs, by Hoppln, A Matrimonial Stock Operatiou, 13 capital. A Loo.l beg.nning for theycar. 4 a yeur ; Scuin.i:n & Oo., New York. IScribner aud tue ABCtUS, .■. - The Eeleclic Mugmine opcns the year with a ntnnber fuil ol' proralse. It is enibeilished with two unusually fine stn-l engravlngs, a portrait of Dr. Llvingstoue, and a reprodoctlon oí' Qaldo'e inost beautlful portrait o' Beatrlce di Cenci, execu tud in Perlne's bet Blyle. Its tableofcon tents covers a wlde range aiul hrts been gathered wlth rare gklll uta jadgement f:om EngAMl nd continental literatnre. The most notical)!e papera are: A Renmrkible Career, !rom Edinburgh Resiew: The Genius or Sophocles, from 31 Magazine; The First Chapter oí tlie üeoiogiciil Record, by David Forbes, P. R. S. ; The Two Mary's, by .Mis. Oliphant, ciiaps. 1 to v. ; Cewper as a Satirist. from lemph L'nr; The-tjtrange Adventures of a Phaeion, concluded, by Williani ] ; 'Jlu Present of Prehistorie Archaeology, British Quarterly; and Or. bivlugstonaand hls work, Fi-mer' Magazine ; The lesser a nd ihe several .! part menta are also fu!l of interest, and warrant tíia publisliers in sajiíig "te ai 10 ol the Eelt Instruclire without belng dull and c-n tertninlng witbou! beingtrivü'. $5 a year ivo copies $fcl E. R. Píxtos, 108 Fulbon stroi tN 1í. Tlie Ec'.ectic 3111I the Ancua for $5 50. Our Young PtWswill be pronounced a capital nnmber by all tbe boys. - both In ioutenta and ii lustra 'Jons. It opens wltb liree cliHpters of Doing lila Best, 11 whleli Prowbridge gfves .Jack Hazard au ■ tart; C. .'.. Buphcnn tel!s the story of 'The Mot her of 11 ;i AdsofLittle Martin Elover are relat■d by Mr. A.M. Draz; Patsey, Flash & X, je sketched by Elizabetb Ke 11 ; ïeorge 8. .!(m-s taiks "Aboat Constellá ons" and I hen there are otlier slorles, xiems, firiimas, 1 numcr us Illuatrallons Our Young Polka Is jnst ibont the best New Yeai's preseut you can n ke yonr youngpters- either boys or Klrls. 2 a year. Jas. R. OïGood & Co., Soston. Our Young F Vet and the Ancvs 3 50. - Thi -, is a model nnmber, in wper, print picture nd story, and tliink )f twelve pucii nnmbers- 83 fuil of amase uent, deüL'ht and Inatmctlott. Yuur bn h:ycl f: ■■'■ - mld certainly have t '"] 1873. $1 60 1 ■:(!. John i.. Si ore y, umfleld str-f-t, Boston Tüe Nurterg uid the Ahgus foi We foiiiin-üi! the foltowlng telegram - the only CirUtmas présent we recelved - .0 wliom it snaj' c i.i - r : j psh.anït, Dec. 5, 1872. E. C Posd, Ani! Albor, Mlch. Consult wlth Johiman, Wtbster ana othts, u-i ftaCertilu who they wonld ap fiiarilian :or T.. A; A: & Ñ": R: R: about líese liiys. F. 11. BoGAKDUs. Wiicli referí, rt ree ton, to a pending upper bet, whlch Booaudus thlnks lie is -ure to win. May wo ie there te eat. The New Enoland cietï - ThlsSo■ ety uu-t ai the Qregory House in 1 lus city n 2Sd n-t. to celébrate the Landlug Pllj-rims, aud we Ivarn . tbcre -v s a tod avtendance and 1 .1 the ornIon, diiiiK-r, ches Were all liat could be dealred. I5y reason of an verli:ht, fud especia lly o wlng to the acideiii rhich be! tor- whlch, by lie way. was no oversight- we alle1 to ave a compc-tent reporter In attendan e. We can no t, theretore, give an account is ivcek ; we wlll, liovvever, give it at ■. In uur next i-siw. : the Tritinne King. Mr. Orton, after oonsidi 1 otin■ to W'iitela-w Beid 1 out ot the one hundred coustituting the capital stock of the Tn ni for a Large advan v on tbe prioe k purchased it He . 1 one sDaro, and it is furtherog thnt he shall be el cted one of tbe trus; ' on, thus securing the : of li is wido iufluence and recog: bui in al ilities. Tlie Vrib 1 editorial anuouncing the chango in thn prnpi ietorship, bas the following : ." ■ purpose noiitiuuiug our old biittle again it 1: irance ander ;. ban n er whioh Qorac and 011 the same pollcy oi' 1 ndenco wbicli it was one of bis latts to rea Urni over hia own siguature tn t!iese colum r to support, as i'ar b ■■, au : lia'ratiou wliieh pn . . party ■1 aduiinistration wiu re from a :t i ::!rik and cordial approval of every u tion pon1 in acoordanco with its principies. But the 'I ■ Our pirty Byinpathios ara not strong cnouptli to overeóme our independent or muzzle our houost utterancb."


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