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The Alabama Muddle Worse Than Ever

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MoïfTQOlTEBY, Al.A., Doe. '22 - ín til Houy, when the jonrnal w U in read, Mr. Cowiiu, oí' Jackaon, cali ng of tho ñames of th members who voted in tho second bullo on whioh inore votes wore castthau tliere were niembers present. After readin tho índex, Mr, Masterson sa3 he was Un properly record ing forWhi,takei theoancua nominee ot' the Bepublioans when, in foot, be voted for Canda, thi indepi ndent Republioan. This ohange wonld clect Candu, and a mot ion was made to correct the minutes to oonforn to the i'aets. Th Lean membera fought the motion by fillibostering motiuns to t;i', . pointe of order, etc, but íinally the resolution to refer the matter to a oommittee v;ts ndopted. The commmittee reported that Candu was elected, and th' joarnal was correoted. Boyd, Deiuocrat, offered a n lolution ■ toe House, haring duly el ' ted .■;! offio i d, should ! me ly deulared dulj and pcnnane il i y '. ander the plan of th Attorral, aad that tho failure or relusil to do 80 would be bad tnith totlio Attonwy-General and the people "i the" ch was vi. u ü down by tliu lLupubli.' Tho Senate joint resolution (o adjonin to January Ulh v::s adopted bv the House, wit h t ïit proinise that it should not be constructi á as n cognizing the permanent organigationof the Benate TbelJioutenant-Go vernor bad declared the Senate organized and retdy for business, and when this provi o carne back tor concurrenoe the Benate refused tooonour, wbereu] on the I. i utenant- tovernor adjourned t he & pite its acl The court room Legislature continúes to hoM daily scssionp, nnd tlio Govornor yesterday sent thetn a mcssago rpcommci'.iiiiig in inoreased taxation of ono husdred per cent. That body pussed a bilí authorizirig the issu of $2,000,000 Parsons, the permanent Speaker of the consol i dat.t 1 li .n ■! the court room bill, while Ln tho Oapitol. Tho Lic.:t.-Gov .did tlu same, while pre;:idin in the Senate nt tho O:nito!. The Democrats say thia duplication of the Legislatura with the same offictra presidia 1 oth argües bad f:tii h, nüd tliey will agaio appeal to tliu Attoraey-General if not discontinuedi


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