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Ohio Bnllroad Statlstioa. Colvjibus, O., Dec. 23. Advance sheets froni the report of tho Ohio Conimissioner oí Railroads show. the following statistics for the yearending June y(it:i, 1S7.2. The total capital stock of tha entire lino of railroads running through or into Oliio ia $219,161,127. Tin' capital stook o' that part of the roads in Ohio is 1122,721,526. Total f'undfd debt of tLc entilo lin,s is í'21 7,17 1,7-35. The proportion for Ohio is 1120,822,072. The noating debt of the entire linos is $10,734,179, Tho proportion for Ohio is i,700. Tho total length of the lines aiHi branches ia 7,408 miles. Ot' this amount 3,787 milos are in Ohio. The total cost of uil the roads, for constructiou and equipment was 1388,113,494. That portion ot thu lint-s in Ohio cost $206,352, 805. Tho íioss earnings for all the liivcs thu post year waa I I. Of this sumí tin; proportion of earninge in Ohio .Vi'.'. The total operating pxpenses of tilo eutire lines wan $45,034,708. Uhio's proporüoB 1,502,739. The total nut fiarninga vní .í The proportion tor Ohio was $10,755,000. The total immbcr of pnssonc;ers carried tho past year was 12,068,832. Thu total carried 1 ni. The interest paid on bonds was $9,726,359. ThL total dividinas paid umounted to ■ TTi" 1,033. Une hnndred and ninety-two persons were killed by the railronds in Ohio lut year and :!n were injured. Ono thoasand niño hundred and twenty-six animáis were killed, tbr which damages to '■'■ 8 amoi 17 wx-re paid. The totnl nuinber of persons employed on railroads in Ohio ia 25,353. During the past year 375 miles of roads, including ip built. " Lemonade " in thc Ccngrcssíonal Cloak ltffnm. ■ ■ ■ ton roet. Cerf:'i of the Newrann, ohaplain of the I'.'itod States Ben ate ande: -pai tor of the Metropolitan Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church of Washington, D. C, must have prevailed in lïoth Houset of Congí rday, ig frotn the loVe-feast öelebrated. It was like recious ointment upon Aaron'8 board (tor w'nieh r:'::d Schnn that ran down upon the skirts f liis garnients, or the dew upon Mount Heruion, for whieh read the ourl npjn Co'iklins'n forehead. fiucii meetings and cordial greptings as thero were, such intense po, so mucli "after yon, sir,'' e tinlly when lemonade was handed in tlie rooHi, were ftevcc heard befure. Yon know theri' is lemonade always in tlie cloak rooms, or in sorae of those reúring rooms close around tlio legislativa mlls, where lemonado as a mild mixed Irink not abhorred of tempcrance candi lates is always ready. There is a man who squeezfes Gongresaiona] lemons all lay long1, and he is paid a salary tinder sorae had - stationery, I believe - a graceful allosion tothe uninoving qualitiea of :h! diink he prepares, and the lenjons tnd f:u;;ar are paid for as fuel and gas. Xow henr tlie conclusión f the frbole matteri Any. KKiy crin Lasa I'iiiíio or IVIcy Ortjati t tl:e it tho ' ora, Ooerft HotiBe Blook, No. 16 Mam Bti :■ na l r ba :or i, .' Consult your iet, bny at hoiae, aneï auve 1 aurney t r-oini; to Detroit. UnilanVioUns, Botiks". and Shcct Music ut a ve jr luw figure. Ordtin filie. 1 . ii ■■ - MayiicíiMti 'Che Mover and Mystery of tlie I - 1 evftutAarecooataotljr Qoming in r?g:ml ío ibiM potent geni i n:iture. 'J'he lo yprin üf Michigan nntl Ifjcalitír's ure attmoting tlie piofouiid aítention f eu'iíic Men. ICuny carra un clii.; n nccompüsbed nf tlie " J[:i 're " waters. I{ tin)' are i rl wíth magneti-ni, m it itullwoaclei ,TMkihou]dbeiiblatoomttk with vtcctíible extrnots, and present to the world an " tria" or "Mugnetic Uintmctit .'■' Dr. Traflk olaima t o hi ve und accomplished t ent in another column. The Centaur I,iiiiicnt- has cured- öoes cin-e, and wíl] cure n:frt c;ihs of Tílui. lointfl i I lamonees upon man ud beast lo eme d:ty, tli.ui all otber artidea have fo ;i I jrean. Unesaya: "i havenot beld a pen i now I am alï ribt.11 Anotbei tbat, "The Centaur J.inimtnt eui vi u fcigutlu] burn without a cur i" - another, " : "o use a hop lame, wonh ƒ . Tiy it ouee. It ib u m. (.'iiildrcii t:ry - f.r PitcheiV Oafttorla. Itrgnlatefl the Btomaeh-, i aren viud coMc, an Ural sU'c]). 11 ÍK :i , Cavtorofl. 1 0 W!2


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