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BACH k ABEL 26 MAIN STREET, Buy largely of Manufacturera and Importers, and exclusively for casli, and invite theinspe ction of the closest cash tade. OtTR STOCK! OIF LABII' WM GOODS Will be found largo and attractive, emhracing many nuw stylcs - Black Silks and Lyons Poplins at very Low Priceq. BACH & ABEL. FIFÏY PIECES BLACIC ALPACAS Just received. We 6hall wake a SPECIALÏY of these goods, and will make pnces lower than ever offered before in this cily. BACH & ABEL. 50 PieeesWamsutta Bleach. Cottone 50 " Lonsdale " " 5ü "IliU'sSem.Idem" " At lower prices than thty havo been sold for iu the city in ten years. BACH & ABEL. Our Cloth Department Is very complete, coneisting of Enjrlish, French, and Germán Coatings arxl Suitings, with many of the best American brands. We give especial attention to . this branch of our business and invite an inspection of' the goods. BACH & ABEL. 35 IDOZEIST Feit and Embossed Skirts. We have the Celebrated " Pons .n " Cloaks, and Cloth(the Best Itnpoited.) BACH & ABEL. We are agents in this city for the ceiebrated HARKÏS' SIAÏ12ÊS K1D 6L0VES, And have ia store a Full Assortment. BACH & ABEL. „29 29! 29 ! wdó w 11 explain this simple "ign, A i iel! us will it pay io cali .-il the h 20 1 - ii a m ma iu m mjsuo lattnre three, Over ur.i.i iu.v urjcery- C. O I. 7 UforOroUt and D fr daal l'li tt'i iba w i.v biHinues is oltcn ion ; But U no! lliij iïjv to reail lbo s:go Of L. COL;!., wiio tl!lls rocuries ut 29. C 8 (ar A8H : for the gnoda he pclls so chonp, ''is bctlcr t iiuv iluin tberevoar moucy to keep. '. O. íi - , ,,-iïii 5 ihc wtiy ■ 1 ■ able ui Bell ao low an I make it p:iy. na n i i id lebca to m ik.' nm croa, i" "■ :■■ iM.ic uji tú i.ix-. So thnt'a the place to bnj M'iir rund. Hewillaell t cheap, unu yon will rtml It good. At the C O. i) Orocoryjon will alwaysflod '''■'■■i ifOoffja mi re. oral! kind, Withnugar i a.andtreah rlpe rruii, l)t oanned or dried, ui! taatea losuli ; O-ai,;i'í. Leman Fip aml Itallan Pc-ars, ■' ihattree oraormb oftrople bcars, NDto.rablnaaod rarloua ülndaol Candy, 1 balehlldren love an l in ither Undao handjr, To kep ou !i i;i 1 i niddi-n tore, A mic'i " of thla wïll mov them more Than liie ld faabioned "rod" our fathen mod, Whoi. fthlldren wero and oiten abused. hi :ill Itiii'l ol Provlsl np the lalato to pleaso. Ki-:i, Dacoii , floar, bread, biuter uuU cheose '■ïonki-s and crackara, eherrlea, chocolate andeako. Thlntfa to boll, t'ry. tqêmU itewt ateam or balie. Hu Wn pa -:ins tiiiits, pivm 8 and pickle. To coaz ituï appettte, ?" mp Ldom and ückle. H" ii fffaaawar , erockan andTOSMlaofaioDe, Pronch i.iit:i) Soap h: i-vr known ; Tobacco and c'jrftra, bothfor chewlns HU amoklng An't nover will frown il' yin u 'ii l ! be oklng. At.;! n:iny ic!;tr thlog8 too aniueroua 10 liK-ntion, Aii ol' wuich to seil eAeaji '- cash it he iutcution. Thon c in", jood péople, onc snrl nll. And L'ive the ï . o I). tirocery a c.-ill. r'imr try ourprlce1 ann trj onr w.itvs, V'tr i:i our ipn!tts the buyof aharsi. Yim i!iy the cvisti lor whiityou g$t, Wiih no taliff "ii losHut Ui makt; you Tret t fkm't .''. ■"■ ertdü, thongh foor a mi Ilionaire, lïtu buy yourr icerloa forc.i-h al prices fair. Coma from the countrj finí tíio towD, Preparéd tn boy mi jmv ooI don n. (' in.' rlch mul poor. cime black iind wbi'e, Ym will flii'l proTlvlona [lfnty ;iiil rirht. Come frieuiU of Cïr:int inid frlenda of n-rley, Shake hands at 2! and (rade C. . I) frrcly". NN AlMioi; AXD LODI PLANK ROAD C0MPANYTlio nnniml nieettpg of lbo ■tookhoMen nf the Ant Arboranil 1-tnli l'l;mk Koi;d('mpany,for the clectfol of Direotora fot the ensuintr year, and fwr anch other buaincoB : nuy properhF opnie before the meeting willbe lifli! At the nüio of tbt1 ompiuiy, over liach ie Abel'e Btoie, in the city of Ann Arhor, on Tueaday the Tth dy of Januury, 1673, at 2 o'clock r. m. of saii X E r„SON B. COI.E, Treamirer. November J'Jth, ls7: 1 4. :til AVEYOIT SKEN THOSE N1CK DRKE8 GOODS at tho farmers' Store? If nut go and e. e then


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