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Foul Air And Heart-disease

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To keep the body in perfect health it must be duly oxygenated. Thero must be free and. ampie iutercourse between tho blood in tlie lungs and the air entering the puliuonary cells. Tho lifc stresim must be purifiod by its climination of carbunic acid, it must bc vivified by tho absorption of oxygen. Thefulfillment of these comlifions dcmands a full, freo and constant adniission of fresh air into the lungs. This fair, free and constant admission óf fresh air cannot be obtained in badly ventilated houses, crowded buildings, schools, as at present constructed, theaters, manufactories, pits, underground railways and the like. When the body has reaehed that ago at which natural decay or degencration has begun, the absence of pure air hastcns and incroases the degenerativa tendency. "Whore the heart is more prono than otlier organs to disoase, the wajit of pure air falls with powerful effect upon the tissurs of tho right heart. Tlieir nutrition is defectivo by reason of tho itnpurity of tho blood with which they are fed, their vital forcé is lowered, their muscular fibre loses its toniciity, degcneration and debility take the pitras 'of activo nutrition and power. If in this, condition any stress is tnrown upen the hcart by hurricd walking, by .lifting, cliinbing, violent declamatiou, jiassionate expression, singing, laughing, t r by any nusual exorcise of the voice, tl le tricuspid valve prives way, it heneefr irth fnils to close its aperturo, and the re Bults of ii back Hooding of blood upon tn n venüoiis systcin of the body begin to follow.. If none of tliesc exciting causes 0'-iMir,.':fie eontinncd bn.-athing of nnptue air is lollowed by constant ly progressing dogfiinration of the tissues of the valves and ni oscidar struc ture of the right heart ; they beoome soft and feeble, thoir atoms shrink, the segments of tho tricuspid are at length unable to moot in theiratfempt to clos: thcir aperture, and a sniall slit or chink ü left between ; tlirougli this the blood lüd its way into tho auricle above tevery contraction of the heart, and soon regurgitation is followcd by tho secondary.consequences produced in the general sy.ste:n - soaigostion of the livor, stonaach, spiéen, kidneys, bowels, by hemorrhoids,áropsy and occasionally by cerebral


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