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Care And Food Of Dairy Cows

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Our correspondent, Chester Hazen, in the report of tho Wisconsin State Agrioultural Society, gives lus oxperience for twenty years in thut State. He says : The caro and lood of dairy cows aro of rs muoh inipoi tance as tho proper selcction of tho cows ; for even good cows, unless well fed and cared for, are poorproperty, yielding little or no profit. ïhey should always havo good, comfortable atables ia the winter, be liborally supplied with. the best quuüty oí' hay, with a light foei (from one to two quarts) of meal each day. With this treatmont, ii' fed and watcred regnlarly, they will pass the winter in good condition, bo fat nou gh for bef f in the spring, and will not havo to lay on flesh tor a nurnber of weeks, beforo they will como to a f uil flow of milk. To secure the most satiafactory re3ults, good pastures should bo provided ; the tame grasses, timotliy and clover, are the best. A daily mess of grouud féed through the summor will be found profitable, and Bomo provisión (sowing corn or some other erop to cut up green) should bo made for drouths or short feed in the fall. Pastures should have plnty of pure water in them, easily accessible at all times. Shado trees or some kind of shelter trom the scorching heaA of the sun are essantial to the comfort, and consequcntly to the profitableness of the oow. When the ■weather is wariu and the rlic s are troublegome, they shoukï havo a pasturo to run in nights. At this =-r,ason of the year they will foed more in the night than duriug the day. Good carefnl hands at tho mükpail aro very essential in the projnr naaagement of the dairy. Eaoh milker should have the samo cows assigned to him to milk regularly niirlit and morning, and the milking should bo dono as nearly us possiblo at the same hour eaeli day. It is cmiinently truo that tho better the caro taken of tho cows, and the botter they are fed, tho greatrr wiil bo the flow of milk. Tho special aim of every dairyman sfaould be to get thegreatest amount of mille from a givun number of cows, for in this they will find their greattst prolit.


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