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V ■ ■ ■--■.. ., . :. 'Ja T vi iniTn"n?o prrwirc. o-ttridin thfongh .1 : if tiloso diaeasL'K peculiar ■ wninim ! hs ■ been ; clndi■ i of (lineo ■■ with : ■-. 'I'1 Uia uniurul specific componed, I I it Dr. Fierce's Favorito Prescrípüon. acr, ( bot a foehlc exprenalon qf ■■' 't :i 110, I . :i c ;. ■ ■ . ive reto tlio ü . i v: ii, mi. singlad it out as .-. erowuing jvm stiny lieal ':i ■■. Ou i ■ i.-iiivt', TBllelream tance ' i; harmony whh th ■ da. 1 im v.l ■ my rppni itin m a phy irían. N:iv, even : u I thl '.'. v: i nol dlAAppolnt ctatlonjofflíiDi;lo liivalld r r the ilinenU for 1 I roo loud It, ihat I oflcr nnrt i-lt it r . frlTlVi: CVARANTEG. lf Ib nol ezpi rienced by tho limo iwo-thirvliofthe ■ mi i tho bottle are oasd, le, thirda or tho medicine liavlo becn (ten accordlm; to ilirecfor -.vhirii I ri'couj- pald for it. ICO in vir. - I do uud :■ thes t condiciona; ta truly niiraruloua '[ i of cupés, K ín'l : ar■uiiu-J ni porfcrtlf afo ín r;Uinir bnii Biy ri'üutallou and uiy utum-y a i ■uci íih. T .t: following n:: - es in i iny Favorito Ircfcriptioil han t.itiMy ■ before atuíned by i:iy n dlclne: Leu." Palnful Monilily '. !: '1 (tola lllin.' tuial b, f-ví' -i-.i.i! i: ;t -, Weak Bacic, PrAapsnat or í. !ii ■ sion and Retroverm, Internat Heat, ■ i, Dcbilitv, Dcxpondency, t le ■ . . Cbrouic Congestión, tnflaatoa ion and CTlccratlwi of the Utemn, Impotorility, Feinsle Weakneai, and very Tnany otber chronic diaeasefi incident to : tn íl hure, ia wbtcb, as wcll íi in rhe cacfl whicb I haw nentloned, niy Favorite i'? worha carea - ílit? mnrvel el uii -o: lf!. Thls medicine I do not as a core-sil, biit it admirably fuliiüs a lc:os o? pi: rriii:.1, beluga moet perfect -. lf Ünr fOIHill It wU] nut dlMppoint, nor .vilt t ilo barra i any ?- t:i:c or contlition, ít will !e foiml V' ent to presrr.amlcan be taken ia modcmte es wifh 1 -■.,'-:, wh.' : i i thet state. Indeed, it ís a 5Inl).'r's Cu '. ?i prepurca tlie 1 tai i: renrierts cuild-labor i I thfl hsjn ii ■ ■ ..ciítiiuiible benefila thus.c ■ 1 ofl üon to t!:e Lndica v.i.i tbu eincerity ol an boneat I mil for tnslr 3 ■ - r welfare. Thopo who rj f i tv . . - cp.ii olUin it in m : "■; Chroii sent ae uro etamn ■- . . peculiar toFen i ' tacb vahiable advlce in rpgnrd to thcir m ►KITE PRF. B' -r CLA((]BIIQOISIS at $1.O per tií ï-. iluufactured at the Chemtoñl Laboratory of . Jí. V. 1'1E1CJL, 3T. 1 , ■Prop'T BÜFFÁLO.MÍT THE NEW YORK SAFE, SUBE AXD STËADFAST. A JOURNAL FOIi ALL TRUE REPUBLIOANS, FOR ALL TRUE LIBEKALS, AND ALL TRUE DEMO CR AT. THE NEW YORK EVENING POST Edited by WlLLIAM Culi.ks Bryant and PAHB ., ;.ssisted by the strongest talent that can ba engaed, has l'or moro thi.ii huU' u oentury mainteined the same principien of Fruodom and Progress, through all changes of parties and policies. __ IT STANDS FOR EQUAL RIGHTS ; for thn Distribution of Power ; for HonePity and Economy ; fortliesecurity of the glorioua resulta of Émancipatiou and Enfranchisement won by tho war ; and for all practicable Roforms. IT IS OPPCSED TO IXJTJSTICE and SPOLIATION, disguisnd undcr the nume of prottiction ; and to all corrupt pavty comüination which sacrifico principie to more fnoceM. THE EVENINQ POST ia cqual to any oth3r as a newspaper, aud is complete in its Political, its Licer.iry, itB Scion tifio, its Agricultural, and its Coninierci.'.i c monts. TERMS OF SüBSCRIPTIOH. SINGLECOPY ONU YEAR. $ 1 50 l'IVi: COPIES 0N2YEAB 7 03 TE COPIES OSTS VliAB 11! 63 TWENTY COPIES ONE YEAK 20 00 SEMI-WEEKLY. SINGLE COPY ONE YFAR. ÏIVECOPIE8 ONE EAU 12 50 TEN COPIESONE YEAll S0 00 Those subscribing now for ono year will reoeivo the paper untü .Tanuary 1, 1874. Or t,-o will send tha following periodic:ls ío subscribera in conneotion with tho Eveu.u Post, at the prices aawd : vriih with TVi.-fkiy Kemi-ivetk. Br'ng Pot. Ev'ng Pont. Harper Wccklf, . . . J4 50 fg iu Harpei'a Bazar, ... 450 600 f:arK.r' M;tftne, ... 4 50 (i 00 Every fcj.ituriny, ...'. 6 50 Atlantic JIontMy, . . . 4 IK) 5 50 Out Youns I-Vilku, ... 3 uo 4 Í0 oiTiliniV1 Muülhly, . . .4 50 6 00 ui'.l and N't'v, ... 4 50 8 00 ■ 17, 4 00 5 SU rhrenoloiricfil .lournnl, . . 3 50 ! M llf ,s :r.-ii:nltniist, 2 ín 4 00 . . 3 7." 5 25 Uttell'a Living Afpe, . . 8 CO ü 59 &npletonn Jovmal, . . ( T Housthold Mniyajine, . 2 CO [loiiiö Journa], ... 3 50 5 00 l'he Chri.-itL.n Intcllirjcnoer vith C.'hromo, .... Z 7ö 5 25 ii sub-ribcr to tho Eyxhibo Pon ;;rA ( In it i-m In'. Uigcncer will bo soi'.t tlio bcautiful Chrorao Tuk Ulkasers. TRY IT ! TRY ÏT ! For 25 cents we will send tho Veetly Evexinu Po.-sr for two months, or for 50 jents wo will send tho.'JKMi-WEEKLYEvBimro Post for the same time. Specimen Nüsibeks Sent Fkee. U0BSE88, WIIXIAM C. BUYAT & CO., 1399w2 NEW Il'OKÍX. LOYEJOY, TOBACOONIST I Deals in both FIXE CUT AND SMOKING . TOBACCO, Sim ff, !Pipes, &c, AT SO. 7 SAST HUBOK STREET, Nexi to tlie Express Office, AN All BOK, ilIICir. 134IStf VITIIIT110RE LAKE. Baving rccemly refltted and furnitbcd tho CLIFTON HOUSE! [amnowprepared to recciye and entertain ple.inHi tishiti;: 'ui-I dancfng pnrties, at ono of tin; niont tro, pleasant andhealthy waterini; placea in the Wet. Hyboatt nrenew.larjo and cnmmndioas, and weil ftoapted for th uwc of pteasiin1 Kskeff1. ingiere will nnd Kil and coinpk-tccqulpment alwayt od band. Special atieatlon alven to the wants and comffrt of tboso wlio ui i] lo Hjifiui i few wn-ks Ln recreatioii durii thf warm nummer nv Nu pain will ba pnred to raake WIHTMORE '.K1:, in the future as in iho past, a favorito sumiQur resort. D. F. RMITII. T IVE ÖEE8B FEATHjíRS PIBST QUALITY , Conetantlyanuand andforaalcby BACEfr ABEL, rrHE FIRST NEW GOODS AT FINLEY & LEWSS' THE Finest, Largest and Most Complete Stock of Fine Góods for Ladies, MisBes and Cliildren, at FINLEY and LEWIS' ÍSurfs Fine Calf Boots at Fililey & Lcwis, and at NO OTHER Place in Town. The Best Kip muí Stoga Boots in Town at FIXLEY & LEWIS'. Tlie est Boys' Boots 4ÍF1SLEY & LET? IS'. The Stock wliirh Is onpktfor CfïI cr.i be olcï at b.'itiT jirices hiUh(;sc bouht ON TIMK. Finley & Lewis BUY FOR CA8H ! and can sel! t'.u-ir goode at FAIRPRICES. 18 6tl, JL B. GIDLEY, Successor to COLGROtE 4 SON. DRUGGIST Al CÍIEMIST IN COOK'S NSW HOTEL, No. 12 E. HUEÖN S1EEET, OEALER IN DRFtiS, JIEDSCaES, Slf,ir.i!. nSTRl.TIEïTS, PIKE UHKS MS MQIÖRS, CFOR STeWCAL PÜEPOSES ONLY.) Faiicy Goods, Ferfumery, PAIIVíS, OII.S, VAIt.MSIIES, ;ï,ASS AX1 Pl'TTÏ, PIIÏÏMAXS' P8ESCRÍPT10XS Carefully componnded at all hours. PBOPO?E NOT TOBE UITDEHSOID BY ANY FIRM IN THE CITY WHOFURNISH AS GOOD AN AETICLE. . B. fiini.IOY. iscrtf IS NOW Í1SADY FOR THE FALL TRADE Uaviug Receivoda LargcStockof 1 ÍÍliÍ3 i i ílH QOODS, 1NCW.UDING OLOTHS, 0ASSIMERE8, VESTING8, &C. of the BEST STYLES and QÜALITIES, WHICH HE W1LI. MN U F ACTURE on t2rins to sult. Also a fall libe of RBADY-MADE OLOTHING AND Gents' FÏÏMISHING Goods. ALSO LADIHS' AND GENTS' MOROCCO SATCHEL8 No.21 South Maio ESreet,- EastSIdo: OALL AND SEB THETJ. ■VIl.ïïAM AVAGNLIt. Ann rbor, Octobcr Ist, 1S72. I -i y oil ■ ff A. A S to iïtfïit tli? best flW MfiBlDka3HBI iiiiirhinc. l'invc MjLML& our clnims. (út "SHFSfjjZSBBCT'B 1 1 j - ■ :igoncy tor mBw9 - - " m0 thti won ■ t ri"" DomeB ie" S, M. Co., 96 Chaxnbeis St. . N. Y. or 214 Jefferson Ave. Detroit, 1895m8 Tlli GOODYEAR FARM FOR SALE. [I '.Ni:V GÍOOpYSAB, o ïi:iron, hiviiig iwsipned all hisproperty to ui tor the benöfltoi hifccrrtdftöfB, , wo iiow oJBei A6 prop ■ uroels tosuit puroliaaen. The uasxaa are ■ :: bettex In the State, Ovnroxw thooBand aeree i t improved I&ttd ( in a body. Penosu bnying ;in aérame mortgnpes for { :i part of tho pnrclmso money. All having i ttgmiwrt th'sii.l Goodyear are requested to present them to u i -i. ■■ i, JLJated September '20111, 1872. R. S. SMITn. W. lt. CALKIN. 1393 JüS. MoMAHON. HURRY UP 1 X ' 1A!t e i í;s wlahlng Wjïu Paper, cioth umi Huper Shadefl Hollands, Wlndow Plxtoree, Coid?, Xa3ols, &c, all New 6tvleH, at S;ii5--::icur Prlces.byJ. II. i elwtér Co., Iïjok ütore, ncar tbc Kxprr-s Offlbe. X X


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