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Boston Ruins By Moonlight

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At other points wo found tho guard lounging about bivouac fires whieh they had kindlod in the stracge, desolated street, and taking with superb effect of light and ehade the ruddy glaro of thcir accoutremcnts, tluir jolly faces, and their outstretched hands, while all aroundthem steamed and smoked the ruin in the pale lustre of the moon, and away by the vvater-side flashed the gleeful blaze of the inound of burning coal. As we stroüed up and down the lonely avenues wo met a policeuian on his beat, or a patrol of soldiers; and we carne again und again upon the steainers at tbeir woik, each with its little group of flremen, ar.d each sending up with its hoarse respirations black volumes of sir.oke, shot through and through wiih golden gparks. Afar off a column of steam mountinir phantasmal into tho moonlight told where each. jet of water descended. But for these infrequent sights and sounds, the whole Burnt District was empty and silent. All mean details were lost, and the sijoctacle had HO elements that were not grund and simple. The gaunt and haggard walls, that olimbed and seemed to tremblo over the desolation now stood black shadows against the moon, and now faintly caught its light through the wavering veilfl of gmoko and vapor as our passing steps shifted tho perspectiva, and the t.tli edifices that surrounded the placo threw a deen shadów upon the border and would not let us seo where the destruction ended an begau. It was a scène that refused to relate itself to the city of our daiiy knowledge ; its sad magie estranged whoever looked upon it, and made him for the moment a spirit of other lands and ages revisiting the ruins of remotest timo.


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