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The Legislature Met In Regular

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siou at L inging on Wednesday, aan we presuma ufíeoted an organization, thoagli Hiere bting no diúlios yosterday morning wc speak without definite knowludgc. In tliu IIousj Bapublioan ouucus, held Tnisday cvciiiiig, Hon. Gha.8. M. CnossTTEIiL, of Lciiuwec, on thu iirst ballot, r.uciviiig 12 votes. C D. Gban T, of our city, h.ul 2(i ; and EL A. ShaW. of Eaton, S. Ilr. CKOSeWBLL 3 Tieut.-Governor and Prcsidont of tlie Constitutional Convuntion of 18ö" has won a reputation as u first-clasa presiding offiuor, and with liirn in the ohair tlio House can not but progrpge with its business both rapidly nnd nndergtandinjly. In thu same caucus, Daniel S. Crossjian7, of Ingham, was noniinntod for Olerk ; W. H. MabSTON for Engrossing Clerk ; and E. M. Frroii for Sergeant at-arms. In the Senato Eopnblican cauous, Jas. II. Stonk, of the K-.ilauiazoo Tdegraph, was noininated for Seoretary ; J. W. Hixks, for Assistant Seoretary - an appointment always heietofore made by tho Secretary ; and W. P. Bubdick for Scrgeant-at-arms. - The messagos of tho Govs. Baldwin nnd Bagley wero probably delivered yi:sterday. The Ypsilanti Sentind blows its bom against any further legislative appropriatious in aid of' the Univorsity. The University is located at Ann Arbor : that's what's tho matter with the Scntinel. Suppoáe that Arm Arbor journals should return the compliment and pitch into the Normal Sohool in season and out of seasou : it would show their "cussednebs," tluit's all. And tho samo might be suggestud of the Scntinel. BounvELL has determined to let go hold on tho Treasuiy Department : pro-rided he can slip into "Wilson's seat in tho Suiiate. In wMch case it is "positivo ]y asserted" that Assistant-Secrotary llU'ltAHDSOX is to be promoted : though Mr. EICUARD30S declares he is going to IBurope und into tho banking business aftor the -Hh of Maroh next. Susan B. ATllOXY and tho other Eoc.hoster female votorá woro held for trial on tho charge of illcgal voting Tourteen of tho ladios put in bail, bu Susax refused and was reinanded fo Biit'o-keoping. Geouge Fhancis Train VlCKY WoOüUüll, and Col. TbnSIB C Clavlix have triod martyrdom in jai! and SCTSAJf isn't to bo eelipsed : not sho. Tn; u-.achino shop, paint shops, ana blaokstnith shops, connected with An Oïu'S Factory at Adrián, wer Luined ou tho evening of the 2"th uit togethcr with fivo passenger and tw freight OftW, two of the former being completad. The e3tim,itod loss on buildings and machinery is $30,000 ; on cars, í'ij.OOO. A largo forco of workmen is thrown out of employment. Ii.viLUOAl) accidonts, shipwreoks, fires : these hiivo boon so nuinerous for the last woek tlmt the shocking snd horrible details would iill our columns. Add the records ot' iutonse cold and consequent suffering, the loss of lile by fíre and nood, and the picture is too disímil to dweil upon. Let us dismits it with tb.e old year. GliOlKiE M. IIcVTIXOTON, Esq-, of uitwon, luis been uppointed Judge of this Circuit, tice Judgc HlGDT, resignod. Mr. "fluN'XlXd'rox was the nominoe of the Bar Conference held at J..ekson.


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