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A Very Singular Stroy Of A Weasel

A Very Singular Stroy Of A Weasel image
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as being a lact, tne narrador profeosiug to be one ot' tbe workmcn who witncssed the performances of tlie said weasel: A party oi' men wei-e prying stone in a field, and found owder a large rock a nest containing four young weasels, which they capturad and put to one sido. Upon the roturn oí' the oíd woasol quite a scene ensued. Shc bccarao very jnuch exc.ited, and very aiigry, and at ouco set off, but soon returned, and going straight to the littlo pail containing the drmkiag water i'or the men, she spit something in it, and was about to go off ti second time, whcn sho dicovored !i(r uestandhcr young.all alivfiandunharmoil. Hhe immediately returned to the pail and oontinued jumping and pusbing at it until it, was overturned, thus saving tho livos of tho rniüi she evidently nieunt to ■puniili for the desti uctiou ot' her offbpring.


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