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WATCHES, , CLOCKS, : JEWELRY, SOLID SILVER AM) PLATBD WARE TABLE & POCKET CUTLERY, SPECTACLES. FAÑCY GOODS, ETC. No. 11 South Main St., HAVE JÜST BECEIVED A SPLENBID ASSOHTMENT OF THE ABOVE NAMED GOODS. NEW AND ELEGANT PATÏEHNS, A fine stook of Ladies' Watches and Chains,Fine Gold and Plated Sets, Pdngs, &c. CALL AND SEE US. OUE PEICES AEE AS LOWAS ANY IN THIS COUNTRY. EEPAIRING WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, Exeouted Neatly and Promptly. ■ y HATTEE, ! HAS RECEIVED HIS FA11 4' WINTER STOCK OF Hats and Caps, IN LATEST STYLES, LADIE9' FTJRS, GEÏTS' FIRSISHISe OODS, ETC., VniCII HE PROPOSES TO SEI.I. AT PRICKS WHICH DEFY COMI'ETITION. 7 South Main St., Aun Albor, Mortrage Sale. DEFATJLT hnving baen made. in the condition of a mörtgage eiecuted by Henry Goodyear and Elizabetb Goodyear, his wife, to the undemgned, Frederick iluson, hearing date the flrst day of October, A. 1. one thoiiHiind ürht hundred and sixty-sovn, and rjccorded in t heoffloe of the Register of Deeda of Wasli tenttw ('ounty, in the State of Michigan, in Líber 3C of Mortgages, on paye 581, on thq let day of October, A. D. 1867, by which default the power of ssle contained in said mortgage lias become operativo, and there is claimed by me to be due on said mortgage at the dato of this notice the sum of four thousanu four h,undrcd and forty-six dollars and sixty-seven cents principal and interest, and also the sum. of fifty dollars ah a reasonable Solioitor's or Attorney's fee on taking theae proccedings to fort close said Mortgage, aa cxpressly provided in the same, and no suit or pro5 ceeding at law or in ohanoery lmving been instituted to recover the debt ficcurcd by stiid mortgnge, orany part thereof, noLice is therefore hereby pi ven that by virtue of the power of sale contained in BaSJlmortgaM ! and of. the stut n te in BUÓhoasé made and provided, H mortffage will be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged premisesat public auction to the highesl bidder, on Monday, the 27th day of January next, at ten o'clock in the furenoon of 1 hat day at the south door of the Court House in the City of Ann Arbor, in said County of Wasuteaaw, said Conrt being the pjace of holding the Circuit Court for said Countyof Waslitenaw. The premisesso sold are desen'bed in Sftid inoïtgdpe at lollows, to-wit: All of the west half of the northwost quarter of section twenty-five, east half of the northeast quarterof section twentySjix, and-the southeast quurter of section twenty-seven all in Township three south in Range three east. Also the northwest qunrter of the norlhenst quarter of section nineteen in Township three pouth of Range four . east; all ín the County 'of Wuahtunaw and Ötate of Michigan.. , . Dated Ann Arbor, Michigan, November Ut, 1872 FKEDEK1CKHTJB0N, Felcii & Grant Mortgageo. Attorneya for Mortgagee. 1398td Mortgage Sale. DEFATTLT haring been made in the conó'ition of a . certam indenture of morigagti uuule and executed by Charles G. Ciarle, in his-Ufo time, and Mary B. Clark, hia wito, to H. Lonina Sucket, bearing daté the fltflt day of December, in the year of (mr Lord one thousrind, ewht hundred and sixty-aix, and recorded in the oflice of the Register of Deeds of Washtenaw County and State of Michigan, in Líber 3G, of Mort gages, on page 2:53, on the 4th day of December, 1SG6, and the power of .-ale contained in said mortgage having becomc opeatiye by reason of such default- and 6Je.eura of i leven bundred'aná twt-nty-fivo. tlollars, oeing claimed to bedue opon said mortgegre at the date of this notice, for principal and interest, beside th'j sum of thirty dollars stipulated therein ns a reasonable attorney fee for the foreclosure thereof- and no suit or proceedings at law, nor in chancery haring been instituted t o recover the debt scenred ly sfiid mortgage or any part thereof. Notie is therefore heicby gxyen that said raortgagfc will beforeclosedfaütl by virtue of the of Bale therein contniaéd, the premiaes (ie.seribed xn the mortgage and hereinafter also descrlbed and set forth, or sotno part thereof, will be soïd by me at public aud ion, to the highest bidder, to sntisfy said mortgage andeoita, on Baturday, the 4ih day of January nest, at eleven o'clock in the i'orenoon ut ths souih door of the Court House, ín the city ot' Ann Arbor- that being the building in whict) the Circuit Court for the County af Washtenaw is held- the moripiii-ed premises are deseribed as follows, towifc: Lot nmnber three in blook numberonesouth of IFfJrou street, and range eleven ao&t, in the taty of Aun Arbor, Mitigan, accoidin; to tho recorded plat of the Ann Arbor Land Company Addition. Dated Ann Arbor, Octolcv htíi, '872 H. LOUISA SAf KF.T, E. C. SiïAWAw ragee. Att'y for Mortgatree. l395t3 Sheriffs Salo. Q TATE OF MICIUC AN, Countï of AVaíüítfnaw, O sa.- By virtue cf a writ of eiècution isaned oat oL ajid uniii-' the seal of the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw, and to me directed and delivered a&oinst tlie goods, chattles, landa and tenementa of (ienrtre W. Frenm, and for the want of goods and chattles to satisfy the saine, I did, on the l'th dny of November, A. 1). 1872, seize and levy upon :ill fehe righj-j title and interest that the said George W. Fxeam has-in and to lïhvn property, to wit: 'J ie aoutheast quarter of the BOUtnwest quarter and the southwest quarter of the southeast qufirterof sention nnmber twenfy in tho township of Lodi, GcHinty and State aforesaid, also all fcheright, title and interest the said 3eorgeW.IVet.mhaB is an1 to. the wheat (jrowing upoa the abovo ilcflQrïbed lands, ftli of' v hiéí abOyie tieseribed property or so much of it as will aal isfy the above mentioued wnt cf exeoution, ï sball exposc for brIö at public aueiion to the hiffheat bidder, at the south door of the fjpurt House, in the Cty of Ann Arbor, on ihe twentyflrstday of January, A. D. 1873. at twelve o'clock M. Dfited, this I3th day of December, A. D. 1372. 1404 imiOX WKBB, Blierjff. Sheriff Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waehtenaw. ..:. Dy virtue of one execution issued out of and ander the seal of the Circuit Conrt for the Ci ur.'y m Washtenaw, to me direct ed and ddivered, Etgaint the goods.shattelp, lands and tonomcntsof Daniel Brownell, by virtue of which I did on the 'l'.h il a y of -uitrust, A D. 1872, seize and levy upon all the rrrhf, title and interest Daniel Brownell has mar.d tq tlie following desfjribed real estáte, t wit: The west half of the eribt quarti r ol' f-o.;'ioji six in town three south of riinge ix eiiht, beirig in tf:e township of Fittafleld, ounty of Washteiiflw and State of Sfiohiffiin ; which above described real estáte I shall sell at the outer aouth door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Aibor, at luctuií lo Mir li;-i.,-a bidder, oq the iTth day pi Jaouary, A. 0.1473. alten o'clock, A. M., uf said day. Dated, Nov. 13th, A. D. 1S72. MYROX WEBB, Sheriff. 1401 By JoitïiN Forbes, Under Sheriff. (Jhancery Notïce. TUE CIRCUIT COUKT forUie Coutyof Wftsnt.enaw ; In Chan,Gery .. . , . .1 m Oj Müiidy, ('oicplainunt, vs. Melvilie L ery B. Iïumsey, Lemucl Foster, Henry J)1 Bennett, Sedgewick Dean. Ülyvtea T. Foster, 'i'li'c Wordena and Veetrymen of 8t. Andrew'a Church of Ann Axbor, and School District nuraber one of the city of Ann Arbor, Defendants. It satisfactorily appearinff to this Court by tho affidavitof K. Ë. FrnSsèi', on e of the Soiieitora of the eomplainant, that the rosidenceof the above named defe.nchints, Melville Tj. Kumsey und Avory B. KumBPvig Dol in the Stalt.; ui' lic;ijtjiy., Jmt that they bíh reside in the County of Ese, ana ptate of Indiana, and that a subpoBna has been duly idued out of and under the -seal of tliis Oourt direeted to the defendiints above named. but that the same could not bc served upon the said defondanta, Melvillo L. Ram sey and Avery li. Kumspy, becnuse they cnuld not Ij e iqund Ín this bailiwiek j therefore, on motion of l t■.'1 i-'raor, Boücitoia iov the complainant, it is ordèred that the deft-ndants, Itelviile L. ïiiurstv and Avery B. liumsi'y, cause hia or theiz appeurance in luw cause to be entered within three months from the ïïiteof thia ordei. ind in case of their appearanoti aw iiMil ea;li ut' them causo hi3 or their answeror answers to the complainañt'a bíll to be filed and a oopy tliereof to be sorved on Lawrtmce ft Frazer, tbfl coraplainant's Solicitnry, aocoMing to the rules and ractices of this Court. and in dcfault thereof, that ;he said bill of complaint in thja cause be taJc o as confessed by the a:iid defendants, Melvilie L. liumey and Avery B. Ruxnsey. And it is fjrther ocdwred. bLtheS9i4 complainant withirl tv.-enty aays cause icopy of this order to be pnblished in the Michigan Argas, and that the said pnblication continne for the ;erm of six successivo "weeks, once in eaeh week, or hat the suid complainant cause a copy of tliis ordpr 0 bepei-sonally strvedon the defend;int.s, Melvilie L. ueyuu.l Av.Lry 1!. Itmnscy, at Igasj .twcnty days iefore the time above prescribid fofms or thcir ap)earance. Dec. 18, 1872. R. REAÏÏAX, 40öwG Circuit Court Com.f Wawhtenaw Co. Mich. TAMES McMAHON, Justice of the Peace, Oifioe in new blook, North of .Gourt House Money collected and promptly paid over. INSURANCE -A.GETSTT. Triapiph, assets, $72T,9O8.11 Joriti Missouri, " 645,417.91 [lbernia, " 350,ooo.üo RKAL ÏBTATE. I h.avc 80 acres of land of a inilo frnm the city mits, i'uicly locatod for fruit or garden pmposes. Also 40 acres. Also 10 acres, with house and barn.and a ilvcl treani of water rtinniui; thrcmgh the barn yard. CO acres, a mileout. 1 wlll sell any or all Éhc abovo cboap, or escbarir orcilyproptrty. l.-li JAMES McMAIION. rUST RECH1VEI) AT TilE FARMERS' STORE A 1 verv large stock of Bonnet and Sash Ribbons, ew Styl'js and Chenp.


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