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used it, speak in iis praisc, we cnn confidentlj rccommend it to the nfilicted ns the very lies remedy they can anywhere obtain for the dis eases nl)ove enumeraied. We understand th ' genuine is lor sale tu this vilhige at MAYNARUS. i f THEGREAT REMEDY FORASTHMA s Couglis, difficulty of bieathing, pains in th chcpt & _ide, bleeding of the Liings.hcarseness influenza, and ncipient consumpnon, is Fulger' 11 Olosaonian. or All-Healing Balsam. Tliere i nothing I ik c í t. It has beer. productivo of mor benefit (han all the remedies vvhich have bee offcred to the world. David Henderson, 6 n Laight street; Mrs Archibald, 35 White streel Mrs. McGann, 20 W;t!ker st; George W. Bui nett, of Newark, Mrs. Bell, of Morristown, N J. and hundreds of name could be given wh have founrl ibis Balsam all healing in its p.. crlies. It has been used for many years in pri e vale pract'.cu, has been pubmitted to tho facult) 1 used nnd pprovcd of by them. and experienc e shows that it is worthy of all confideuce. Tr y it and do not delay. It has saved mony livesif it may save youra. e W. S. & J. W. MAYNAKD, Agenta fe i Ann Arbor. e IT1ARRIED, Nov. 5th, IS4.1), Mr. Ckdrra Lk.nakd, t Miss Har[rt Amks, by John Goodle Esq all of Ypsilanli, Mich. On the ISth inst., by Rev. J. Miles, Mi Warre." A. Millard, of Cammel, Steube ,t County, New York, to Mro. Minerva Beck o lky, of this place. P ]?ÏAYIARD'S a TT A VE now on hand a nsorlmt-nt ( n Xi Faitnly Groceriea, Pnints. SmlFs. Drugs ! Medicines ol the best kind for salo ery che.ip. e Nov. 1?? 155. 238 j 1 s Albany Cultivator. 'TIHIS valuablc Agriculiural piiper should b X read by ever Farmer and Méchame in th County. and in order te its more exieusivc en ,. culation. Wm. S. Maynard, gcr.i lor this conn . ty, will furuish it io subsenbers nt his Ston ü free of Postage, for oue dollar por year in nd fc vanee. 23tii " Administrator Ñotice. ie rjTti E undersigned having been nppointed by il; J_ Judge of Probate of the county of Wael icnnw and State of Michigan, adminietralors i the estaie of Daniel D. Vaiernian, luie of 6ai county deceased. and haring taken upon ihem selvcs thnt trust by giving bonds as the law n v quires, notice is hereby given, to uM persons ir tlobied to said cstatc,io make immcdiat paynien n and all thoee having claiir.e againet the same, i - present them proierl v attesied for ndjummen ALON2O WATERMAN, ï A(fminis KOSWELL WATERMAN, S trafors. 0 Ociober 9ïh, 1845. 233 1 Blank Dcccts Aüd Jïortgages I IXHOLESALE AND RETAlL, for sale b 0 W BECKLEY, rogTER &- Co.lMFOftTAKT TO ALL THOSB AKKLICTKD WIT11 DISKA3KS OF THB LUPG8 AD BREAST. TVill Mirarles trer erase? More tridente nfits suTjjasstvg heulth nstoralite v'trhtes!!! ? $ ? [From Dr. Baker, Springfield, Wash. Co Ky.] SrKi5OFii:i.D Ky., May 14, 184&. Mesara. Snnfbrd fc i'ark: - GENfs - I lake tliis opportuniiy of irforminjj VOU of a iimsl r'i nn rk ;i lili rnrn miriii


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