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weeks when J gramially r;covered. In the fnll pf IMt I was aitacked wiih & severe cold, whicl) sealecl iiaclf upon my lungs. and for the spnce of three years I wnaconfined to my bed. I nied oll kinds of medicines Htid every variety of medical aid and without bent f : and thus I wearied along until ihe winter of lb'44. when I henrd of Wis tar'a Balsam of Wild Chcrry." My friends peruaded me to give it a trial. thongh 1 had given up all hopes of a recovery, and had prepared myself -for the change of another world. Throiigh iheir solicitation I was nduced lo make nse of the ''Genuine Wietar's Halsam of Wild Cherry." The effect was truly istonifhing. After five ycara of affliction, pain and suflering: and after having spen fonr or ftvn hvndr&l dollars to no purpose, and the best nnd most respectoblephvsicinns had proved unavailing. I icns $o n rettre f lo ntire healik by he Messing rf God and tts vac of Dr. IVisur's BuLsuin if Wild Chr.rry. 1 am now enjoying gooH health. and such is nyaliered nppcainnce ihat lam no longer know when I meet my formcr acquaintances. I have tniined rapidly in weight, nnd my flesh 3 ilrm and solid. 1 can now eat as much as any lerson, and my food seemsto agree with ntc.-I hnve eaien more during the last six tnonths thnn I had eaten lor five years beforf . Considering my case nlmost a mímele. I deern it mc-'ssary ior ihe good of the nfflicted and a duty 1 owe !o ihe proprictors and my fellow men, (who should know where reiicf may be had) to make tliis statement public. May the Messing of God resl upon the proprieiors of no vuinabie a medicine as Wistar's Balsain of Wild Cherry. Yours rejpecifully, W1LLIAM11. BAKER. The folltimn'Z luis just been rere vtd f rom Mr. Edicard Strutton. of Leiingüin, iífo.. xohich s'iotcs ih-it Constmption in i t worst j 'o nn can bc cured by 'WisUtr' 's Bulsurn of W.l Cherry. Lr.xiNGTo.N, Mo , Jan. 21, 1845. Benjamin Phelps - Dear Sir: 1 take great pleasure in eonimunicatinL to yoi what I consider an extraordmary cure, cfl'ectei on tny dnughtcr, about 14 years ttf ngc. by Wis tnr's Balsnm of Wild Cherry. About tbe lst o September lasl, my daughter wns ihkensick. am was attended by several physiciana, whose pre scriptions proved incrTcctual. or 6cc.ned to do ik good. She wasuttended with a conaiant cougli and pain in the breast. Her physicians and til who saw her, cmne to the couclusion ihat shi was in a confirtned stage of Contumption. mude no other cnlculation than for her to die.- But as soon as she commenced taking the Balsam she began to improve, and contmucd so t do until her bealth was restored, and is now ennrcly wcll. With a view of benfiuing thos . wlio nisiy besimilnrly aftlicted, 1 take pleasure ii ri-ri m n n' 1 11 1 T' ir ihia rinn&rtu ií llio í.iy i InnA nihj public. Yours, with respect, KDVVARD STRATTON. WISTAli'S UALSAM OF WlLüCHEÜR] ■ ihnt not only relieves but cures! OPrice S'l ?er bottle, or six boules lor $5. For sile in Cincinnaii only by SANFORDS PARK, and in Ann Albor by Maynards. eol Aeenis for thisConniy. 238 Pcrsian Pilis. "Pu nol Ihe Light under a Bushd" but rea and ponder . rpHK TIME IS COME, aid nuw is, that th JL gre.-it masa of ihe people o' thi8 and tli 2 oíd world. have decided (Itat ihe 1 PEUSÍAN AXD INDI 4 y EXTRACTS, - are the inosi .ff,ctual combination of uiédicint r ingredients lliai ever ha, or ever can compose t Pu"The RF:SURRECTION or PERSIAJ P1I.LS, being made ol vegnnble exiracis, ar ' eafily digestivo, hecoimng a juice in the huma ütomach. This Itquid iseasily taken up b th absorhent vesseU, and conveyed ihroughoul al parta of thesysiein, dispensing lifeand anitnntiti . in all the organs, By being assimilated wii ihe blood, it enters nto iis combination, punly e ing ihe 6treaii)B ol life. You see it would naiu :. rally nnd readily combine with the blood and a s the secreii'in, ihus ad;ipiing itselt 'to the remov of uil diseases of misure blood. which clog ir s gans. Ciiusing pain, disiress, nnd dcath. Iftl c impuriiies scttle upon ihe orgnn of the btonmcl n it causea bad tasto in the mouih. u furrcd tougui (, bad breath, indigestión, dyspepsia, pain. a sen: of fullness or gonencss. &,c. If upon the lunc ; or thro'at, tliey will ciue6 n cough, tightnes ■ j wenkness. nnd an uneasy sensíílion in the throa j irritution. broncliitis, bikI consumplion. I; the j sectie upon the livet. ihey will cause livcr corr 0 ilaiut. janndice. or snllow skin, lever and aguí ' bilious disuases of all kinds, and irrcgularity - the bowels.diarrahoia. &o, It upon the nervei , thcy will cause nervous v.eoknese, puin in il 1, sick headnehe. general debility, low spirit e hciit in the back, side, or head. If in the eysle y generally, it cause general emoclation, scroful _ lumors, tight hard skin, pimples, blotches, irritt tion, &c. (Src. You know if any thing clogs ihe engine. i 'r the ïnachinery becom remrded in lts inotioi and us it decrenses in stienglh, ihe motions le „ come paralyzed more nnd more, unnl finally censes to move. So wnh the human svsteni, the blood becomes impure wilh humor, the o ■ gons suffer creating, pain, inisery, and if ut r' o moved, death. A constanl u?e of these Pili in a faniily, wi "' ndd yenrs to eoch individual life. For bein mnde of vegetable extracta, the may he lake . from yoiuh to oíd age without injury. bul wil dt'cided benefit. Weokly, pnny children, wi n bcconic bealthy and strnng with a slow us i - i hese Pilis. Tliey soothe wenk nervee. sircngtl en the weak, nnd cleanse all the organs in a mai ner above described Being oompound oí juíl'c. ihey pnss ihnuh the smnllest veiscls, tin caching d:9t.ise whercever pent up in the sys em. even in the cyes and bruin. f We know thnt ihey nre the heat Pili in th t world. for t.n$ of Üiousands that hnve taken ev ery other pil!, have decided so. and nothin coul hinder them Irom kveuing hein on hiind." Take" these pille freely, nnd you will teldoi want n physician. Who ever heard of muce sickness in n iuniily wliere tnese rws wero iuhc e Ireel) 1 Then a-jain they cause no pain or wenk -. iiss in their nperntion: they soothe the bowels _ nul nre a su re cure for , DlAKRrKEA Olt SUMMER COMPLAINT " indigestión, cosiiveness, nnd all di soases nnsin tVüii nn impure stoinnch or blood. There i " nothingbetter for fever and ogue. or biliousdis cases, nnd all others meniioned obove. ie N. B. Price reduced 10 2s per box for 3 '; l'ills. Heniembcr eath box contains 'M PiHs( therefoie, ihey nre the chenpest os well os ih d best. Hewareof Pilis niade of gunis. enlome oud coarse powders, for they wili deatroy th -' coais of the stoniach in time, and cause dc-ath - '" Beware, for the most of thein conuin culomel o 'j somethiny ns destructive to human exiütence. ftomember the Resurreciión or Pcraian Pilis ' are made of VegetaWe cXtrocts. For sale in all the principal places in the Ln on- Wholesale nnd retail by P. Owen & Co. Dctroii; C. Eberbach, S. P. Jewe, Lund A - M'Coriüni, Ann Arbor 237-fím ' WOod! Wood" A FEW Cuid of Wood wauted immtdiattl in pyirfeot iw tbe Sigaal of Libortf TUe Universíty Pilis. HY WM. M. SMITIf, LaU Professfor nf Materia Medica and Pharmacy, m the WillovgMy Unieer tj, of Lakt Lrie, Otíw. SMITH'S UNIVERSÍTY PILLS havcbeci; exinnstvely uscd by lr. Smid in nis f.rivite and public practico, nnd by many t hi brethren in ihe profossion, for WHuní he has p.e pared thuin; tliey have a'ao been dnsuitated i5i general use in many of the Wetér(i Siáic an-J thcy uow stand without a rival wh(-'reer ibay have been tned. Thoy are nsunlly wc!l iidapted 10 i lie pinposee for whicli iln v 0(e rtcoín mentied. Th: innonbing demaná tor ihene pills, iheir unpíiraileüfdauccesa, and theeamesl soiici tatione of Uundredtf who have been restored to healtl by thaír use, liove ind.iced ihe propne or tu p cn?nt thein to the public. It ís not preiended tliat thtse püls will cure all w thc illa Whích fícsli is hnir to." yet it ib mos' confidenily beHeved by thouxaudit whoK certificates niiglit bu ohtuined, (were it dccmecl necessary.) iuciudiiit; rhysician of high npina tton, ihut these pill? have no equal ín the worlri, as a cathartic. anü-billioii. alterativo medicine, 11 Smith's University Pilla" owe thtir peculiar, sanniive and unifortn efiect. to the happy combi nation of vegetable ingredients of wliich the) s e coinposcd; it ík the rc.Milt of man y years t c.-iiefiil investiitation and t-xperi tnents, duecied by much xperience in the prpertifa uf mediciii. il suosianccs. In their ojieraiion. they combine the grcatea: energy and efficiency, wnh perfect tnildtietts and eafeiy, so thnt while they opérate with grcai power, thny seldom produce sickness or pain, and are ot once adapted to boih se.xea, of all ages and all countries They net directly pon the wholc syeiem, correciing any nnd nll derangement of the secrelions, especially of tlie liver and kidneys; and remove all obstrnctions froirï the stomncli and bowels, at the saine time purifyinc the blood, and thereby giving healthy aclion nnd furiction to the whole systern. The approprinte U8e of thia medicine doea en . tirely aw.'ty wiih the supnoseA necessity of all mercurial preparations, which have been ao free!y used in all parts of our countfy, in the treatment ot' all active diseoses, of whatsoever name or nature. When the "University Pilis" aro timely administered, ihey are a never-failing preventivo of bilious, intertniiiont and remittent fevers. a gue and fever. 'ond the host of il Is and maladics that so of'eti lead to denlh. As a consequent upon the foiegoing dlseuses, we Joo often lind dropsy in the different cavities of the body, symptomuic and bilious consuinption, afiections of the liver. pain and weakness of the breast, chronic cough, enlarged spleen, ague coke. chronic diarrhoea, loss of muscular power, and a general dernngement of the wholc neryona system. No closses of diseasc are more readtly controlled by appropriate remedies, than those of bilious clirnaie8; and nmit so easily prercnttul. Ncxi to the curing of disanse ulready formed, what can bc ot' more consequence ihati its succcsislul prevemion. The poison which produces bilious afftctions. oftcn lies concealed in the system, underntiuing the secfet springsof life, and going on IfRh its work of destruction for months. bctore it breaks out in open ditiease; dnring this pcriod, a sallou complexión, bigh colorcd urine, occnsional pains in diñerent parts of ihc body, head, side. anback. and sotnetimes in the extremitie. with n variable appetite, are the U-ading symptom? u warn of tho impending danger. At this time the persevering use of the University Pilis,' according to the herein-coniatned directions. wil neutralisc the minsmal poison, promoe a free discharge ot bilo from the hver. remove obstructions from the stuinach and bowels. and restore he:ilthy eecretions to she whole system. The 'Univeröity Pilis' are peculiarly adaptcd to tho cu'c. as well as the prevent ion of the fol lowing diseases: lüious, Intenni ttent and Re mittcm Fevere, Lirer complamts. Jaundice. Ini-ipient Diarrhcca. Ague and Fever. Chili Fever Internat Fever, Rush of blood to the Head Loss of Appetite. Nervous Complaints. Cholic Actdity of the Stomach. Imernal Pilea, Scrofula Passive Dropsy. Habitual Costiveness, Enlarge ment of the Spleen or Ague Cake, Acute ant Chronic Rheumatism, Sick Head:ciie, Symplo ma'Jc Cough, Flatulency, Eruptionsof the Skin and in all canes of Torpor öf the Bowels, when a Cathartic, Apcrient, or Altetative, is necded. Dr. Smitii : - üeirSir-- tnke much pleasure in giving ïny testimony in favor of you valuab'.e 'University Pilla. I most cheerfully re commend them to the public asa safe, sulutary easy and efficiënt Cathartic, ior most of the dis cases incident to this región of country. I hav made exteii8ive use ol them for four yenrs. i Tiypractice. andl belive them to be the bk: anti-bilions cathartic. aperient tncdicine, eve combined and offered for general ase. Yours, truly, EO. LAiVDON. Ppurnriuw Mi nu dot !ï IS44.Dr. Smith: - I esirani it n privilege to staic lor publicotion. wbat 1 think of yuur TJn:versit Pilis. I havo nsed thern in my fnrr ly for thre years pnsf . nnd in no case have they düai'pointe my expectnticn. I give them, wijh mpuniiy and beneficia! re?ults, to my smnllest ns well n to my largesi chihlren. My wife nnd myse hnve a!.o used them, and I give ihem to my hiret help wbei medicine is needed: nnd I believ they are better than all other Puls tlmt ever hav been mado; for I am ncquninted wiih a groa vnriety of !!--&uu_ and I think, in coinpnriso with the 'Univensity Pilis.' they nre not wort using. Yours, truiy, ALFRED G. BATES. E. Sampson, Druggist. of Ypsilanii, sa "I never snw n Pili introduced so easily ns tl 'Univeriiy Pilis;' nnd I never have sueceeduds well in the sales of n nev nrticlc of medicine, i so short a time, na I have with the 'LTniversit Pilis.' H. (rray, of Monrciile, "Washfen-iw 'count Michigan, says: ''Mvcustomers Itk your ' Un versi'v Pilis' better thanany other Pili they evc used.'' For t-alc bv J. O WEN & CO. and ) f.frn" G. & J. G. HILL, Detroi Andby BECKLEY, KOSTEll & CO. Ann Arüor. A L. CHASE. General Agent for Michigan, Jllinois an Indiana. WESLETAN INSTITÜTE THJS Instnution will commence ns tirst ur on ihe 15ih of September. A building Ba heen fined up which will accoinmodale over on ininJred student. TKRMS OF TÜ1TI0.T. $3.00 n per term, for EngLsli orancbi'S. 4,00 for a maíhematical cóurse. 5.00 includin? the languacs. Indigent sJuilents preparing tor the minlstr can bTe mition (ree. It suidcnis are not rencfy to commenre wiih ih lenn tbèrr tnition 'ill be graduaicd in propor tion to ihc tirrc lïoard and Lodging can be had in the villag for $lr00 per week. Rooms can be had for any who chose to bonr themeelves. The following Tcxt Books have ben adopteQuit Claim Dccds JUST I'irmetl aod forsale at tliis ofBce. 2feTry - Try - Try - Agaio. AF'l'ER you have (lied one ihoatond and ono kmdof Pilis; then iry Dr. Ilalsicd-'a Brisk Filis and yott be lully süiiafied iliat iliry ore a iinich preferable to cvery other kind is the sun i Iight artl dcat is prcfcruble. !o bring furwnrc! and promote n heilthy giowih in vcgt-Ublca lo ih t i-hieli ernanntes irin the moon. They nrejust wlmt i3 wjnuèd in tKii country -o pilt that opera-f.v qüick, iboruujh ;.'ird easy, arrymg all mpúrities wíjU ihfm; leaving tho unincli nnd bowrlp ctcsn nnd wnwith urSI.OW PILLS, that act SLOV- cleanse ['OW, nnd lenvo ihesystem nalSLOW state. Minus uiaiier nnd oi?ier imedimem collect vc-' y mpid n the Fysttni wjien once they hcin to ccuninlaie - nnd wjll incrense ns fast os Slow il!s will remqre thcm. It is nccessary therefore,uiui oivw.y itr years - and at lust die wiih a slow, Hngértjig diseasa-the nnrural effect of taking low Pilis. Awoy then wjth ihis thenry.- U nature wishes to purify the nii. ehe calis lipin a harrv a thunder shower, and wiih t her üghlngs (air physic) to purify, cleanse. and givr n ew mntion to the atmosphere, nnd all is wcll. Shc does not lichten t":ntly tlie year round o jroduce thit motinn. ThiM) foITow nature, whfii nu are out of health- liave a bnd tate in your ïouth - indigestión - costiveness - fevcr- colk iiills - fcver and aaue - dyspppsia - pain in bacd r limbs - taken cofd - or in fact out of orc'er in ny wny - rrlicve yoarfeirimtnedinielv bytakinij ie Brisk Pilla. Try them once and you wil se no other. 2R Pilis for S5 coma. Sold wliolpsale and retnil by J. Owen &. Co., Detroit; C. Eberbnch, S. P. Jewett. Lud &. IcCoünm, Ann Arbor. J37-6ai SEW GOODSÜ 'I ARLAÍÍD & LEFEVRF., are now recetv- VJT ir.g at No. 1, lhnrkins' Block, a very general ossortment of Pull and Winter C. .ids, lo wbich they invite the attentton of purchaícri, atauring iberh thnt thcy will fi nel eoods, 11 Tl f I fit Ilt'tl'ffU tlinf rnin,t (ml I í- .-tin nni .T, ._„..


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