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Tired Mothers

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A little elboir resta upon your Unue, OIU' til cu knee, ümi lias o much to bear; A clnlii's deur eyes ara looting lovingly Fiom anderneotii a tbatcti ottangied, you do not uted velvet toueJa üi' warm moist fingers, roldfng youm bo ntiht; You du not prize thfa blueeing ovi-r-much,- You aimuat are too tirwi to pruy to-uigiil. But it is bleroednes ! A year ago Z did nut ee it uí 1 do to-duy- We are ao dull aad thAUbii bs ; and too slow To CHtch the sunbe&m lili it &iipa iwh] . And üow it seemd BUrpñssing strnnge i o me 'l'hrit, while J Wíire i he badge of xautberlioocti 1 did uot kiss nioio uft, mu tenderly, TJi littlc ctiikl that broagtit mo only good. And if, ome night when yon bit down to rest, You mis." tlie ulbuw fruía yottr tired knee ; Thía i öi Len, curliug hcnl trom oiï yonr breust, Tula liepiug long-uu tbul uinuteis ronslHT.i. ; f from your own the duaped haiidq had elipped, And nexT yonM netííln m ypui palia agaizi ; Lf tita Wilite feflt mto liad Utipped, 1 could not Mamo you for your heurt-uchu tiicD. I -wonder so t)mt mofehtrs evcr fvet Al littlo dLuldren clingiog to tlicir grwa : Or that thé foot-priuts, wh n the duya ure vet, lí' i cotüu íiiui h líttlí (auddy boot, )r cap, or jjtcket on my cnamber upar) It' 1 could kiss a rosy, rlleu foot, Acd heax iífl pattor in my house once more ; 'f I could mend a broten cart to-day, tVanorrow malee :i kiie, to reach the sjcy- i'hcit' ís uo woman in (Jod's world pould mi y íhe ia ninru liobí'ully content tljaa 1. ïut uil ! the dainty pillow nexl ni y owh. s peí er rumpled by a süining head ; dy Bxrjgiug birclüng iiom iis neat has ílown : .'lio litüe boy i iised to ki.s }a dvua !


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