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A Radical Break In Louisiana

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NeW ORÍ.EANS, Jan. 10.- Tho fusión ILegislature was fully organized to-day. At 2 p. tu. Senator] McMiUan, accompanied by Senators Jenks, Noland, Swords, Todd. Worrel and IIuns;vker, who to-day ■withdruw frora Kellogg's Senate, took their scats in tho fnsion Senate, and issued the following address : New Ohleans, Jan 10, 1873. To otir Fellow-Citizens, the Tcople of Louisiana: We deoni it our duty in the present nnoinalous condition ot' affiiirs to plaoe beforo our cmstitunni-s and countrv the roasons that actuated us in the course ot conduot we have dotermined to pursue. A'o are in favor of a republican forni of ffoVBrtnneirt. We have acted with the National Republican party, but we cannot sancticn tho course that has been pursued in this State by the custöm house portion of our party and by the Pinchback government, aiud beliovo that no ïight-thinking person or class, no matter of wiiat poïrtical shade or couviotion, eau gustain tbem in the gross violation of the rights of the people and their recklcss iiud intolerant course. The organization. of their Sonate and House we consider as revolutionary. Sonators notoriously elected have been displaced and those wh'om hey defeated put in their places. Menihers jf the Legislaturo returned by both boards have been ignored and their places tüled by defeated candidates. Proscriptive legislation has beea rushed hurried ]y through. Proolamations have been mide prohibitíng peacoful assemblies of eitizens by an executive who holds his ofiKoo -vithout tho color of right and law, und the popular will has been so dcfied nnd outragedthat we feel that we cannot longer act with the body and support an executive who for party would sink evory vestige of liberty in its final grave. The question of who constitutc the legal returning board is subordínate to tho question of what are the returns. Keturning officers may count in or count out persons, with or without returns, but tha returns will show for thomselves. We ascertain that Lynch, Hawkins, Longstreet, and Herrón entered into a conspiracy to declaro Kellogg andi his ticket elected, and that they without haviug the official returns of the plection, and admit that their aetion was Rased on data and laeiiioranda and affldUvits cntirely tinknown to ]aw, and TVhen we soe sucli violence to thelawperpetrated by these pretended returning officers, and when wc sec that Longstreet is immediately appointod to an office with $6,000 salary per year ; that he is given the office of Recorder of Mortgages of the Parish of Orlpans, which he demandcd f rom McEncry for couipensation in adH'anceforooimtijig. the returns in his ihteresf,-wnioli monstrous proposition was refuseè; wh'en we soe that Hawkins is fbrthwith appointed to the judgeship of acourtwith a salary of $5,000 per annum ; whon we seo that a minor son of Lynch was at once appointed'to the office of Inspector of Live Stock,. Rstimated tobe ■worth $12,000 per aunum ;-it is painfuliy manifest that' tho aetion of tho board was tho result of a corrupt Bargain, and that these appoiatraents -vrcre given in eompensation for official prostitution. The Senate having been illegally organized by the revolutionary and violent usurpations oi P. B. S. Pinchbach, who was not President of the Sonate or a niembcr of it, who called up and swore in as Senators persons who were notoriously dsi'eated against and in contempt of the protestsofa large majority of the Senators holding over, and who alone had a right to organize the Sonate, and in the face of a rule established two yearsago, and before tho organizaron f tho Senate, on motibn of said Pinchbaek himself, then a Sonator, and considering the public good and interests of our constituents, wejhave withdrawu from the body with which we have acted and will hereafter tako our ptjats in the Senato whicb wo beliov e truly represents the people of the State. M. TÖDD, Sixth Senatorial Distrct. H. S. SWORDS, TCight Senatorial District. L. B. JENKS, Twelfth Senatorial District. THOS. II. NOLAND, Fourteeoth Senatorial District. ROBT. WORREL, Sixteenth Senatorial District. O. F. HUNSAKER, Sovcnfch Senatorial District.


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