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The Connecticut Murderess

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From the New Haven Piilladiiim. Mrs. Lydia Sberman, frequcntly styled " the Couneeticut Borgia," who was convicted last ipring in this city of muvder iii tho seoond dugreo, for poisoning lier liusbandin June, 1871, in Derby, by the use of artenic, bas at length made a confession of her crime, as well as tbo otbers which sbe was believed to bc guilty of. After lier eonvictian in April last, at the close of a long trial - wbicb oxoitod the deapest interest in this coinmunity, and attraeted no little attention from the country at largo - her counsel moved for a new trial before the Court of Errors. Tho accused lay in jail in thia city all summer, waiting for tho court to meet, whiob did not occur uutil September, when her counsel withdrew her case, having beeome sonvinced that the court would deny the niotion. Since then sbo has been awaiting tho opening of a criminal term of the Spuerior Court, in which sht; must receive her 60iitenoe, which will be irr.prisonment for life in the State Prisou. Reccntly she has appeared to have sometrouble on hormind, and to act as if she had some secret Bhe desired to impart. Her reserve on tho one great matter of interest appeared to bo lea ving her, and sho evinced a disposition to unload her mind of its terrible burden. A few days ago she made a full confession to the jailor. The particulars he rofuses to impart, and access to tho accused is uot allowed. From what is learnod it appears that she killed Sherman and bis two childreri with poison, and that years ago sle also poisoned hor first busband, Struch, and his children, whilo living in New Jersey. Sho deiiies, however, that she killed her second husbajid, Deunis Hurlburt, in wïtose remains the chemist found arsenic. She is reported to feel mucli relievedin mind sinco[shoconfessed her cvil deeds, and expresses a desire to read the Biblo and converso with religious personi. Her confession was hastened probably by the noar approach of tho time when she is to be sentenced. This wilf be dono next week, when Judge Fosfor of tho Supremo Court, will Dreside with Jucïg-o Lviui and pass sentence upon her.


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