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Is It A Volcano

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Three miles from Bambridge, Eoss county, is located a hilLof considerable altitude, known as " CopperasMountain." Out of the top of the mouiitain issues a CQiistant streinn oí' suioke, while on its suitnuit and general surface the vegotation lias withered aud died, until the whole hiïl presents a barren, sterilo and desolate aspect, blasted as if by a whirlwind of iiro. The ground on the top of the hill is so uueoinfortably hot that it is alrnost inipossible for a barefootcd person to walk there. It is bcliovedl by persons who have visited and inspected the lunus natural, that the entire interior of tho hill is a mass of igníted combustible ; matter, that tho fire is and has been spreading with considerable rapidity. The theory presented to account for this strange phenoinenon is that on or about the first day of last Ootober tho party to whom the land belongs was burning brush on tho hill side, and that tho flaines comtnunicated io inflammable matter, probably crudo oil, Poal or other combustible substances, contai'icd in tho geological formation of the bÖJf and that tho hill being full of such matter tlie fire gi-adually gained headway, untii tho interior has beoome a mass of molten metal. ïho quenohing of the fire is, of course, inipossible from its situation, and ow long it will burn, and when, if ever, the fire will reach a point where it can be controlled cari onlybe conjectured. At present there is no danger to be apprehended to pioporty in the vioinity, but there is no telling what shape the thiug inay eventually take, and there are not wanting thoso whose imaginativo disposition lead them to prodict that this is luti the beginning of what may turn out to be &


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