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Men And Teams Frozen To Death

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Milwaukee, Jan.- Minnoapolis, Minnosota, dispatehes say the storm on the St. Paul & Pacifio liaüroad was tho geverest evor known. At a station callcd Kirkhaven thero were soveral farmers in town. Tho storm burst upon them and they left for homo with their teams, and vcry few havo been heard from. One wagon was found contuining a Mrs. Soland and a boy, who wera iïozen to deatli. Many teams, both oxen and horses, aro found frozen in the drifts, and tbe late of their ownors is unluiown. Milwaukee, Jan. 10. - A St. Paul dispatch says the great storm of the last week resulted in a good many fatal casualties in this State. It was entirely unprecedented in its severity, and was so blinding that persons perished withiu a ,fow rods of soccor, if they had known ia what direction to go. Three brothers, Charles, John, and Stephen O'Neil, and Thomas and Michael Holden, each with two-horse teams, started for Willinar with wheat on Tuesday. They were found on Friday about ten miles out, two of the O'Noils and one of the Holden's frozen to death in the sleigh. ïhe othovs wero alive, hut will soarcely survive. Fivo ox teams in the same viemity were found frozeu to. death, and the drivers aro supposed to havo abandoned them and perished. A man was frossen to death by losing his way while going from the dopot to the tank-hocse at Hei man Station, on the St. Paul & Pnoifio Ilailroad. A littlo boy near Ullm vindertook to go home, but lost his way, and his budy was found yesterday near St. Peter, frozen. A good raany other cases will undoubtedly be heard of. The wind blow the snow so thal it was impossible to see a foot in advance, and the storm came so sudden that it caught persons out and they perished becauso uuable to find the wa.y. ürBüQUE, Io-WA, Jan. 12.- The Mináis Central and Dubuque and Southwestein llailroads aro now i'roc, as is also the Des Moines Talley Eoad between Ft. Dodge and Dos Moines. The Cedar Falls & Minnesota branoh of the Illinois Centra is badly blockaded, drifts being formec from 200 to 2,000 fect in length and five to twenty feet deep. Men are working day and night, and will probably open the road in ono week,. Tho body of ats unknown man was fonnd frozen to doath at Nicolot, Iowa last night, and two teams of horses near Worthington, Minnesota. One of the drivers was missing, and the other so badly frozen that he cannot live. The stage between Libley and Koek Eapids lost one passenger by freozing to death - A. O Joukins. The balance escaped Trith slight injuries. Tvro small boys -were found frozen to death near Humboldt Iowa. Owing to the highways fceinj badlly blockadefl by tho reoent storn: there are strong fears of a fuel famine ai many interior towns. Tho woather is moderating, with strong appearances oí a thaw. A steady, drizzling rain prevails to-night in this seotion.


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