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Anií Aebor, Tiiuhsday, Jan. 16, 1873. ArptKS- J9@66e" er baa. BoTiKn- 18u20c. Beass- 1.5O,1.75 per bus. Beef- from wagon, 5G cts, per Ib. by the quarto Corn- Brings 40@45c per bu. Chickeníí- Dressed 7@8c. Düessed Hogs- $4.25@4'.3O per hundred. EoGS-Coffiamnd L2a25c. Hay- $15@17í pefton, at!cordg to quality. Honey - Ín oap, 2(Kgí22c. Labd - The market stands at 8@9c Oats- 2S@30c. PotaTses- S090e. ThIíkets- 10@11c. We quote VThite at íl.MQÍ.GS; ambe 1.35@1.4O. Betpoit Produce Markct. Latelrtquotation for leuding aTticles of country pro duce - January 16th, aye as followfl : "Wiie.vt- white, $1.353S1.75 ; amber, $kl.S8. Baeley- $1.25@1.00 per eestal. Kye- C5@T0a peí bi CoiiS- Í5(á)48c. OaTs-34@30c. Tota-toes- 7O@9O. Onions- 75@90c. Dkessed Hogs- $4.80@$5.OO. HAY-$16(ffi$24i. Buttee- 14@22; Eaos- 18@27c. Laed- ÍHítOo. HeSEY- 28@32(!. Ictroif Live Síoek Market. Trom the Detroit Free Tíubs. King's Yaiíds, Jfonday, Jan. 13. The receipta were large at these yards to-day, anti the quality averaged better th:m at any time this raonth, and good prices were more eatiily obtainablc, both for the shippiug and horfie trttde. We quote : IJEEVE8. Choice beeves, youngf, large, well fattencd, weÍRliing from 2,000 to 2,5 lt.s 5 75(gC 25 Oood beeves, well fatted, stoers aüd heifers averagtag 1 ,S00 to 2,000 lüs 5 00@5 50 Medium grades, fair steers, averaglng 1,010 tol, 200 lbs i 50 4 75 Common stock, medium steers, ftnd fairto extra cows, in decent flesh, 800 to 1,000. 3 00(34 00 Thin cuttle 2 5ü(a3 00 From tlie sales of tüe Best grades ve note thc folloTñngr Two large, well fed, averaging 1,720 lbs. at 5c ; 5 choice steers, averaging 1,300 lbs., at 5c ; 1 low fat heifer, 9)0 Iba., at Lc; 4 youug cattfc, medium Bized, fair condition, 1,170-lbs each, at 4Jác; 13 young cattle, averaging 1,300, shipped at4Jc; Syoungcattle. -well Ledr averaging 1,300 lbs., at 4;Lc ; 1 bull, 1,500 lña. , at 4'c ; 2 young cows, fair condition, ÍJ85 lbs., at 4c; 2 oxen, in fair llesh, but rather coarse, ayeraging l,6i01bs.,at 0o. OG. Tliere were neno in thía uwxrket, all havïng been picked np before reachicg the yards ftt rathtr ñrmer rates. The reccipts were quite amall and quickly taken at nbout provious previous rates. Wa quote : Choiee Iot3 averaging 00 to 95 lbs --.$5 C0@5 25 Qood oommon averaging 80 to S9 lbs 4 50 4 75 Mixed lols, fair to goud, averaging 75 to 85 i 00 4 í0


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