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- Spoiled : tho sleighing. - Ditto : skating and sliding down hill. - Oone : the ocoupation of tho snow-giithercr. - Ditto: that of the chcerful and industrious watcr-drawcr. - Rejoicing : those who hare mouruod enipty cisteras. - Worta Eoscrvoir : in tho Coui-t House square. - Opcued ; 'Wednesday evoniug, " tho windowa of heaven." - Chango of time : Michigan Central Bailroad. Sec timo tabU. - "Much monoy: tliat's wliat we neod. ■ft'ho'll tuko the hint r - In order : that favorite proverb, " uevcr a Jauuary without a thaw." Dr. Eoiii.N'OKii, of this city, loft on Honday for a ÉBW jnouth's vinit to Jiia old Oermau home. - "Wind froin the north aud snowiuí?, wttb a promisoof reoewjng tho eighiug: this Thursday afternúou, - üu "huif duty:" the editor has beoil that this weck. Ho cïun't draw half paij, however, 'Ott'ing to a lean truasury, - Mack i. ScHJOS'a namos oppoar aguin unler the heatl of "now ads.," infonniug the pubHo generally of a larga and attructivo Btock oí dry goods, etc. Go and e. - Dir.wix E, OitES, of this city, a brakesman ■on tho Detroit oud HUlsdale road, met with a seTero accident whüe OCTopllng cars at Ypsilanti, on Tuesday : bcing caught betwoen two car and his left side cruslied in just ahovo the hip. - Hot ashes put in raisin box and " set up " in the middJe of the floor : thftt'l what camc very iiear kindling a "big fire i Jfoiï's utere, McMi3ION block, last Sunday vening. X larg hole was burnéd tltrough tlif: flooï before discovered. - ïhat Jamous verdict of tin jierit juJ'. " N ot guilty, but we reconimcud the prisoiiet' not to steal again," was rivaled ra the o?rt of Jtstice 'Sesbions on Tuesday : "ííot guilty-, ïmt the court is recommenAsd to tidTist the n-isoner not to go thore ny mo." Th priasnor was S. C. Stkingham, and the charge "disturbisg Teü.gious meetings " at the M. E. Church. - A good stoty U tcld 'of a staid Mefliodist brother who Diade a naofint vieit to Eettkk'ö- to hear that uewOrohestrion. lïe was very much captivated vith one of tlie tunes, naid it took , "him back to the ' good old lUys " of tbijrry jmts ftgo, and named a once favorito and popular , lf othodist tune. ïïis disgust was siich when told wf his mistake, and internad that itwas "LandJord iill Hit flowiug bowl," tWt h.e departed- dnstantly. - The runaway of flte eason teok !ace lait 'Saturday afternoon. Tlie witter was left at tlie soutlieast oorner OÍ ílie Ciíurt House square, the horse went over tite fetice and thïoogii flie square, out -of the t??vte at the üoftheast oriíer, against the lamp post, lireaking it down, ttien dowai Detroit stsOí;, smashiftg itfto Viïidling -wood a f 200 carriage at Schmid'b shup, It Ivaw Dax. Hiscoce'i larsa, aud Bi-' lisv wss tóic Imlucky dïrvci:. The 'Water-Wai-ka meeting beid o Tftesdajevening, was largely attended. The ex?ression ■was almost iímíüikiaííus ii favor ef Water-W-rks, ■aud in favor of the city o"3i ing and .pocating iheni in it6 corpï-ratc ■ca.pacity. A committee of three from -each W;ird was ciosen tG wport a plan to a srribsequent .Hief tieg. 'fhis ooimnittee was so constituted - see proceedings - thí -ev-ery section and tntereítf is rejw-stMitO!,' itis hard■ly possible tbat-íí.'íiy plan it 'may devise .and re-' port can be charged as being in the interest oí: muy '"Iting." We -are íor TTatcr-ïVorks, and tlierefore trust flaat the conimittee srül lc suc"cessful in hitting'upome, ahcaie that will anoet thi wants of our city. We care mg rrho luthers the plan so that is ppfcctiüa.ble and ritbkn the weans of the city. - We would rufer the Watciv3S',erksiCosB5nit teo to a YuTy able T.ex rt receutly aaöe te the 'Trustees of the Toledo Wjitser-Works by their eugineur, Mosks Laxe. It is full of inforRation just iu point. ít .;.' he fouasl t tbe U'oledo t('ommpt'ciizitii tlif lóth inst. At a regular Tueetwig ef Kclie-f Fire Campay, held on Tucsday evening, the illowijig -oificerfi ; Vere e'octed': Forcman - Jolin Gp. Jtillör. -Pirat Asst. Forcitum - John G. (rail 'Second Asst. -J üaass. ■Secretaiy-F: ursteu. Trea.surer-F. Gwinet. lrrrfm- i. Maurei, M. Jedele, Chtia. Walz, ; 3?h. Viesel. ! Flag Bcarel- tiltil -(ïabler. Finalice OommiUee-F-. ;Schi, ö. Lutz, O. Etierbach. . Stetcard - G. ijute. 'apiat'n of Hose - lifilfry SJAtfbCKgaver. 'Licuteiiant cf Jc- J. Bauec. Flag Bearcr-F. WeitbreCht. Prof. Habkiotok iaving ejijivycd the biümy climate of Alaska for a year, does ïiot go into Tajitures over the etherkl mildness ei a Michigan winter. He says ttai the lowest tanjieraiure ho experienaod .last winter at the station in : the Aleutian Jslaonds was ló deg. ebove zero, and that the average iempwaftuie was tt&ve aceezing .point. Also that'íbc Máximum summor teoperiture was 88 df groes with au ax-erage of about i ■50. Kot a adorable range for strawberries. The Organfflisnoert at th Prcsbyterian ChuKcb, ! ;on Monday eveniug, both in attendance and performance was a Buccess. The jrrogi'amme Tras not exactly in the "socied" line as íinnounced from a city pulpit the jwoceding Swaday., never-; ■theless it was received -wif h iavor. The net ceeds amounted to about $200. We hear-the; new Organ spoken .as a l)eutiíwl instrumfiut, with good volume and tone. j The First National Bank animal meeting and ■lection was hld on 3ielay.. The tollowing 55irectors were eketed cr re-elected : E. Wells, P. TSach, D. Henning, H. Arnold, C. H. Millen, ,J. Clements, 3. Tripp, 4. Heriley, aufl 3. W. Knight, At a meeting of the Directora, the old 'Office were re-elected: President, E. Wells; Tice President, T. B.CH; Cashiar, 3, W. KxightAn article in another colomfi Ixeaded ♦ The ■Toledo, Tiffin itnfi Sastern Eailway" will :ppeeially interest our local readers, as it is at the ■flepot buildings and groujeds desoribed our ruilroad ejpects acconuBodatiuts. TVe are indebted tothepublishejs - the Adreriiser and Tribune dmipatiy, Detfoit - for the Michigan Almanae for 1873. In its 92 hand■üomely printed pages - exclusiTe of advertising slioot - there is a vast íund ,ef inífcnaatWu in the sliape of politiiml, commereisl and social statistics, and so -ccooipiled and arranged as to rcflect credit pon fte-oanojiilor, Chas. K. IBackus. 'The Astronontical calculations aae by ïteof. "Watsox, of the TTjji versito„ .and .are ompnted ior latitude 42 dg. 17 snim. morth, makócg thcasa nawn for the settkd portiom x,i JáicnSgaobetter ithaa those of auy other almonac. Tlie nMtón's ichanges are given for the meredian of Ann Arbor. The stittistieai ittforraation includes: The United States (Qovrnment with xlii. and ts.LBf, Congresses; The State GoTernment, with Xegislature; Xeirms of Circuit Epurts; Dates of County Oxga,nizations ; Tablc of Starop jtics ; Xational Staföstics from .Census of 1870; Nativity Statistics f Michigan; Taxation and Debtof Michigan and Natiial Pebtj Agricultural and Vitality Statistios; Mineral íiesources; ates of Postage; Michigan Eailway Distances ; full list of Cotmty Officers and Michigan Postoffices; Tha rresid;ntial EIcction by Siate, with the Mich.itrnn Election by Towns, &c. And all this for 16 cents. Every butinfis man in tho State should )havc a copy.


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