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Vesuvius In Eruption

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And agaÍH our attention is callad ta a very recent number of tho Victoria Muga zitie, froratho i'aot that it oontaina ono of the most rcmarkable articlcs tbat ever flowed from a vonian's pen. Thefamous Mrs. Somerville - whoso works 011 tho physical scionces raany men and women vho vro now gtt,y studied their y ou tl] ■-still lives au active seentific ïife. though ninaty-two yeors of npre ' 8he witnesscd the last wupticm of Vrsnvius, a ml with her own haiid doscribcd it : and sends a dVawinff of it, also mado by liersolf. And as we bcliove it will interest our lady readers, to sec Uow a woiuan ot niuoty-tuTo oan write, we tnerffore append au extract flrom hor r.rticlO : ; '-'Yesuvins has ju&t passfd throuarli more taaafnifioent and terrible eruption. than any known witbin the iuemory oi living man.. It occurrcd quite uiicspoctedly. On a loveïy evc-nÍ7ig we (■ 1Kvan over to Santa Lucia, to oxamine thcrd a beautiful stream oL lava. The next ïnorninR, as tho maid brought ru'i in) ooffee, I remarlipd that it seemed to thunder. 'No. no,' she replied; ' it is the roaring of Vösuvius, which has beun to sond forth ahowers of filo ' We went out immediately, and pngrod tb( inorninK at tho window of a hcdh ñircotly opposite tho raoiiiiiain. The fivo was Hot visible by daylitrht, bnt the flowinoj Java sent forth smolre and oxhalation the former fnllina; to tho gromid, and tho latter lying on it as wliito and beautifu as nioltcn silvor. I thouglit the appear ftnee byd&y aora beautiful than by night It fli miden t uaB=nntly ; and sometime whêH it. wils spuciiilly sevre, wc IVlt our rh.-.irs t.reniblo vnider us. I returned home toVard evening, and ctmieqnently siiw on] y p9 coriior ut tho str.'aiii of hiv, v.liit ]. cévefed tho wliolo región, and ffcrnied a r[ ■'' ()u i"11" i:y njorning I was stonished at the preVaiHug darknp?s. I fóoked ont of the wjndow, and petcceiTsd the entiro región cnrclopid in a thick rain of asnos, whiöh ' a-o Say. !n tl wlie-n tlie gront crnption took placo, wi: drove out to 3'orlici. Bili it was too í;ir for rap, forl a,m very feeblc ; tbough inj niind is perfectly clear, ::ii I and solvo, with tho sanio easé ns ín tótmét days, in tbó higber Al;.rclrn." We think this veiy pvuci ■i'ully lono foi' a lndy of ninc-two, w1m staywl ly tho anoTV volcano when nianv of the


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