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Macdonald And Tyndall

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Tho Washington 0ipitol has somt gossip ibout these two distiijguished inon, fi-ciii whieh we tako tho following: Mr. Qsartw MajDnald, th aathor, is the guest of Mr. uid Ivirs. Ilussell Guvney, at wbpse hosjjitahle mansión he has been tonderly ïuirscd 'during lato siciness. On Mond.iy iright n select few ivere enlertained by Mr. and Airs. Eassel Gurnoy, wit-h Professor Tyndall a3 the lion of the occasion. By-tho-by, spcalcing of George MabDonald, rcuiinds us of il rather good story told at tho expense of a charraing little girl, wlio ono day last week was invited to an entertainment wliere shc was to meet this authcr. Wishing to appear familiar with tho works of th eelebrajto,á writer, ahe wroto to a friond in the eity that she had " boen invited to meet the great lecturer," and beg'ged her friend te st'nd her his books, whfttever tliey might be. Tho friend, anpposing that by lecturer sho sent over all that learncd nian's works. Our beaatiful little impromptu bluestockyig did her lefol best to cram for tho occasion, and road fo moch on light that her little head grow dizzy. She mastered tho titles, howeycr, and feeling well armed for tho encounter, attended the eatortaiuiuen.t. öho h ui tho honor of having'Mr. MacDonald presented to her, and on the first favorable opportunity sho opened on hiia: "Oh ! Mr. MacUonald, I am so delightcd to meet you. I have read your beautiful books." üeorge MacDonald bowed gnicefully. " I do thiuk your '-Fragmenta ' are so lovely." George MacDonald stared like a feathcrloss owl. " But tho most thrilling of all is the ' Glaciers of tho AIps.' " Tho poor pen-driver eonld not ntter a word". Indseed, he seeiued to be oatchhi- broath, aa if Le receivod a blow bclow the belt. " And how brillíaut yon are on ' Light and Sound ' ' Do, Mr. MacDonald, teil me how yon produce sueh boautiful things ? " ïho EngHshman cnme to tho conclusión that the littlo girl was chafHng him, especially as soiüc nudible smiles in the hnmediate neighborhood told him certaifi peoplo were beiug atnused, so he colored sp to the hair, and lied the oncounter in snch confusión tnát the company feared he was snffering from the relapse of his late sickness. But we are happv in saying it was only a slight t+ taek of infantum Amcrkaiaun, and that he is ïow convalesoent.


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