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Be'il Estáte fr.r Sale. CTATEOF M lelilí A KT.Couniy of Wasktêiaw-3 ilterof theestateol (íeasea, notice i hereby giventhat in pnrrtanceof au order gr&nted to tha undersigned. Adm . by theHon. Jndg 1 1 - ■'., on (lir twentï: Blth diry of November. A. D. 187Í, there at public vi ndue. to the highi -f biddi r, a' i wclií -ooi! the premises bereii lh Cc nty f . .-htciKiv.-. in snid Stoli d;iy, t!i" Hftli d;y of Februarv, A . ■■rernnon of sail da al! i n.-iinilii-i!,cc. liv inortntrn o el existiría atthetimeoftnedeafhoj h, the followiiifído i bate.towit: The Sotrth half oí the Xorihcasf cpiarter oí the Soutïjcagt qtutrter of eectiori twonty-svx, il four Baat, oontihiing twenty acres more 01 rte. 1.! , XotcïhTit 2", A. D. 1S7 JüHK (i. ANDICKS, Administreer. Eeal Estáte for Sale. ÓTATE OP MICHIGAN, Connty orWashtonaw,-. O Inthettèriifth6 eutute of Matthcn ble, lat of Freedom, in snid Uoinity. .. ticéis hereby ■' : t-n tl,nt n porononco of au order ■! ín ihc midersiirni'd. Adnrlnlstratöf of i lic entateof said deceawd.bythe Hon. Judge oí Probate for the CouDty of Washtenaw, op the twenty fltth dsy of November, A. D. ÍST2, tnere will ho Bold atpnbllc veudite, to the hurhest bidder at the late reiWênöe or sald decéased in Frcedcm in the Connty of Washtenaw, ín said state, on Wi I, 1"' i ■■ ' riay nf January, A. tl. I ton o'clock in the forenoon ol saicl d.iv ftnbjeet to all cncumhranccs by aortirage of ótherwiw at the time of the death of sniil decensen1 ft] iweroflila widow there!), me rot] wing lifscr 1(ri r,.al cMaio, ti The west lKiUol tho sontheaat (jasrter and west half ol ttreertstnalfdfthefontheastqunrterofiSctiontwo, ie hnndred and twi i more i r Iess;ttheest]wrlfof ine northeaat qnarter ol the nortfteasl qnarter of eection nlne, coitalntnz twenty aerea, mure ór leas, all in township thi-tè of range lonr east. in aafd JUtc. Dntéd, rtov fStn H I). IS7 '. 1408 td JOHN o. FELDKAMP, ArfmfnMrator. Real Estáte for Salo. CÍTATE OF MICH1G N, eomjty of n'asbter-e Ff Jn "''' '■ f J' the wtate-of Cornelina T,:m..h. ; Noties h frereby Eiren, that in pnrsnance of an order crantcd to the tmdersiened m rator of tl )V ;,,. ; Jnrtge of Probate tor tfie connty of Washterav, d tbe twentj -secoBi day of Joty, a. r. 672, thele mil lat pnbllcvendae, to the hfehesl bidder at the dwe.liugTfohsc óriïhe premi ifter fleBcrlbcd, in the connty of Vv' whtenaw, In said Mate, on Munday.the twentteth doy of Jannary, A. D ten o'clocï i n of Ikat nnj ftnbl n c by tft ortpraifl or ottierwise exi;ing nl the tinw of tbe the f lliwln:; dc-üibr'ri real estáte to il : 1 I tmlf (.f tbe s ,ür. -!, (jitsrtei ofeection Iwentyi :c soaih ol east. in paid Sta econtaíTiing; eiphty acrcR, or-eor Aln a parcel of land coscribed ascoomenchisaí the quarter post betwei n ?ectiona twen-lwo and twenty three, fmhc townhip and ranpe.and running pbI on said qnarter line to hn mbdWiiftjn poL thence nortii on fnid line twenty fouv rods, thence - said section line eishty rods, thence seutb twenty-fow reda hl the plats ofbeginntoE. containIng twtlVq acres of land, eïsepting frojto tbo abovo foijr arres convoy! by deed from í Lnughlin and wife, ander date of December &th, 1858 to James Kennedy, whkfa sail deed is : ! j 1 1 liberOU of dceda' on page 597, la :!., otliee of tbe Register of' lieeds in said couniy. Dated,0eeeber4th,JSTi. 14D3 td lUUM BURKE, Admioistratcr. Beal Estato for Si QTATTI OV M ICIIICAX, county of Waslitenaw, s. 0 Ia tbe matter of the Estáte of Daniel a i otice is herebï giren, that in pi of an order glanted to tlie undei si( ned, itdminitTHtoi ot' the ■ t3 thé .1 Probat for tke CMtnty i Wasï tenaw, on 1 ! l'ebrstaiy, A. I). 1S72, the riil he sotd ai Pniílic Vendue, to the hifrbcso bidder, at tlio dweiling house pn tho premisea hereinafter dest tbe ' louaty t' Washtenftw, in stid state, on tlieelevcntli d;iy of PebraaTy, A. J). 1873, o'elock in the afternoon of that Hay [su'bjéct to all encumbrances by mt nstiog ut the time oï the Jeatli af said deceased) the followinfr deserii,--' real estáte, te wit; The west half of tbe t seetion cight ; the c; I tlte enst half oí' tho smuheaat quarter of scren ; tnd the '.vest half of tho northi the aouthwest quartei of sestien . iwoship three south of range ttaree cast, in sa i and íurty acres more or Uaied, November 25th, -. b. 1872, :"1' 1' HAEPEB, 140ft Adi: Estáte of Edward Kyan. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty ofWmnWniiw, ss. ■ '' H otice ia hrobygive, thn by m order ot' ia ■ Piobate Ccnit for thfi County of V.'ashtenaw, made on the Lh day Of December, A. I). K72, sr-: froin that tiaie "vere allowcd foi1 ereditors io tiiC-ir claiins arrai:, I te oï Êdwai-d Lyan. ■ il, and tliat nll'crecíif ora oi said il irequired to present treeir claims : ■ , at tlie Probate Oinoe, in t:.'j 1 Ai;n Arbor, for examination and allowance, on or before flie tirEirtit'ih rtay of June next, an.l tha!. cl&jjns w3i be heard beiore Bata Probate . on Saïiiriiny, the eighth day of Maren ond B ! Ml Friday, the twenteitïl day of June next, at ten o'clock in thn forenoon of eaeh of thoRo days. Dated, Ann Arbor, December 20lh, A. D. 1872 HIRilI J.BEAKE9, 1406 Jude of Probate. Estáte oí' Daniel S. Krolt. OTATE O!" MICHIGAN, Connty ot "ÏVashtenmv, ss. C5 Notice is bereby given, tliat by an order of tlie Probate Court for the County of Waakkeaflw, made on tiie eighteentb day of November, A. D. 1. jnonths from tliat date fere ollowed forcreditorsto : thcir claims ftgsiisst tho e-tate of Daniel dl, late oí' said county, deceased, and tha1 all erediters of eaid deeeèsed nrc required ts tlieir ej.'ïtms to said Prokbute Court, at the Probate O:lice,iu the CItyof Ann Arbor, for esamtnation and allowanee, on or bet'ore the nineteenth day. of JUay net, and tliat snch claims will be heard before said Probate Court,, on Saturday, tho ftfteehthday of Vebruary, and on Mondoy, the nineteenth day of May next, at 10 o'eloek in tho forenoon of each of thoee days. 1 Batea, Ann. Ai bor, November lsth. A. D. 1RÍ2. EHBAM J. BEAKES, l-t.T)Tv Jutlge of 1'iobate. JIort2:;i2;e Sale. DEFATTÏjT baÍTing been madem the eomiitirm of a urvrliraüc exediied by Itr-nry Uoodyear and Kliz'nbeth Goodyear, his, v.'ife, to the imdersigned, Frederiek Hnson, "bearin date the first day of Octobc-r, A. X. one thousaud eiffht hundied and sixty-se en, iind recorded in the niïiee of the ïtegister of Daeds o i ' nnty, in the State ('i' Michigan, in liber oG ,6f MortTa'':s. on page ;'jS1. on tbu ltt day of Oe.obcr, A. D. HSt7, by which default tho power of Mie eontamed in said mortgagfi bas beeome o'.ieiative, and there is claimed by me 'to bo duo on said mm the date of thïa Tiotice the sum of fouv thouaanu tour hiindvd and foarty-six öollara and sixty-sevfn cents princii'ai -r. and also tliesum of flfty'dol]ar- as :t Solicitor's or Aüovney's lee on takinr 1 hese procpedinprs tof ortclose said Mor;: expressly provided in the sanie, and no suit orpro: ailaworin chanecn having --'n instituted tb recover the debt wcureáBy sakl n'.ortira;1,!'. orany part tliiT'eof. niuiee is thercfore hl virtnf of í he power óf ftalè contained ín said ia ■ and of the statnte in sueh case made and provided, sai I i iorlgfl?G will bü forcclosed by a-aale of the mori■ a at public auction to1 the Iii-' der. on llon(ty, ïïi ■ -."; il (iiy Of Janual'y next, at ten o'eloek in the forenoon of that day at the south door of the Court House in tiïe ('iiy of Ann Arbor, in said Conulyof Washtenaw. said Court House batog the place of holding tbe CircaKt Comi for said (iuniyof Washtenaw1. The premisesso to be sold are-di in said mmtcape as f ollowa, to-wit : AH ot' tb) west halfol tbnorthwe.t qnarter of section twenty-five, east hnlf of tho northeast quarter of seetion twentysix. aniUheniM V,.: .[ , !'.i:n'! rr of '.■i.iimi l wen! v-m ii all in Township thrcesortth inlïange three east. Also the northwest quarter of t he noröwnst qnarter of seetion nincleen in TowDship three semtb of Uano four east; all in the ('oun'.y of Washtenaw and State of Michifïnn. Dated Ann Arbor, Michigan, November Ist, 1S72. DKHICKHTTSON, FELCn & 8aMT, MortgaH-ee. Attorneys for Mortgagee. 13ÜStd Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT bariBg been made in fhe eontiitiiin af a certain mortgage, made and exeented by l.'dv.ard ïiyan, of Northfleld, County of Wnshlena-State of Michigan, tu Willium . Barry, of the sanie piad on the fint day of August, A. D. l"::': aia! recorded 'm öi5 i röi said County oí yVashtenjuWvOa the fourth i!;: of I ber, A. 1). rS6G, at five o'etoek i'. J!. o! smd day, in liher.wtil 1:11 rlLaees. on l'a'.-i.1 228, which suLV iniirtcage, 'was duly assighed by said William S. Bi Luther James, of tnecirv of Ann Arbnr. County and : l.i. n the fourth day oi December, A. D. 1866, and MODicled ithe"fflce i f t!io Kegister vi Deeds lor saiil County of Washtenaw, on tbefouTth dayól Decemtèr, A. D. 1866, at flve o'clock P Si. of sAiddny, in liber 86 ot morigoges, ohpap3ái.ancl that there i.3 claimed to be diie at ib.c dare ht re(f, the sunoi'six huudred and ttfty-Reven ï)7-K'O' dollars ; al -o au atterneys' fee of Ihirty dollars shiuldai:y probe had lo foreclose th same, and fuxther initstobecome due ou said mortgage, and no i law or in i had te i bt seeiired by said mortfrago pr any part thereöf. NOÜee i hereby piven, tbat by virtnie of the power of sale in said : 1 shallseil al public aneiiou, to ihehighesl I iddet, om thetwenty-ninth day of Mareh A. D. 187S, nttwo in the arleinoan of thttt day, at the f ïont door of tho Cour!, in tllQ city or' Ann Albor, in the County i ■ iw, .:al s,aie óf Michigan, the luviuiscs egcrlbad in snid mofftgi cer'ain jfii ces or pni'1 ■ li of land described as follows, to I .■ vi ■ 1 half of tbo northwest qil tion twenty-eight and fonr acres of the ea.-t half oí the northv.vr-.t ■" qirn. :. beretofore leeded ly said party of fne 1 pare to said parlv of ;hè second part; au bemg in townshïp óite sonrh of 'tingesixi ld towusbip of Xorthüelij, iu tbe .. of Washtenaw, Stute of Michigan. ;,,JnanuuryS, '.-;;:. "lttfier ,yy JfinM X. Oott, Aasignee of said Mortjrfljre. Attorney lor Assigxtee-. Slieriff Saï. CÍTATE CT anCHÍGAXj Ooun y pi Wa htei 0 By v; u j ii ;i . : ' e' ef und i!Hlrt:():e seal of t! e ;"'y oí .;-, s luntja am ■ ■- of Willium . 1. 1 . -, . ; ■ . . ei-, and A. , rethi3t-elflhcl:ry . A. J 1872, leiied :i(l levied npnn mII t lie vv--h tiílfl anrt-ñit? . . ■ o í !,ii tollowing l:i:i's to wit : . . m ; !i' South line of Baid Béotwa fourteen roda I torth pttfftüel with tJ i I BA&LeecUen y-niiie lo the Koulli bank of the river B . ■ . ilog soid Boüth bflnli in n northciistei'ly düectioB to 1 pomt t wenty roda weet af tl. o et line of sai. l kcion, tbezioe aouth putnHl witïi the eBib line of i-;ii'l cetion to the pluee ol ! mtainüifi one acre unl one-third of land, 1 e the Kimo mnre or less, fflso ,hefolli' ■ ! ptece of kind on which o I ng mili now stands', oommenoina nt ;i point twenir' [v and ono-half rodsnorih oi tüesouth Uno of ruk! ' eqtion twenty-nine and twenty ro4swe&ti ihe tae of said section, thence ronnteg north pftraüél r vith tho hnc of said section rieren rods, thence ' ast parallel irith the sotith line of suitl seciion nine ' od.s, thej witb the east. lino of sai. l ' eotion cli. i n rooi, i henee we -i parallel ivith the c outli line of s'iid seotion nino rods to the x'Ince of be' iimiiji', oontaising ninty-nine rods of linid. lie the l une more oï Usr; all oí tUe ;ibo?e described property . tinted in the townehip of Shnron, County of Í' ashtenaw, nd State of Michigan, whidh aborte escribed propeiir I nha'd for ?a!e at public uclion to the bighest biddex at the eouth door of the Í1 laurt Honse in the city of Aun Albor, ohthelQth l uy of Februory, A. Dr 1878, tft èeu oVloek, A. Mf JL)ated, this 3d day of Jauuary A. D. 1873; 1407 MYRO WEBB, Sheriff, Ch.-incery Xotice. TW HUíTfürlhcCmmíyof Wash.. : 1 ii !i i John e. M, :,„:-. i oiiipUñnant, vs. Melrille T, , AveryB. liunwfy, Ef-mucl Fosfcr 'fienry '. -1''''1''1 0. Vlyssea T. Foster The V. atileajjuul . oi Si. Amirew's Chuich of iss-sri rüTtta ■f to tl,i. Cmirt by theufliaavitpi It. E, i . vier, i i, : oi ib. Soacitom of tiiB wmplnii : ,;„. ;il;OVi. nnm ï defeiidunt, 1,. v u.i .u-in-li Kumite of Michigan, but that th,y ihe( otmtpoi l.ake, nd Stnte of In' dwna, and thuf m:1 ■ hu i been duly Luedout of 'aud imder the seul I airi-efed to tbe same could not ftmaants, Mei-rille 1,1 tnisay. becauae they eoW not bo a tilia bailiwií k : tnerefore, on moiion of I nw■ ' elton fot the i mplamant it i heil in tL from the ';;"'■ "; r sp-Bearane.. ■ ir aL-ivor oï plninant's bill to fcc tü.-d nd a eopytlii mi Umoee A Fraíer tlia itors, aceording to II),. rule and i(i in aefault thereof that the. stud bill of complaint in tliis cause be taken aa eonfesaed by th , .Mclville L. Rum-...iy!i. Burosey. And rUafurther ordered, that thesaid compla.uant within tweoty duys oause copypf-tWsoríier.tobe publtaliea in ihe Michigan lublication continne (ofthe term of x sneeesstrtt weeks, onoe in eaeh -week or that tbe said complaiimnt cause a eopy of this order nonaUy aerredan the dciendants, Melrille L i and Avery B. Ram ey, at least twentydays before thetjme abpve presenbed for his or their appeurance. y l)ec. 18, 1S72. E. BE HAN .405wfi Circuit Conrt Com., WashtenM Co.'m1i. Chancory Notice. CTATEOFHUCfllQAN.CTOntyftf-WaiiKteM,., k Tbe Circuit Court for tht Couniyof Washtenaw - [nCiiancery. Itasiua Theurer vs. John Xheurer It ratrafai ring opon duer proof by amdavit tl, al the ueitndaiit, John ■' humt, is not a resident ol Ihe State of Michigan, hut lie resides at Xew Hamburg, Canada, on motion of Luwrenee & l.' complaliiant, it is ordered that the aefendant. John Theari r, cause lw appearaneu tobe entercl in ölii canse within three months trom the aateof tbi order, and that in case ot hls appearance he cause hls aitswer to the complainaat'a bilt uf complaint tobetiledand a eopy thoref t b sorved on plaiimnt williiii tiveiüyd.iys alter service of a. cony of wild Li]T and notico of t.hi order and on deiault, thore.if, that the aid bul be tafcea as confessed by tl.u sunl detendant, John Theurei, And it i r ordered, thit wifhin twcuty aaT tbe aaid eomplaiiiaiil uwse :itupy of tbis ordeí lo be FuUtehed in the Uiclnaan Aryus, a public newspaper prmted and published m tlio city of Ann Arhor waabtenair (uui,ty. tticbigan, aad ttu mh piiblication be contjnued in Baid papel once m each week for six succosshe casase a copy of this order to be ..i.n, thesaiddetundnnt.JohmTTiBwer at least twenty daya bcfore tlio time above prescribed lur hl.3 appearance. . Datcd, Aan AiUor, Jan. 3, 1S73. JO11.N I'. T.AWEENCE, .Lawxtwce it FniZF.n, Circuit Conrt Comnrissioner in Üolioitora lor and for Washtenaw County, plainant. Michigan. 1408 Estáte of James B. Palmer. STATE 0 F MKJHIO & , Couwty of Washtea nw, sf. At ,t BBssion of the Probate Court for the County of Waabtenaw, holden ut the. Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, on B&turday, the twenty-eighlhdaj of December, in me year on'e thoHsaod eighthundred and s-rTcnty. . üiral l J. i'.enke3, Jutïgc sf Probate. In the irjitter of the .estáte óf James B. Palmar, :ied. Üiircadin-randülicf; the pettiran, duly rerifled, of Rebecca A. Palmer, praying that Jlor'iimer L. M . or mm B-'lier suitable person may be appointed adannustrater ei tac cítate ot said deaeased. mpoait is erdered, that Morulay, the twentyseventh daiy sf Tannary next,at ten o'clwck in the f6reni.ui! be assignsd for tbe heariqg of said petition, and thattheheiti d,and allotherperson9int hl-tate,íM-e reqniredtoappcai at a 1 Court, tlien to be holden at the Probats Office, in tbs r'iiy of Ann Arbor, an.-l show cause, if re ba, hy the pntyer sf the petitioner Bhfmld not beprante: And it is fiirther ordered, that said' petitioner iriveaoliivïto the persons interesttd in said ■ ' utiun, and the heariiiir thereof, by ciaising a copy of this order to be punliah d in lbo MieUigan Argttt, a ncrsp,iper.priiitccE iind iivcülatiiip in said 'connty, tliree successive week previous f aaid doy iA htarinc. (A trae copy.) HI1ÍA1I J. BEAKES, 1407 Judge of Probate, Estáte of Lyon - minors. TATEOF MICHIGAN -Coantj ofWashtenaw.s. EJ At asession of tho Probate Court for the Ooun ty ■ hK-naw. holden at the l'robate Otllce, in tlif City of Ann Arbor. on Mcndny, the twenty-thlrd dij ol Deceaber. ia the year o::e thonsand eigiij huBdn il and peventj tw. Preeent niram 3. Bcakes.-Tmlge of Probate In the matter of the efUt'e of Wilter I.yon, Esther J. Lyon, Ch.-uk.y Ljonand .Mary Lyon minors, Gearge H. Lyon guardián of said estáte,. BotoCotirtafad represente that he is now preto tendel hla lest account as hucIi Guardian. Thereupon t is Ordercd. that Tnscclay, the twenflrat ilay of Jnnnnry next, at ten o'cïock in th foreuojuit, bc assigned for exnmintog aad allowing atuih nccotuit, and tliat Uu: ni st of kin of sai d aiinors aal all othcr persons interested in said fst.-ue, are reqnircd to appenr at a Beseion of said Conrt, then tr' be holden al the Probate Cllice, in the City of Ann Arbor, in said (Joimty. and show canse, if any therebe.wliy the sakl account shonM n6 be alió wed Anditis rnrthei ordered Ibat asid Guardian giT notice tothe persoise intereft'd in snid estater of the pendency of said account, and the hearing thereof. bycaiisi::g acopv ol' this omler tö be pnblishedinfhe Michigan Arfins, a r.cwspapcr prfntedl and Clrcnlatidg in said Coanty. three snecemtva weeks previous to snidday of hearing. t.v truecop-y-) BIEAM J. BEAKES, 140 JcJdgeof Probate. Estato of Jool Hornbeck. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, ss. O At asessi:! of the Piobate Cra 'untyof AYashtenaw, holden at the Probate OÜice, in the City of Ann Arbor, on Sfoturday, the twenty flratdayot December, in the year one thousaiul eiglit hundred and BeTenty-two. Present, Hiram J. Beakea, Jud pf Probate. liv the mattei oí the. estáte oí Joel Hornbeck,, deceasod. Paimenjo Dayis, Kxecutor of the las-t wil' and testament of said deoeased, comes into court and iHïpresünts that he is now prepared to reuder hiaii:ial ace&nat as-sueh Exemitor. Thereupon rt is ordered, that Monrïay, the twentietb day of January next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for examininfr and allowing such account, tmü thut tie leñatees, devisee and heirs at law ot said deeeased, flnd all other persons inteiesi.d n Baid esiatc, are d to ap pear at a session of Baijd Court, then fr be holden, aiï Ni tbe Cily f Ann Arbor, andshow cawsey if nny ther# bc, why the said account; should not be allowod: And it is furtluy ordered, that snád ejecutor frive notice to the personsintercsled in . oí thcí pwadency of aaid ac- ; eount, and thehearinp thereof,by oauamg a copy of tins {order to be published in tho JíWíVa Argus, a newe papez printed and circulatintr in said èounty, thre suecepsive week previous t said :l-iyof heunne. (A truc copy.) HIRLH J. 1! E NIC IOS, 14U0 Judse of Probate. of imick Slinors. STATE OP MICHIGAN, Ootnity of Atáseseian of the l'robate Court for theCount;; of Washtenaw, holden it the Probate Oiïice, in tlio City of Aun Arbor. on WedBesday, the eighteenlh day of Dcee3-.her, in tlic year one thoueandeighï huudVed and seventy two. Present, II ira m J. Beakesp, .Tmlia of Probate. In the lailter of the cstaie ofuMnry LnicVr, Emannel Luiefe, Auieüa Laick, and Lydia Luick, minors. On readiug and íilirjcr thp politlón, duly verified, o? August U3 ii:i iz( 1, Gnardiaa, myinir that he may bo liceied to se,ll certuin ï e.state bcloaging to said: min.-viv. Thoreupon if: is o-rdered,that Monday, the twentieth day of January .u-xi, at len o'.-'lock in t-he foixT.oon, gned fortho hearrmrof said petition, and that the ii, xl ot kin ol' MÜd iniuois, aud all oth- er persons inU-rested in said csuic, are rcfiTiircd , then to be holden r at the Probate Oltice, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why tho pruyer of tho pHtione] '-1 RTanted: And it is fnrthep oraered, lit;;' saiö petüisxwr give notice to the pei-sons roierested in said estáte, oí' the pendeney of :inn, ftnd lbo heaHBS Ulseoí, by causíng a eopy oi' this order la be imblished in the Michigan Argur+ newspaper printed and droulatáfeg aaid cininty , threc saceesáiive weeks previous to said day ot heari'iir. IA truc copy.) HIBA7.L T. BEAKES, 1405 Judge of Probate. Estáte oí Georgo E. Gooding. Q TASE OP 3IK 'HU i A X, ( 'ounty of Washtenaw, ss. Ata aession oí' tha Probate Conrt for the County of Washtinaw, bolden at the Probate (Uüfc, in the City of Ann Arbor, on JUoï.ciay, tbc sixteenth rtay ot December, in the year one thousand eight hundredand scvenlv-two. t Hiram J. Bejikes, .Tuclge of Pi-ob.-ite. In thoi&BttX of the estáte of George E. Uooding , -ai. Oo readins and Ii! int? the petition, duly verified of Aiinta S. 11 (i KÜüLr ' Kxccnirix prAyingtbat sho maybe lUcnscd to sel! ihc real tétate whereof said deceaaed fllèd eieed. Thereapon ii. is oi-tiei-cl.that Mouday,t.he twentioth day of January nezt, at ten oVlork in she forenoon iHas'teneil for tbc lu'nrii'j; o f said petition, and that b'üaïccs devtseeaajad heirs at law of saiil decèased, and al! othcr persons intereyted in te, are reaalred to áppear at a ession of' n to he holden, at the Probate Office, in the Cily of Ann Arbor, ano show cause, ff any there be, whj the prüyiï of the petitionershonld' nol be grantèdi And it (s furth'-r ordered. thatsaid' r gire notice to the persons iuterested in te, óf the pendency of said petition and thé nearmjr !heref. by oauiing ■ eopy o.f this order din the JUichififm Argus i Mewspaper dc!rcnlaling in said Cotnty, ír-m-succesBiye week preyious to said li)y of hearing. (Atruecupy.l HIKAM -T. BEAKES, 1405 Jiidïc ol Probate. Estáte of Jacob Cook. CjTATï ir llï '1IIGAX, Connty of Washtenaw, s.. O Nol ice is hcreby iiiven, that by an order of the Pronr:ty of Washtenaw, made 0!i the tliiity-i'.i ?t dayof locember, A.L). 1872, six montht llowed for cxeditors to present tbcir c! . ' the estáte of Jacob I aettafi, and Öiat all creditors ol said deceased are requixed to pi-eaent their cluinfl t( said Probate Cour, at the Probate Offlee, in tbc City of .riri Arbor, tnr cKaminatioti arul ailowaaee, on or bc-fore Hrsi day, oi July. Pxt, and that Mwh claima -wil! be heard before srad Probate Court, on .. the trvcnly-ninth (iay of JlariK. and or. Tu r.;iy',;lu' ütel day oí July next, at ten o'elock in; i ach of those dnyB. Ann Arbor, December Mot, A. D. 1872. HIEAll -1 BE KKR. MOTwV Jndge of Probate,lístate of Micliacl Kesirney. pTATE Ot-' MlCltlüAN. Cour.tyof Washtenaw, ss O Notico is bereby uiven, thnt by an order of th Probate Courttor the County of Washtenaw, n rty-liist day of I;(i'ruilcr. A. D. 1B72,8Í were nljowed for crediti pu---.nt their claims against the estafe oí MichaeF líeamcy, lato of said county, deeeased, nd Ihal al'. ■'■,. Litóla oí said deceasi .1 nre required te present their laims to said Probate Court, at il. e l'robate Olliee, in he city of Ann Arl'or, for c.aminaticnand allowaiuc, m M before tbc ftrai day of July iiext, iiidthal stioh olsims wili be hemd bcf.-ire said rrowte Couu, oq Batuiday, tbs tweoty-nintli day.oi Mnrch, and on Tuesduy, the flrat day of July iixl, at ten o'elock in tho fbreaeon of each oi. ,hosQ daya. Dated, Ann Arbor, December "! 1875. 1UBA3I J. BEAKES, H0Ttt4 J udge of Probate


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