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An armising cvont hnppencd in ono of tho Evangelic:il churchea in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Sunday, Jan. 19th. A contribution was boing taken up for missionary purposes, and a well-known citizen was carrying -arouml tho contribntion box. Iu a pow at tho back end of tho ohurch snt an old eolorcd líidy, whilo in front of hor, in another pew, sat a well-known banker. Tüo o'ul lady leanod over tHo povv anti whisporod ia undiblo tonus to the banker : " Iook hoiih, dar iu Massa coming round wid do cont'bution bos. Nowhe avíes me a wash-bill and t can't o'leot it. Now l am gwinu to teil him, 'Massa, you put d;iv ar wash-bill in do oont'bution box and you and I ia squar.'" Tho bankor approved of her doiüg ao, and sho roligiously fulfillod tho pi'Ograrnmo. Vuncy thü fcolings of tho gontloiiian whtn tho proposal waa made to him in an audiblo voioo ! It is needlesa to aay Üiat ho did mrt linger at thatpow. Moral - Don't cmploy a religious porson of oolor to do jxiur ■w-ahing.


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