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The Will Of Mr. Greeley

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The Tribune Says of " The Will ot Mr. The Groeley will case bas entered upon a way of sottïemeut whioii reilucts severo discredit upon every one ooaaai-ned ca t exoept upon the orpbaa daughters of Mr. Gi-üeloy, his sola heirs by. his last ■will. Thodü young.ladies,.wbo have been distressed. byomi raeasure by. tho maligjmnt and scaudalous wrangling over. the grave of their father, yesterday gave peromptory instructions to their counsel ui in-ite a full surrender of all their rights and interest in tho matter, aud ullor the oxocutors of a forinor will full á' the management of the affair. Tho formal decisión of the Surrogate will bo given next week,, and wbat remains of Mr. Greeley's liftle property will then be subject to tbo dispositiou of Mx. Storrs and Mr. Manning. Tho only excnso for this persistent and Appurently inoxplioablo opposition to tho ftiial dispositioa which Mr. Greeley made of his escato was that he was insano at the time of writing the will, and for weeks previously. Tho Tribune proceods to show that Mr. Greeloy waa perfeotly sane at the time tha will was made, aud concludea as follows r Unfortunately ho did not destroy a former will made in 1871, in which two old friends, Messrs. Storrs and Manning, and a business associato, Mr. Sinclair (who is now a bankrupt debtor to the estáte), were named as cxecutors. For reasons satisfactory to these gentlemen they concluded to contest tho will. Mr. Sinclair subsequently withdrew. We wish to be understood as making no charges against the perfect integrity of Messrs. Storrs and. Manning, They wcre doubtless inÜuencod, by. no worse fecling thanthatof wounded jelf-tsteem, thoiign they tinally persuaded theinsoives that thcir conscisnues requircd tUem to stand Uetween Mr. Groeley's daugliters and bis property, and thoir attitude to the or■phims of thcir friend hns boen that of frank and sincere hostility. They have sueined convineed that the very fact of Mr. Greeley's making a will in which their namcs wero not mentioned was ■]iinui fiteie evidence of insanity. A iitüjftbor of Mr. Groeley, at Chappuqua, ñafie T. Williams, who seeras froni tho papers in the hands of tho temporary administrator to be ivdbbfcor to. the estáte, throw himself wjth especially eneigotic ïiiitlice inbo the oaao,jind has been throughout the raovtng spring of all the opposition to tho last will. Even on yesterday, nt'tor tho surrender wna complete, this, man uiado a speech fnll of charges and insinuations so brutally malignant and' reííkJessly untrue, that it seems impossiblo that a persen, in his shouk have uttered itThe f acts in favor of this wilt wcre plain and obvious. Itr was in itself a botter, more simple, moro intelligiblo wil than tho othcr. It made a pcrJáotly reaBonable and logioal disposition of the property. It was writton throughout in the peacoful retirement of Chappaqua, in his own handwriting, and signcd with own naniy, whtle Mr. Greeley wa Btill the active editor of the Tribune writing daily articles irreproachable in thought md in uianner. It wasexecutec in his la.-it hours, when tho delirium o fever was oyer and tho peaee of approach ing dissolution was upoii him. To offse these f acts the executors of the will o 1SZ1 had no resourco but tho aceumula tiuti of gossip to provo the deep melan choly which clouded the last days of the jreat journalist. Nothing was sacrec from these mousiiig investigators. The wituesses they called positively reveled in the sft'l details of those hours of fever anc sorrow. As the sc;mdalous and distress ing scène went on, the family and friend of Mr. Greeley exhausted every exoedi ent of compromise aud persaision. Miss Grocley had forestalled any ungonerou iniinuations by conveying to her sistor half of the estáte, andoffering to settle the claim of all logatees of the former will Nothing could soften the inÜexible hos tility of the executors. A last effort wa made by thois editor of the paper, acting in behalf of the Misses Greeley, to arrive at somo point of agreement which migh obviato the shameful spectaelo of the long and useless quorrel. It was made in vain The executors refused with a decisión and promptness which showed how deep Iy their feelings of self-Iovo were uncon sciously interested. They and their attor ey preparcd a new batch of evidenee dealing wilh the raost intimate details o the long course of domestic life, with th sick room and death bed. At this poin thrt fortitude of the orphans gave way They prefened the last willotheirfathe to go by the board rather than to expos the saered mysteries oí' his ngony to th paze of the world. They withdrew from die contest wnd the executors, who ar lionest and honorable men, are to be con gratulated npon the completeness of thei triumph. If the Surrogate decides in their favor next Monday it is to be hopei that they will use their victory magnani mously. Il api i l 1


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