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Protection And Exports

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What is called the progress an1 mïgïit more appropriatcly be called the retrojression of tha industry of the country luring twclvo years is as disgraceful as t is clearly chargeable io the tariff that ïas oppresscd tho land. We give a table bhowing tho export of some staple articles during the year 1800 and the fiscal rear 1872 just ended, and we append a olumn of duties prevailing on the same cinds of foreigu goods : I ?gl ==" 2 gj "51 Articles. f$t ExporU, r-ï; Exports, ' S L 1SÜO L % 1Ó72. -s ï f'oíioliea and car ri,v„es 24 IMS.973 3S $397,Ü49 Boots and shoos, 24 l,4.r,6,S34 M 5O2,GM Um.powder, li 7.T72 "H 1M.21- Bult' Free 129,717 11 W.'-"8 Mnnufactured oot! ton, 19&2+ 10)34,796 67 3.558,137 Wwiring apparcl Ü4 625,173 70 427,790 Pailita aud valnish, 15 223,809 57 112,a72 Man'iifactareJ copper, 24 1,6C4,12245 121,139 Total, I I $16,21'J,398 4,24 i.:',4i Thus it will be seen that during twelve years there is a faUing off in the exports on ei ght industries of about $ll,0(K,OOa But the most curious part of these statistics is that whero tho inórese in the tariff is tho greatest thero tho falling off is most notable. In gunpowdar tha duty att the foreigti artiele was raised to withiü a frantion of 300 per cent. over tho tariff of 1857, and the tallüig off of exporta is 367 por cent. Salt was free in 1860 and we exported $129,000 worth of doinestic manufacturad salt. Salt paid a duty of 110 per cent. in 1872 and we ouly exported. $19,978. Foreign cottou manufactures only paid 10 per cent, and some few articles 24 per cent. in 1860 and we com-peted with Englimd in foreign markets to the aruoant of nearly % 1,000000,. Cbtton manufactures paid a duty of 67 per cent., in 1872 and" our exports feil to barely one-third of what they wero. Manufactured coppor, too, in which were the copper duty of 1869 investigated thero woxrldi be revoaled on a small scale a more dïsgracenü and direct swindle than even the Credit Mobilier, dwindied down from to a paltry $121,139. Statistics aro uscful Tfhe foota hke these can be shown to men who mean to do justice, but they are perfectly ueeless against public robbers who can Baönage such patriots as Kelley, Dawes, ScofieW, Colfax, liarían, Pomeroy, Henry Wilaoi, Boyer, Hcoper, and Oakes Ames. If the country is aroused to the disgrace of stcaling, there is no lack of 6ubjects for investigatioii .-


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