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The New Postal Bill

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ïhe iollowmg is the new fostai am which uassed the House on ïuesday : Be it enacted, etc, That on and after the lst day of July next, on all mail matter whichis wholly or partly in writing, except book, magazine and newspaper manuscripts and corrected proofs passing between authors and publishers, and excepting also correspondenoe on postal cards ; on all printed matter which is so marked as to convey any other or further information than is conveyed by the original print, except the correction of mere tvpograpbical eriors ; on all matter which is bent in violation of the law or regulations of the departmer.t respecting inclosures, and on all matter to which no specific rate of postage is assigend, postage shall be charged at the rate of two cents tor each half ounee or fraction thoreof. This provisión shall include all letters commonly known as drop or local letters dclivercd tbrough postoffices or their carriers ; and magazine manuscript and newspaper manuscripts are hereby de claired to belong tothe third class of inailable matter. Sec. 2. That from and after the first day of January next, under such regnlations, and in such manner as the Postmaster General shall prescribe, the postage provided by law to be paid upon printed matter, or mailable matter of the second class, shall in all cases be propaid and collected at the office respectively where such matter sball be mailed, and postage on daily newspapers not exceeding four ounces cacIi copy in wcight shall be charged and collected at the rate of 15 cents per quarter, procided that weekly newspapers vvithin the respective o.oantiee whero the same are printed and published, and none other, may pass through the maila freo of postage, as provided in the eighth clause of section 148, of the act to revise, consolidato and ampnd the statutes relating to the Postónica Department. Sec. 3. That any person who shall take any letter, postal card or packet out of the postomoe, orbranch postoffice, or from a letter or mail carrier, or which has been in any postoffice, or branch postónico, or in the custody of any letter or mail carrier bofore it shall have been delivered to the person to whom it is directed, with the design to obstruct correspondence, or pry into tho business or secrets of another, or shall secrete, embezzle or destroy the same, shall, on conviction thereof, for cvery such offense, forfeit and pay a penalty not exceeding $500, or be imprisonèd at hard labor not exceoding one year, or both, at the discretiou of the court.


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