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mend tho Mural New Yorker as an agricultural journal, and we do not propose to take a word of our commendation back ; but " wo rise to reuiark and in laiiguage that'splain,"thatwearenütouainored with its politioal tendencies and expressions. It is a strong protection journal, seeking to cure nll ills by taxation ; haiupering coinmerce and trado by impost duties, quartering tho manufacturer upon the peoplc by discriminating legislation, and the ship-owner upon the public treasury rather than knock off the shackles which forbid him competing with foreign built and foreigu-owned vessols. And now it has discoverod tbat " we aro govorned too ïnuch ; " that " the machinery of govornment is so complex tliat it requires a largo army of office-Iiolders to administer its affairs ; " that " we have too many legislativo bodies," too many legislators " who havo found it profitable to pay largo prices for positions, looking to the office and the opportnnities it affords for the reimbursement of tho moneys 80 spent," and muoh moro of the saine sort. All of which may be true. But the reuiedy proposed ! O, brother Mooke, is your head well-balanced ? Centralization, tho abolitijn of Stato goveruraents and legislatures and courts, the adoption of a federal systoni, " completely oblitera ting State lines." And this since the Credit Mobilier oxpo8nre sincc the Caldwell investigation, sinco the Pomeroy faux pas. And such a Congress is to provide the " municipal and superviEory boards" which are to aduiinister the affairs of one grand central gOTernment, promote economy, and relieve ihe people from taxation. " Out of the frying pan into the fire," that. Did our contemporary ever hear the advice to tho shoemaker to " stick to hi last? " If so, suppose it make application of the maxim and stick to its specialty. It mil succeed better than in the political job it seems to have undertaken. The dogs have got into the Logislature. Let us proraptly disclaim any insiDuation that the dogs aforesaid aro oocupyixiig raembers' seats or hold any other official positïon in tho legislativo halls. We iuean jst thi : a bilí hos passed the house repealing tKe dog-tax law, but whether because dog aro no longer to be recognized as property, or because the l'egïslators have discovered that the average Supervisor can not ot will not obey the law, we know not. And it matters little which - considered practically. - Morally, if it is not to be obeyed, repeal should be speedy. But a perse vering member is already on hand with a subsbitute. He proposes that no dog. shall ba kept without a license beiog taken ou-t ana i!eneived yearl-y, for which license a tee ia O De pata into tns xown xreasury. These fess are to be drawn oat on the order or certifícate of a tvjstice of the peace, for the payment of losses by owuers of sheep. Líoenseü dwgs are to wear a collar, and dogs running at large without such collar are to be íree targets for all niarksmeu, while consteïiiiss and polies officers are to be allowetif fifïy cents a head for killing uncollared' doap. We are inclined to favor this bill : t goes at the legión of worthless curs iniesting cvery town, village, and city, right end first, and has in it tho elemeuts of soif enforcement. We hope it or sometliing like it may become a law. - The dog licene slaw has passed the House. The Chicago and Detroit Boards of Trade strike hands in favoring bridging the Detroit River at Detroit - the projected tunnel being looked upon as at least a doubtful experiment, and not calculated to relieve the pressure upon railroad trafilo at that point, at tho best, for sorae years to come. The project is, howover, opposed by the Clevelanders, who are more interested in uninterrupted lako navigation. than in the rapid movement of freights by rail. Vessel and steamboat owners also generally oppose the bridge, and in bebalf of their side of tho case claims are put in that tho Ashburton and other treaties botween this country and Bngland put it out of the power of Congress to authorize a bridge. This may be, but bridge will win in tho end as it has on the Ohio and' Mississippi, and without damaging or obstructing navigation either. SrEAKiNG of the then pending increaseof-salaries bill, in the House at Washiugton, tho New York PoU of Saturday last suggested that in view of the dignity the people expected the President to put on and the expenditure requisito to jnaintain it, $50,000 a year was not an extravagant allowance for that officer ; but that the present salary of $5,000 a year is al. together more than the average Congressman can either earn or command in the business market. Half right, to say the least : that is regarding CongressmenBut the Post ought to have suggested that in the event of the President's salary be increased to $50,000 - for the purposes of dignity - that officer should be required to pay his own household'expenses, and appropriations to meet expenses at the White House cease. The tto houses of Congress met in joint convention on Wednesday, and, after going through tho usual formalities, declared Ulysses S. Ghant and Henry Wilson elected President and Vice-President for the full term of four years froin the 4th of March noxt. The votes of Louisiana and Texas wero refused by both the Senate and House separately ; the Senate voted to accept the certifícate and count the voto of Georgia, tho House voted to exulude Georgia ; and under the 22d rule - which makes a disagreement of the houses fatal - Georgia was disfranchised. This rule puts it in the power of either honse to defetrt an eloction by the people and throw it into the House. Sciitjyleb Colfax was before the Credit Mobilier Committee on Tuesday, and put in a lengthystatement, attempting to account for the $1,200 he deposited in bank the day after Oakes Ames paid him his dividend. If his statement is correct it does not dispose of Amks testimony backed by his check. And, besides, his playing with the word given in connection with this stock arrangment is not at all to his credit. We wait further deTelopmenta.


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