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As axotkur proof that raisfortunos never eome single it is no oitt that ono Aliñe Cattm, wbom Ponieroy recornmended for clerkship in the Treasury Departnient, makes affidavit thut that Senator had crimina] iníercourse witlv h(!V at Bürnura's Hotel in Baltitnoro. I'omeroy admita that ho was "thar" at tho time speííiiied, that the woraan was " thar " also, and that she oceupied a room nc ar his. Don't know whether a door couneoted the rooms, but denies bedd'ng together, and siiys a young man, wnose namo he don't remember, slept with him. A littlo tbin. - Senator Emerson has " put in " a bilí which among other things provides that all of tho four torms of the Suprenie Court shall bo held at Lansing. Such legíslation wíll greatly íncommode the peoplo of the Stato having business to do in that court. The time inay como when all tho terms should be held at Lansing, but if a change is to be ordered now all should be held at Detroit, for the convenienco of both lawyers and litigants. - S. B. McCracken, of Detroit, wellknown in our city, was, by resolution, granted the hall of tho House, and on Wednesday evening gave a lecturo on "Stato Rights and Oontralization - tbo Politics of the Future." We hopa he succeeded in instilling a little correct thoory or principie into tho minds of tho legislators : that is, if any of them dropped in to bear hiin. - Caldwell, of Kansas, boing offored the opportunity by tlie Senato investigating comrnittee, to, swear to his statement exculpating hianBelf, declined, preferring to rest it " on the honor of a Senator." - Tfie honor of a Kansas Senator, especially in the face of such testiinony as had been produced before the coramitteo and the Pomeroy exposure. Does n't Caldwoll trust to a broken roed ? - Ex-Gov. John W. Gfeary, of Pennsylvania, died at Harrisburg, on Saturday morning last. Ho was breakfasting with his family at about 9 o' clock- having come home from New York the evening before iff good5 health - and while helping a little son feil back aad died before medical aid could be suramoaed. The telegraph speaks of heart disease or opoplexy as the cause. - Since reading tho following announcement from the N. Y. Time all postm asters breathe freer ; " President Grant has recently assured members of Congress that he fewill not remove postmasters before their commissions have expired, except for misconduct." Not even incompeteney is to be coiisid-ered cause for removal. - The post niortem examhiation of tire boáy of Gov. Geary disclosed " no petthologicaï kssion of any of the organs," and the conclusión of tho medical men was, " that he died from. syncope caused by nervous prostration, the result of overwork and malarial cachexy." That was just out i(learbnt we hadn't been ablo to put it in words. - Mr. Sutherland, of this State, is recorded as one of the twelve Democrats in the Houso who recently voted for the Goat Island grant to the Central Pacific Kailroad. ' Subsidy Democrats " the New York World style them. As Mr. Sutherland has provcd himself a protectionist ofthefirst water this last vote is by no inoans surprising. - To punish tho newspapers for favoring the abolition of tho franking privilege, the publishers are to bc made to pay the postage on their circulation instead of their subscribers, nad írce es eiiaurga of periodicals and papers cut off tliwí is if certaiu maddened Congressinen are sceessf ul in their designs. - It ferro w shurged tfcat Iiïgalls, the new Ka-asas Senator, bought a decisión froin íudge Delahay - with a $000 check or draft oa New York ; that tho draffc was protesteá ; and that on euit for collectiün Ingalls'soíe defenso was " illegal consideration." A fit successor for Pomeroy. - Ia a running examfeation of thc daily journals of tho Legislatiíre we have discovored (at least) half a dozoa seections of tho new compiled laws of wMeh notice of amendment has not yot beera given. Any meinber wishing to raako " íms mark " will be promptly advised on application. - W. J. Beal, of Lenaweo county, a gradúate of tho Literary department of the Uuiversity, class of '59, aspires to be a Kegent of his alma mater, and wants tho coming Republicau State Convention to make " his calliug and oloction sure." Hasn't Lenawoe county ono Regent already ? - The wife of tho lato Edwin Forrcst puts in a claim for dower in his estáte, though they had not livcd together for uiany years. She bases her claim on the fact that he never was divorced froin her, though we believe sho was froinhim. - A " struck jury " having proved such a success in the Stokes caso one is seriously proposed for Tweed. If the suspicions of the prosecution aro true " striking a jury " will scarcely prevent the jurors being tampered with. - A number of memorials and petitions have been presented to the House, asking tho impeachinent and removal of Judge Giddings of tho fourteenth circuit. Coinmon drunkenness is the principal charge against him. - The appointmont of two American Bishops by the Popo is announced : thu very Kov. M. A. Carrigan to ba Bishop of New Jersey, and Kev. Wm. II. Gross to be Bishop of Savannah. - Tho Trustees of thc Ohio Agricultural College have reconsidercd their action electing Senator Patterson to be President. 6ause : tho Credit Mobilior exposure. - It is given out that if Secrotary Boutwell is electbd Senator, to succecc Vice-President-to-be AVilson, Judge Richardson will be made Secretary of the Treasury. - Col. Grant, of this district, is on the special House committeo appointed to inquire into tho alleged misconduct o: Judgo Giddings of the fourteenth circuit. - The Berrien County Record goes for "that heathen Chinee" - the Detroii Tribune. Causo : the Tribune don't fal down and worship Zack Chandler. - The Presbyterian church at Albion was burued at G o'clock on tho morning of Sunday last. Loss estimated at f 20,000. Origin of the fire not known. - Tho Detroit TrVune says that " Michigan pays her Governor $1,500" salary ; the Constitution saya $1,000. "VVhich is tho better authority ? - Senator Pomeroy "rose to remark" on Mouday, denied all and Bingular the 'hargos mado against hini, d;clared himsclf the viotim of ft sonspiracy, and deraanded a committeo at' investigation, which was grantod. As bis term expires Mareh -Hb - together with tho present Cougress - tho appointiuont of a committeo is but a farce. - ïbo Now York Sun announcea tho " mysterious disappearance " of ono Thomas Nast, whose pictures and oari catures wore the staple liadical food in the recent campaign. - The Chicago Tribune charges that Jim Nye, he of Novada, sold his seat in the Renata soveral montha ago for $0,000, and that the election of Jones consummated tho trade. - Grand Rapids is to have a $200,000 oourt nouso, ciistom House, and postolfioe, a bilt appropriating tbat sumhaviug passcd both houses of Congress, - It is now said tbat ïlsh will not leave the eabinet on the 4th of Maroh. He can't pluck up courage to go out vuluntarily. Fow office-holders oin. - The venerable widow of the late Senator Crittendeu, of Kuntucky, dicd at St. Louis, on the 9th inst. - Com. James P. MeKinstry, U. 8 NT., dieá in Detroit ou tho llth inst., agud 00 years. It is understood that Judgo CiirisTIANCY of the Supremo Court is u eaudidate for renomination, and his frionds urge in his favor that laaving servcd long and faithfully for the low salary he ought tobe conceded atermatthomoreremunerative figures provided by recent legislation. Well, as we are probably to have a Repttblitan wo havo nothing to irgo why Judge CllRlSTlAKCT stould not bo his owu succe8sor. - Judge UrsoN, of Coldwater, and Judge I3iiüw", of Kalamazoo, are also nann'd as candidatos for the positiou. We are glad to chronicle the fact that the old State Agricultural Society a-nd the now Northern Michigan Agricultural Society have accomplished a unión, and that the State vill net be blessed. (cursed) with two fairs the comrag year. One of tho conditions of the union was tUnt tbe noxt fair shall be held north of the Michigan Central Eailroad, and East Saginaw and Grand llapid's are the contestants. The latest legislativo reports say that the l-20th of a añil bilí in aitl of theUuivei'sity passed the IIouso on Weduesday - and without any invidious conditions or restrictions. The sereral hoiueopathy bilis are to stand on their own merits, as well as Senator SaöDDAM'3 bill to abolish the Medical Department raid exeludo soctaiian teachings. Amadeits, King of Spain, has abdicated, and his abdication has been unartimously aesepted by tho Coit-sa. His assigned reason for abdication is that tho peoplo do not support him. He will return tío Italy. A Eapublic is talked of- for whïch Spain is not ready. Does Gov. Bacley propose to order a special elcetioa for jadgo of the circuit at the coming April election, or it is down in tho pi-ogrammo that Judge Craxe is to serve otïi the unexpireá term of Judge HiGBY ? This ia a qaestion wliith should be Eettled aï an carly day.


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