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And Aniioit, Thuksdaï, Tcb UI. , 1873. Aitlks- 40@G0c per bus. ÜUTTEii- 18uS0c. Bf.ass- il.Mlal.75 per bus. Bkki? j Jííi; ets, per lb. by the quarter, Coim- lirings 4iöuc perbu. ('hil'iíkns- Drtífwed lic. Düekskd Hoos- 4.90@5.00 per hundied. Eooh- Commtind 28c. Hay- $1í@18 per ton, uceording to qunlity. Hofiliï- lu mip, 2O(a22c. Lard - The murltct atandsat 8c. Oats- 28@30c. roXAl-OEf- S0W90S. TuilKKV'íí- 12áC Whkat- We quate WUite atil.65@L80; umber, 1.50(l.W, Pctroit Produce Markpt. LateBtfiUötiltion for lejidini? articlc of country produce - Feljruury 13th, are uh followa : WHEAÏbite, 1.50@1.9S ; amber, (1.70. Daülf.y- $1.40@1.85 per cental. Bye - 70a)7Gc per bu. Cokn-@4c. Oats- 37@39c. PotAtoes- 7O@85. OS1ON5- 8016)950. Ukessed Hoós- $5.OO@Í3.PO. Hay- ílC(Sí20. liUITEH- 16@'S0i EGG8- l8@;i3C. Lard- 7(tí.8,lc. Honey- lSfeüic. Detroit Live í4tock Mafket. From the Detroit l''ree FresB. Michigan Central Vaiids, Mondny, Fcb. 10. The reccipts for the week show a íallmg oíf in the arrival of hogs aud sheep, the former in conseq uenco oí thoir scarcity, tho latter because during the past three weeks the market for them has been vcry precarious. For two weeks in this month the receipts have been as folloWJ : (,'attle. Ilo.trf. Sheep. Week cd!n;f Fobruury 3 492 2,45(1 3,(i.V.' Week endlug Fcbruury 10 560 1,184 2,8811 Total 1,052 3,034 5,1)32 CATTLE. Thorê has been no favorable cliange in the market. Advices from the East indícate the saine state of affairs. Snippers from this market have lost considerable money in ventures, and this bas made operators in general very shy. The lots presented in yesterday's market wcre the lifjhtest seen iu the yards for weeks, and the market very close, l'rices ruled about as follows: Ohüice to extra, ftvernginff 1,200 to 1,500 IIjí., in gowl fliish iHd hnM $4 25@4 ;s Oummon to ehou:e, iiv-ct'fiiin 1,000 to 1,200 (1,8 , In mwituni tíesú und billld.,. , ü 50@4 00 Light cattle .ur feuders 2 50@3 25 IIOGS. The ecarcity of hogs still continuos, and as a conseiinence prices rumnin firm, The lots exhibited in the yards yesterday were chiefly store hogs, very few being suitttble for packera. Tlie prises ruling in Easteril markets induce shippers to siight tliia market, and so the procesa of transhipment is considcrably enlivened. Sales made in the yards were undcr the following ruling : Lots averagiog 230@soo lbs. suitablo for p.iokers, $4 10@4 25 IjOtö averagin 150200 Iba. nice bhape and goou for storo 4 25@4 3ö SIIEEP. No change in the price of sheep has occurred since last market. Few Iota were offered, and those were sold at close iigures. The disease commonly known as the "scab," an epidemie occasionally occurring among the shoep, is said to be prevailing, but by most drovers regarded as a cry to still further depress the tliflrket in the East. Reports from the market, in thát direction state tbat they are glutted. Sheép tnfng more ih this imirket, considering the expense incident to a shipment, than they do in any otho-, Pricea ruled as followè: Chcitelotsavtriiginp 89 Io861ba Jj '.'.'ifij.í so m ftVetHgt&g 80 to 'Jö Iba 4 'ö 4 ñu


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