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A Nursery For Nurses

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If the alloviation of human distress bo ono of the most necessary onda of hnmsu society tlure is no object which ought to interest ns more than the care of the sick. As it is, we confide the care of tho sick who are objects of public charity in all cases, and in raany cases we are forced also to conflde the caro of the sick who are also blesscd with private friends, te nurses of whom ive can have no guarantee that (hoy undorstand their business except that they profess it. Mere experieneo doos not count for vory nrncb.. - "ïho hand of mnpioyinent hath. the daintier Ron-se," and what is gained by unguided experience is often lost by the blunting of sensibilities which expprienco produces. Professional nurses, left ;to thomselves, ripen into the species of wbich tb specimen Sairey Gainp bas boen embalined ii litorature. Professional nuvpos of very different sort are needed. The result hitherto of the philanthropic effor'ta which have beim made to supply thein wilt be fonnd in another column. The managers of Bollevuo Hospital, aftèr most careful inquiries, havo décided to sot apaxt f rom tho means and facilitiesof that establishment onough to provide the nucleus of a training school tbr imiTses. The training-school is up tu thia time gcarcoly an experiment; but it is a alíame to us that an experiment so promising should not have been tried beï'ore. It is creditabte to the generous men and womea who have undortaken the experiment now that it should be tried undoi' suuh oxoellcnt auspices nnd on so ampio a scale. It is to be hoped that the time is not far distant when no person shall be employed in so gravo and so delicate a trust as the care of the ick who ehall not be ablo to produce a certifícate of knowledge and skill analogous to that which is now rightly required of a person who profossesto proscribe remedies for the sick. An unskilful or au inhuman nurse is as dangerous ia his or hor sphere as tn incompotent physician is in LÚ8. -


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