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Keeping Frost From A Cellar

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" Taking timo by tho forclock," I procurod a half gallon of good alcohol, whcn I found tho mercury rathor inolined to loof about tho neighborhood of 10" below zero ; going into my cellar I found tho mercury stood at 3!iu, about as closo as was prcticable i'or my interest. I immodiately procured soioe iron pans and poured about a gilĂ­ of alcohol into thera placing thom soino distance apart upnn the grouud, and then setting fire to it. Beforc it was consumad, which did not take longrthc isercury roso some 12" in five minutes, and it ia to this simple plim that I attributo tho safeify of my roet crops, with which I am -well supplied. It takes a considerable length of time to chili tho air, moro partioularly whon your is banked up with straw and manure. My collar is 33 by 22 and 8 feet high, and one quart of apirits was sufficient to place the vegetables out of dimger. It produces no smoll or smoke, and


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