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PElLETS.m & 4&SJa , Q O Q p5 " Or TnstrU-Ks-Coatrcl, Concnntratca, Stoot nml Horbal Jrílee, AntíBiHctiHTir.tnnlcs. THJJ trr"J,r. GIAT" CATÏIAKXIC, or OTull-r Ín I'arvo FJsyolc. O The jiovclty of modern Medical, Chemical und Pharnniceatlca] Science, No use of any lonuor Lalcing thc Utrgc, rcpulsVre and nanquín piTlti, cempotod or chesp. mide, rad btilky Ingrediente. viií?a we can by a cnrefhl Application of cheftiical ?cicuce. extract fii! tho cathíirüc umt other medicinal proporties fru:n i h: raogt valuabla ?w herbd, anrl eonceutratu thcjii intu n minuto Granule, fiesre lf litrscr lian a nuiMtard ncotl, (hatean be roadily swallo-vvod hy tliosu oí the most sonsttlre Btomacna f.uá faetidloirs tantea. Eichllttlo Pargatlre iollct reprfrentis ina raoat oOQCentntted i'orm. a rnuch cathartic power 98 1 emtKxüotl Ín any of thc laro pilla fnund foi palo in tho drQff phoi)fl. From thcir wonderftil callinrtic poimr, ín prünoí-tion to their plze, people ffho havo not trloil íhom aro ajt to pnppope thaí ttacy aro har-ih or dratio In effect, lint such is not at nll tho ca6, tho different active medicinal principies of Tvhich they sre componed beinj; so harmemizod aucl modlfled, one hy the othere, as to produce a mot ffoarcliliiff and tlaor011 sr 1, yet o l y and kiudly o jicrniing outUarilc. f 500 Kcwsrd ií hereliy offered riy the proprletor of thcao reüots, to any cheniist "who, tipon analysis, wlll flnd ín thctn finyCalomelor other forais of mcrctiry or any other minnral poison. ;Bclnst o?!tlr"Ir vogntable, no jartfemar caro la -roqulrrd wliile tisln tliem. Thoy opérate without, (listnrbanco to tho conctlrntiim, diet, or occupatlon. For Jatiiullco, Hcadachr, Cuiistipivtloiit Impuro ISlood, l'alii in tito Minulilrrti) Tielilnos of tlo Chost, Itiz.tiKBs, Sunr Ernctntions of tho IS(onn h, Had tasle Ín inoulh, ïïilioiis nttacltfl, Pnin Ín rogion of Kidncyiü, tuteriial Ferer. Illoatcd foolins xouiil ktoniacli, Rush of Blood lo I9cad, Illi'U Colorod Urine, f no e i abil 11 y and Cíloomy VorebodlngHf take Ir. liorce'8 Ilca!iiit Psi rsatÍTO Pcllct. In explanation of tho rcmcdialpowcr of my Pnrgative Pellet ovor po p-eat a variety of diseasea, I winti to eay that tïcïr action npon tho cnliual ce o no i y i fí un 1 versal, nota ffluud or tissue i-ncapiíiK tlteir sanativo iniprPSi Age does not Impair them; their crmfing RDd beiug enclosed in gïata bottles preserve their vlrtuen unünimired for any Jcnth (f tim, in any cliuiate, so ttíat they are afTvaj freeh and reíiaHlo, vhich is uut tho caso with tho pilla found in the drug stores, put up in chuup woad or paste lioiiid boies. Kecollect that fornll dlsoaBe where a Iiuxatlvc, Alterativo or íu: ulive i lndleatwU thee littlo Pellets wlll gimíhomoet perfect eatieiactiou to all whonectuem. They aro rold by nll onírpriniiier Drugiiüiti at '-á eviitx a bottlc. Do üot allow any ámLt to induco yon to take auythiur ele that lie niay pay is Jnst as íjood as niy PellutB buiaupe ho niake a larger profit ou that wliiíh he recommenda If your draggist cannot siipply them, endose 25 cents and reccivo tiicm by return maiï from - Jt. Y. riMUCIS, M. I), JVo,)'r,W BÜFFALO, N. Ï. av rrrnwii tHii mKe niette uniera accornlnc to dircctions, and reraain long unwell, provided lïieir bones are not desrroyed hy mineral poison or ottier mcnns, and vital organs wasted beyond the poinl of repair. Dj'spepsia or Indigestión, neadache, Pala In the Shouldere, Conghs, Tlghtness of the Chest, Dizziness. Soiir Ernclations of the Stomach, Bad Taste in tlie Moutli, Biliotis Attacks, Palpitatiou of tlio Heart, Inflammntion of the Lungs, I'ain in the región of the Kidneys, and a hundred other painfet symptonifi, are tlie ofT-sprina of Dvspepsia. One botilewill prove a botter gnarantêe of lts merlta tlian a lerifrtliy advertisemeut. Fnr Femóle ('omplaints, In yonnf? or old, married or single, at the dawn of womanhood, or tlie turn of life, these Tonic lunera display so decided au lnilaence that improveinent is soon perceptible. Por Inflfimitiatory nnl Chronlc ïlhen mnt.isni and Gout, liilious, Remlttent and Intermittent Kevers. Diseases of the Blood, Mver, Kidneya and Bladder, these Bitters have no equal. Such Diseases are cansed by Vitiated lllood. Thfy nrc a gent !-. Pwigative ns well as a Timic, possessing the merit of acting as a powerful afient in relieving Congestión or Inflammaüonof the I.íver and Visceral Organ, and in Bilious Dieeascs. JTor Skin ülsensr. Eniptiona, Tetter, SalfrRhenm, Biotches, Spot, Pimples, Postales, lioüs, Carbuncles, Ring-wurms, Scald-Heail, Sore Eyes, Ensipelas. Itch, Scnrfs. Discolorations of the Skin, Humors and Difieases of the Skin of whatever name or nature, are literally dug up and carried ont of the Bystein ia a short time bv tlie use of these Bitterg. Ciratful Tlioiisands proclalm VlNBOAR BlTteiim the most wouderful Invigoraut that ever sustained the sinking system. K. H. McO.AI, & CO. Druggists aud Gen. Agts., San Francisco, Cal., A cor. of Washington aud Charlton Sta., N.Y. BOLD BY ALL DKÜOGIóT k DEALERS, Wil iflUJ ïiSm:: i . r 'tf-afM Br. ('o&s liive (Crftüp) Syriip has been laiown and used by the medical profeesion over 100 yearp, and as a remedy for CoJdts and Couglis has in ' older .ml lettor roputatíon fhiin niiy other Cough medicino evrr ofTered to tbc public. ït íp known as the Compoond Syrup of Sqnills, and a formula may bc found in every medical diepensatory, Br. fSaiiMomM ïïlve Sjrtip and Toln, inadditimi to the ingrediente for Cox's Iiivc Syrup, contiiins í?alwnm of Toía, deeoction of Sktink Cabbagö Koot and Lobelia, a coinbhuition thut nnist coniHiend' it to cvory onc as a superior remcdyfor Eronpj Wlioopiíí CouííSi, AHttiznn, ïlroncltilss, Cougrln and. 'old.s9 indeed for all sffcctioM of theTnroataud Lmngb where a Cough Medicine is neecgsary. Tbis Syrup ís Carefully 5reparoÖ nnder the personal directSon of a recular Physioiun of over twenty yejirs practica, vhoge ríignníwre ia attaclu'd to the direct ions on the bul tic. lts tate ïs vcry pleabaut and cliildren likc ft. Every family BÜOuld keep it np a ready reracdy for Croup, Colasf etc, öniong the ehildren. I. Tïamsom, Son & Co., Propr's, ïïuftalo, N. Y. DR. J. R. EVIiLLER'S UKI VEES AL M. AGNETIC B ALM 'J'liïs medicine may witli proiiriety foo ch1Ic1 an " Universal ÏSciüp!)." a Lis fftet supersodins hII othtfre as n general fainily medicine. It curus, :is i! ' by MAGNET1C INFLÜBNC'E, Neuralgia and ;i)l paiu, aud is theretsre v ry properly terracd " Magnetk Bata." It s purely a vegul prcparatlon. It baano eqtial asarcmedy for Cholera, Cholera Jllorbits. IHarrtttra , Jyscntrrj, :olic and il Jiowtl Complalnft, Uk tlmely nee will cure: C:)11h. Croup, Diphthcrla. Quhipy, üihI all Throat flffections. niii n properly iiiod, Fevor and Agae, and other oomplSnta incidont toer western and sontlje cllmatcs, are casily brokennp. Ncrvous ïaïn Blck-ïleadache, and HhenmatIsm are curod by this medicine when all othera bava failod. Toothache, Earachc, jíühih. ChUblaülfl and Brnlees are reUevcfl at onco by lts ata, Xlje senafMe lias n. Bnwm & Co.' prlvïte Kevenne Stamp on the ontnuo, and Dr. J. IC. Mlller's Mapiatic Balm blown in iho bottle. Sixiiiiiiitc cToscry, and ny none lint ffte gennfhe Sold by all Druggistg. l'iice %ó cents por botüö. D. Kaksoh, Son & Co., l'ropr's, Buffalo, N. Y. BOOKS. ! J. B. WEIÏSTEK & VO. NEW OOK STORÜ BEAE 'CHE " EXPRESS OFFICE." LOOK TO OUIi INTEKEST Aïfl) CALL. BOOKS. - - - x HÜRRY UP ! IJAKTIKS wishina Wall Pnpir, Cloth -- muí Puper .sii.-uics, Hollands, WIndow Plitnres, Coid, rEaeols, Ac, n)i Styles, at Satlsfaotorj rrcíB, by J. R. Wclstcr 4; Co,, Buokdtore, uear the Bzpreu Office. X - - - X yiIEKE TO BUY BLEACHED C0ÏÏ01 EVSACK fc SCKIVHD Have just rmivecl a largs stock of tho BEST AND MOST POPULAR j BRANDS New York Mills, Wamsuttas Utíca, Tf onpareils, Tnscaroras, FRUIT OF THE LOOM Lonsdale, Ilills' Semper Idem, Calots, &e. ALSO, IN BR8WI C8ÏÏ0E! As well aB in other lines of onr goods, wo are enabled to ehoff the Largest and Best Assortment In the city, at the LOWE8T PRIOE8. 1409 JL B. 6IDLEY, Succoeaor to COLGROVE 4 SON. m I itw' '-- - ' Í3L$ñ DRÜCGIST ANÜ CHEMIST IN COOK'S NEW HOTEL, No. 12 E. HUEON STEEET, DEALEK IN BRlTtiS, IHEMCWES, SUttOICAL IHSTRÏISHilfTS, PIRE U1YES AiYD LIQIOR3, fFOR MEDICAL PÜRPOSES ONLY.) Fancy Gootls, Periuinery, PAiivxs, oirs, VABNISHES, GLin AND PirTTY, PflïSICIM PRESGBIPTIONS Carofnlly compounded at all honra. I PSOPOSE NOT TO BE UNDERSOLD BY ANY FIRM IN THE CITY WHOFUSNISH AS G00D AN AflTICLE. V.. ÍS. GIDM3V. 18Ttf IS NOW BE4DÏ FOIi TOE FALL 1.4DI Ilaving llccclved a Large Stock of FM l f ITi G-OODS, 1NCLUCING 0LOTHS, OASSIMERE8, VESTINGS, &C. f the BEST STYIES and QUALITIE&, WHICH UK W1LI. mLLN U P AOTÜRB on terms to snit. Ai-so a ful] line of READY-MADE OLOTHINö AWD &ents' FïïENISHIEG öoods. :q:e3ísi? stt-lei ALSO LADIES' AND GENTS1 MOROCCO SATCHELS No.21 South Main Street,- EastSidei OALL AND SEE THEM. wri.iiAM wa(;nie. Ann rbor, Setbbcr !stlS72. MOTÏÏERS! MOTHERSÜ MOTHERS!!! Den?ï fh.iT to procuro IfIRS. VIÏVS. LOWt SOO1IIIN SÏBPP V'OIl CHILUKKX 'I'EETIIING. Tliip valiiRblo prenarntioii lias been used with NEVF.R-PAiLINO BÖOCESfl IN THOUSANIJS OP OA8E8. ït not only relieves the child from pain, V.HinvïgoratoR the BtoiQacb and bowels. corrects acidity, autl givea tone and energy to the wholo system. lt wl'l aiso iDstantl; reileve Griping ia tito Bowels and Wind ('olie. WebelleTfl it the BEST anff SUREST RKMEDY IN TUE WORLD, In all cases of DYSENTEHY ANÜ DIARKlliHA IN CLIILDIIEN, whethir arlsïng from teetblnff or aiiy other case. Depend upoii it mothcrö, it will givereet toyourBelvee,aad Rrfief sai Health, to Your Inf.ints. Bc Riiro and cali for " Mrs. Winslow's Sontliing Syrnp." Ilavln!} the facsimile of "CURTÍS & PFRKIXS' on the oatBlde wrapper. tiold by Diugiats th roncho ut the woil 1. THE GOODYEAR FARM FOR 8ALE. HENRY GOODYEAR, of Bharon, hsvlBg signed aU hú roperty to ui lor the benefit of bis crèditorBt wcnTOollii the property f or Balein parcela to snit purchoeWi The lanas arefirsf olasi - none bet ter in the stat;. Over one thouaand aerea .tt improved land in a body. Persone buying can nu mortjinges for -. ; "t o the pnrohase money. AU bavlng claims Hffninst the sala Goodyear are reqmsted tu present l.fl-'Ill tO tli ■ ! iJated, September 2Cth, 1S72. E. S. SMITH. v. H.CALKIN. Ut JOS. Mete ASO V. TEN REASONS WHY JV Family shovld be without a bottle o f WHITTLESEY in the house. '♦,Itwi" relicTC the worst case of BlIlOUt 22 or P"01 Morbus in 15 minuten - "" - It will cure the most obstinate case tl Dispepsia and Indigestión in 2 fe weeks. .''■- It is the best rernedy fn llie rorld f.-l I 7eataohe, as thousands can lestify, J laxen when the firat symptoms appear. 4th.- It is the best diuretic ever put befor the public; curing thosc distressing complaints, D abetes and Cravel and other Urfnary d ifHoultles. ■- It i a most excellent Emmena"' gOBUe, and to the Young Clrls. nu'ddlff geef W o men, and at the Turn Of Life, ilii remedy 13 of incalculable valué. "''-Il wili remove wind from the bowcU, and henee a few drops in some swectened water gven taababe is better than a dozen cordñTs ftRelieve and make It Sleep. Containing no anpdyne. Ttb .- It is a sure relif for adults and children affected with Worms and Pin Worms. It will bring away the worms. 8th.- Itwill cure the PI 108 and HemorrhodlaF difficulties, 8 th.- Itwill cure Con 8tl pat Ion and keep the bowels regular. It will also cure the worst case of Summer Co mp la Int and Dysentory. lOth. - ít will cure Sour Stomach, Btlmulnte the Llver tr hcalthy action. Relieve He art-Bu rn and act as a general Regulator of the yuan. When taken dilme the dose with Rogar a n tf Water to a Win e-Class fu I f and yo have apleasant tpnio. Whittlesey (Dysyepsia Cure) $1.00 per bottle. Whittlesey Agüe Cure 50c. per bottle Whittlesey Cougli Granule ase. per Bottle, Sold by all draggiats and Warra U4, WlütUesey Prop. Med. Co., Toledo, O, H ATT EB ! HAS RECEIVED HIS PALL k fffiR STOCK Hats and öaps, IN LATEST STYLES, LADIES' PURS, EESTS' FimiSHUG COODS, ETC, WniCII II E PROPOSES TO RELT. AT PRICES WHICII DEFY COMPET1TION. 7 South Main St., Ann Aiïoi. wisHAirrs PINE TREE NATURE'S GBEAT REMKDY FOK THE TH K tl AT AND LIJiVGS. It is ffTHtilylng to ns to inform the VTtbïic thftt Dr Q. V. WipharfS Pine Tie Taf Corgfol, for Throat ld Ënog DiseaHCB, bas gained an i-nvinble rej)iitabn from the Atlantic to the Pncific coaat, mid from ïeïlce to somo ofthefirst fuml-iee of Eïitow, not rongh the press alone, 15trt by persons toronhit the States Qctiifilly benefited and cured at his ffice. While he pubiishos leas, so p ny our reporff, hc is uiiiible to eupply the domand. It gaine ud holde its reputation - First. Not by ftfoppïng coagh, bat by loosening n-i assisting nature to throw off the unhealthy matter collecfod abont thetliroatíindbronchial tubes hich causes irritaiion, Sccond. It removes the canses of irrttation (which roduces congh) of the niücoae mombnuie and bronva tubes, awlwta the lnncrs to net and tHnoff ie unhealthy scci'etions, and porlfies the blood. Third. Itiafree from qutiïs, lobella, ipecac and pium, ol which most throat nd lung remedies are mposecti which alias congh only, and dirgaulze ie Btomach. It has ft éootbïng efltett on the -omach, acts ou the liver nnd kidneys, and lyra tatfatc and istvoas re-ions, thus rcaching toevery mrt of the eystem, and in its invi;orfiting and purying effect a it has gained a reputation wliicli it mst hold abovc all others in the market. NOTiei:. THE PINE TREE TAR CORDIAL, &BEAT AMERICAN DISl'El'tlA PILLS. WOSM SUGAR DROPS eïng ander my Imiaediaato dirertion, they phal otloose their curativo qunlities by the use o ïeap and 'jaipre articles, HENRY II, WISHART, TROHRIKTOR. FREE OF CHARGE. Dr. L. Q. C. Wlshart'e OiHcc Parlora ara opc i nn ondnys, Tuesdiiya and Wedhosdaya from ít A. M 5 P. H„ for consnltation l)y Dr. IVm.T. Magec. !th 'lfm are iispoci.itcd twn coiipultinp: phyeiciuns " :u];nowledgcd ability. T1)!" opportunity is not (Tcred by any etJici' iustitution la the city. All letters must bc Bddresed to L. ö. WISHART, M. D., No. Í232 SS. Seconrt St., PHILADELPHIA. 140Í1UIJ


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