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ARGÜS BULLETIN WANTED 2000 NEW SUBSCRIBERS WANTED. More Mercbanls and Business men, who knowing their om interests will advertiré ia tbe Akou. GET YOYK ' BALL CARBSV BUSINESS CARDS", VISITING CAEDS, WEDDING CARDS, At the ArgtK Office. GET YOUR BILL-IIEAD8, GIRCÜLARS, LETTER-HlTAl, STATEMENTS, At the Argus Office i i SKET TOÜIl' LAW BLANKS,, 1AW BRIEFS, LAW RECORDS, ÏROGRAMMES, Al TEE ARGUS OFFICE. New Typey Best Pressies', (Uuui Workmtn, AND REASONABLE PRICES i HT A WOED TO THK WISE. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT hnving been mnde in the con3 ition of n eertuin morteuge, made und executed by Edward Ryan, of Northflcld, Uranty of Washteuaw. and Btate o i' Miobiftau, to WíIIíab. B. Barry, of the saine mace, ím tiie íh-et di t, A. J). 1866 and reporded iutbo office oí tlie Kegiater oí Deta foraaid Oountyof Waflhtennw, on the fourtfa day oí ber, A. D. 1860, ut uve o'dock P. M. of Baidday in líber 37 of mortgagrea, op puge 22S, which Biúd mortffae, Wíisdul] ■ y Buid "Wüliain 8 Barry to Luther James, of tjáecityof Aun Arbor.County.aad State jiloieHJíiíl, on the íourth day oi 1). I8G6, and recorded in the offlo Deeds lor said County of Washtenaw, on thefourth ötty of December, A. D. 18C6, at Uve o'clock P M of ittidday, in Uber 86 oí mortgages, on page 234, luid that there is claimed to be due at the dat) hereoí be Bümof Bix hundred and flfty-Beveil 07-ÍOO dollarsíiIho an attorneyc' fee of tliirty dollars shouldany proceeding ha had to forecloee the same, and íurther instaimenta to become due on Baid mortgnge, and no Sultori rocecding - it LiWeJ ín equity havingbecn had to recover the deba seoured by said mort-ageoi' any tla-reof. Notíce ia hereby given, that by virture of the power of salo in said mortgage contained, I shall Bell at public auction, to the high the twenty-ninth day of March, A. J). 187S, at tWo o'clock ín the aftemoon of daj , at the iiont door of the ( oui t House, in the city of Ann Arbor, in the County of Wnshtenav, and State of Michigan, the premisos flescribed in eaW mortgage, as all 1 1 tain i cus or parcela of land decoribed as foUows, to wit: Tbe West half of the northwest qnarter of seolion twenty-eight and four acres of the eact half of the oorthwest qunrter of eaid section, hcrütofore deeded by eaid party of the Ürst pnrt to Baid party of the aeoond part all being in ownship one soutli of range lx cíist, in eaid township of Northfield, iu the County of WHöhlenftW, State of MlohJgan. Dutèd, Jaanunry 3, 1S73. IÏÜTIIER JAMES, John N. Gott, Aasigneo of baid Mortnge. Attínney fui Attignee 1407td Chancery Xotice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wanhten&w, as. The Circuit Court for tlie Cotínty of Washtenaw- In Chancery. Raaüta Thfitirer vs. John Tlieurer. It Ratnfaotorily appearing apon due. proof by aiOdavft that the defendant, John Theurer, i not a resident of the State of lSlichií,'an, but that he resides at New Hamburg, Canada, on inoüon of Lawrenco 6c Fr:izer,solicitorsfor oomplainant, it in ordïfod that the defendant, Jolm Theurci-, cause ïiiw nppearance to be entered in thia caose within three months frara the date of Uu's orrlrr, and that in eae of hls appearance he cause his answear to the coinphunanl'3 bill of complaint to be filed and ft copy thereof to be éerved on complainflni within tvrenty daya aftar service of a cory of Bftid bill and notice of this order, and on detault thereuf, that the said bill be taken as eonfessed by the said defendant, John Theurer. And it is furtfteTordered, that within twen tv days tho said compltiiuant cause a copy of this order to be publishod in the Michigan Arffust a public newspaper prtnted and pubUshad in the cily of Ann Ailmv, WaCounty, Michigan, and that sueh publication becontinued in said paper once in each weck for six suceossive weeks, or íhat Bhe cause a copy of this order to be personally aerved on the said defendant, John 'l'heurer, :t least I went y days bei ore the time above prescribed for his appcaraiicc. Bated, Auu Arbor, Jan. 3, 1873. JOHN F. LAWHENCE, LA.WBKHCB & FitAZEE, Circuit Court CommissioDet in 8oHitor foï and for "Washtenaw Couniy, "plaiuaut. Michiiin. 1408 Shoriffrs Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of "Washtenaw, bb. O By virtue of a writ of execution issued out of and ander the eealof the Circuit Court ior the Couuty of WashteaaW, and to medirefited and delivcred, against the gooïls, clmttls lands and (enemeuts of William 51. Bxown, U W. Brown, N. Grangex, and A. Conklin, I have thistwelfth day of December, A. I. 187Í, aeized and levicd upon ril the righttitle and interest G. AV. Brown has in and to the iollowing landfi, to wit ; A piece of land eommeneing twenty roda west of the souilieast corner of section twenty-mne, thencewest on the south ítne of said section fbuiteen roda, theooe north parallel with the east line of Beid Bection twenty-nine to the south bank trf thr rivet Wain, thence along said south bank in a northeasterly direction to a point twenty fod West of the eaut line of said section, thence south parallel with the ert une of said section to the place of beginning, containing one tere and one-third of land, bethe same more o_r les, albo the following descrïbed piece of land on which a tlonr: ing mili now stands, commencing at a point twentyfive itnd onc-half rods nortJi of tho south line of said section twenty-nino and twenty rods west of the eest line of siiM seetion, tlience runBiOK north parallel with the ]?ne oi' said seeüon eieren rods, thence east parallel with the south Jine of said section ninc rods, thence south parallel with the cast line of said Bection eleven rods, thence west parallel with the south line of said gecÜon nine rods te 6hE pla?e of bezinning, containiag flinty-nine rods of land, be the SaiTie more or loss; all of the above described property being situated in the township of Sharon, County of ashtenaw, and State of Michigan, which above tfweribed property I shttSl exposé for salo at public afletion to the hignebt T-iddfi at the south door of the Geurt House iti the city of Ann Aföor, on the twelfth day of March, A. D. Ï873, at ten o'elock, A. M. Dated, this 3d day of January A. 1). 1873. 1407 MYRÜX WËBB, Sheriff. Sheriffs Sale. STATE OF MICHiaA, County of Waakten. ss. By virtue of om; execation issued out of and under the seal of the Circuit Couit for tlie County nï Washtenaw, to mediroetcd and Óelivered, against tlie goods, ehattele, lands and teñamente of Charles C. ;hureh, and for the want of goods and chattels to sutisfy the same, I did on the lüth day of August, A. [). 1872, seize and Ie vy upon all the right, titie snd uterest Cliarles C. Church has in the followkij? deBeribed real estáte, to wit, : Lot number 34 in IL S. Sirtith'slirst addition to the city of Ann Arbor, toetñer with all the improvementa and ternemente thei-eon, whieh above described reni estáte being Bitlatedinthe city of Ann Arbor, Cottnty of Waehtenaw, and State of Michigan; which ibdve described reai estáte I shall seïl at the on ter south door of the Court. Honae, in the city of Ann Arbor, at public aucïon to tlie hfeheal bidder, on the eleventh day of tfaroh, A. 3). K7S. at H oVlock, A. M., of said day. Dated, Jafiuary 18th, A . J. 1873. MYROïi W E B R, Sheriff. 1410 lïy Jobtik Foubes, Under Sheriff. OK'SWJNEOFTAR xV. 10 YEAP.8 &$L? PUBLIC T.wi.r tSfJptyHas proved T liavc inore , &,MJ -leril tïïan stny áLSpWáS5p' fiiiriiíssr piepariiVfefca non cTcr olHercd lïe public. It is ricli iíi ílie modicinaS ■milities Of Tar, ni! nnequalcil for distases of the Throai aisd LiUllgS, performiug tlie most remarkable cures. Couglis, Coliïs, ( ïironic Congas. It effectnally cures tliem all. As4t:n::j iiiïd Tii-onrliiti H;is c-iro;! so many s- cnse3 it has been pro8 noiincci! a specifio fol y tliese complaints. jp'or paius ia Breast, Side et Back, Gravel or Kidney Disease, Diseases of the ürlnary Organs, Jamidice ot any Li ver Coinplaiut, It has no equal. It is also a superior Tonïc, Restores tlie Appetïte, Sircügthcns the System, Mcstores the Weak and Debilitated, Causes the Food to Digest, licmoves Dyspepsïa anö Indigestión, Prevenís 3ïaTarions Ferers, (iivcs tone to your Sysiein. A Ras?s Chance TO LET. A largo and modern nciv Grocory Store n Eiiohoz llock, Detro t Street. Undoubtedly tfaebest locatíon n that pnrt of the city Tor Baid baeüies. Ajtood arge cellnr and new burn attaehed (o the premlses. 'he rent is $800 yearly, to bc tsKeu iu groccries for my family nsc. Al" a fine ncw Meat MarKot, all complete, joining my block, with molern improvements, marble table :c.lHrge new smoke honra, large brtckcii-'tern and elir, new barn aud all rcad? for uhe, with three amüy rooms aborc. Store rcnSe for #íK) yoaiiy ; tai-n in ment fnr my fnmily use. Also a small store iu my lilock, honses, rooms, c, o let. FOK SALE- Three gooil largo carriace or farm lorses', one line new carririL'e. bïiLrit ', wagons, larmng tooi. Also three good cows 14utf Inquire of L. R. BÜCIIOZ. For Scrofula, Sci-of"T uloiis DisoiiNes of C tht' Eycs, or ScrofiiJ la in any form. J&Í -ny disease or eruption ■ of the Skin, disease of tlie ' iSt9' Liver, Ehenraatism, PimVg-- ples,OIdSores,Ulcers,BrokSPgv' en-doivn Constitu t i 0113, @4 Sypliilis, or any disease de CXSi pending on a depra ved conJ3ïsV dition of tlie blood, try DR. CROOK'S !3m syrup of POKE ROOT. JST3 It Imstlie medicinal propii&li&t erty f Poke combined with 'llJy a PreParatn ofl ron which jfc' goea at once into the blood, üËpt perforruing the most rapid lir and wonderful cures. ' Ask yonr Druggist for IJr. Crook's Compound Syrup ot' Poke Iioot - take tand be hcaled. Estate of Matthow Schaiblo. OÍATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty oí Wwhtenaw-, 0 At a seesiun o the Probate Couil for the Con! 01 Washtenaw, holden at the Probato office iifiS dty of Aun Arbor, on Thanday, the twon'ty ,S fniwni, Moan vv . ..n. , ver, Jndge of Probóte. Iu the matter of the estáte of Hafthew Hcbniblo rti . John G. Feldkamp, A.lniinistrator! „r ,,t .comes luto Conrt and representa that h i Aumi&To?. [ rei'd" h3 'lmi' aCCO1" "I Therenpontt1oraera,that Honday, tbítwn,,, I mrth day of February ucxt, at ten u'cloak iu tí' f("'"' ". be assigned for examlnlng and alio i? suen account, and that theheln at k i aeceased, and all other persona interest late, „re reqatred to appear at , , ofsaid Court theu to be holden nt thï Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, i" VS county, and show cause, if any therebe, why ?Z saldaccountshouldnotbeallowed: And it íifm! ther ordered, that said Administrator L-ive notlce tñ the persona lnterested in sala eetate, of thc p deney of aaid account, and thchearine thor!of i capsfnga eopy of thls order to be publísheo1 a th Michigan Argus, a newspaper prfnted and circo latina in sairt County, threc succeaaivc wecki previoas to said day of hearing. ' (Atrnecopy.) KOAIl W. CHEEVER, 1411 Jndse ol Probate. Estáte of Electa 8. Abel. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw m. O Notice ís hereby given, thnt by an order of tho P bato Court. for the County of Washtenaw, made on the twenty-third day of Jimuary, A. D. 1873, aix montht from that date were ntlowcd for creditors to present their claims againrt the estáte of Electa 8. AbeL late of said county, deceased, and that all crédito ot snid decoased are required to present their claimt to Huid l'robate Court, at the Probate Office, in the City üf Aun Arbor, for exnminution and allowance, on or before the twenty-third day of July neít, na tlnt such claims will be heard before aaid Probate Court, on Satnrday, the ïiineteenth day of April, and and on wMneadity, the twenty-third day of Jnlr next, at ten o'clock in tbs foronoon of each ot tboi dtiya. Dataí, Ana Arbor, January 23, A. T. 1S73.NOAH W. CHEEVeK, 1411 Judgeof Probate. Commissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waahtenaw, . The underaigned, having been appointed by th Probate Court for suid county, ConunuaoBen to revive, examine and ndjust all claims and demanda ot all persona agaisst the estato of Philo Hitchcock late ot said county deceased, hereby give notiw thi ' six months from date are allowed, by order f snid Probate Court, for creditors to present their címs against the estute cf said deceased, and that they -Jrill 1 the late residence of said deceased, in t tawrrshíp of Sharon, in said county, on Saturday, the ninetcenth day of April, and on Wednesday, the twenty-third day of July, next, at ten o'clock a. m. ot cach of Baid days, to recave, examine, and adju-st aail claims. Dateí, January 23, A. D. }S73. EMEESON ANNABIt, ELItíHA FB.EER, 1411 Cominissionertf. Commissioners' Notioe. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washteniiw, s, C? The undersigned, having been appointed by tlw Probate Court for said county, Commissionora to re ceive, examine and adjust all claims ad demanda of all persons against the estáte of Jobs C. Burkhardt, Se, late of said county, deceased, hereby give notiee that six months from date are allowcd, by order of said Probate Court, tbr creditors to present their claim against the estáte of said deceased, and that they will meet at the store of Mack & Sshmid, in the city of -nn Arbor, iu said county, on Saturday, thc mneteenth day of AprH, md on Tnnrsday, thc twenty. fourth day of July, next, at ten o'clock a. m. of ench . of aaid daya to receive, examine, and adjust saij claims. Uated, January 24tb, A. D J873. FBEDEK1CK SCOTIID, CHillSTIAN MACK, Illlw4 Commisaionere. Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waahtenaw, ss.- In the matter of the catate of Mary Luiok, Emanuel Luick, Amelin Löick. and Lydi Luick, minurs. NotTce m hereby giren, that in purauance of an order grantt'd to the undersigned, Guardian of the of said minors, by the Hon. Judge of Probate ft the Cottnty of Washtenaw, ou the twentieth day of January, A D. 1S73, there will be aold at public vendue, to the hírhest bidder, at the southdoorof tho Coiirl House in the city of Ann Arbor, in the Oounty of WashtenaWt m yaid State, on the nineteenth day of March, A. D. 1873, at ten o'clock iu the forenoon of that day (subject to all encumbrantes bf mortgage or otherwise existinf,' at tho time of the sale, :uul alSO subject to the rLht of dower of the widow ei Hmry Luiek, deceased, therein), the following described real estáte, to wit : Theundivided (4-5) fouriifths of the northeast quarter of the southeaat quarter of section tbirty-four, and the undivided fouriiftha of the west half of the west half of the woBt half of the sonthwest quarter of section thirty-flve, in town&Mp twu south of range ftve eaat, in eaid State, oontaining sixty acres, more or lesa. Dated, January 20, 1878. AUGUST HUTZEI,, 1411 Guardian. Eeal Estáte for Salo. STiKTE OF MICUIGAN, County of "Washtennir",. ss. - In the matter of the etate of narriet K. i: -í ■ dine, Lcvi Bordine, and Lovina lïordine, inino- Notie is hereby given, that in pui-auance of au order granted to the undersigned, Guardian of the eetateof said minors, by the Ilon. Judge of Probate for the County of Waahtenaw, on tho sixth day of January, A. D. 1H73, there will be sold at public veAdue, to the higheat bidder, at tho homestead on the vrHmise f ter described, in the County cf "Washtenaw, iu said State, on Wednesday, the twelfth day of March, A. D. 1873, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day (subject to all encumbrances by mortpageor Otherwise exwtinf? at the time of salo), the following deswibed real estáte, to wit : The undivided threeelevenths (:s-ll) of the c;ist twenty-flve acres of the northenst quarter of section thirty-three, the west hnlf of thc iiorüiuast quaiter, and the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of seetion thirty-four, and the northwest quarter of the northenst quarter of secHun tlnrty-livt', all in toivnsbip four south of rango Beren east, containing one hundred and ei"hfy-livo acres, more orless, in Bflid Êftafe. Uated, January (it Jñ, A. í). 1S73; ASA il. DAELINO, 1410 Guardian. Seal fot Sale. QTATE OF MICHIGAN; County of Wnahtnaw, ss. 5 In the matter of thoestan-uf Georfre E. Gooding. deceased. -N'otice ís hereby given, that in porauarito of an order granted to the ondersigDed, Executriz of tb.: laat wiH and testament of said deceased. bv thc Hon. Judge ot Probate tor ths County of Washtennw, on the twentieth day or January, A. D. 187S. there will be soid at public vendüe', to the highesf bidder, at the dweiling house ou the pr( mises, in the County of WnoMcnnw, in said' State, on the twelfth day of Jíarch, A. D. 1873, at one o'cloi-k in tlití ufternoan of that day (subject to' all encuBferances by moltgage or otherwise existing at the time oí the dcath of said deceased) the tollowing described mal oetate, to wit : The south tlveeighth of tlic west half of the southeast quarter of srrtion twt'nty-nine, in townshH' two sonth of ranpo Beven east in said Mate, jud the eul half of tho sonthwest quarter ei sitnf soction twenty-nine, (exeeptiiig ten acres out of the northeast comer of said la; deftcribed paroal of land in the form of a pariillelograiu a bout sixty roas in length irom iiorth to' soath). eontoining in all one hundred and twenty" aeres, more orless. Uated, January 20, 14K AiIS 3. ff. GODDING, HIP Exeeutrii.lieal Estato for Sale. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, Countyof Washtenaw.BS.. O In the matter of the estáte of Henry Jlel'lnlhps. deceased. Xoücc is hereby given, tltat in pursance of an order grantedto the undersigned, ailministratrix of tho estáte of snid jeoeased, by the Ilon. Judge of Probate for the County of WaBhtenirw, on the lSth day of Ji.nuary, A. I). 1873, rhere will bc sold at public veudue, to the highest bidder, at the south door of thc Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, in the County of Waahtenaw, in said State, on Wednesday, the Sth day of March, M. 1). i7,", at (O n'clock in the forenoon of that day (subject to all eneuinbianees by mortgage or otherwise existing at the time of the death of saiddeceased. and also subject to the right of dowcrof hiswidow, therein), the following deseribedreol .Btüte, to wit: All of Ilie enst half of the BOrthwest quartef of sectifjn tweöty-fonr, in townshipone sorrth of range flve cast (except a s( lip nine ehains mul forty links in vtOXh at tiie north ejid. and nine chainsanrt thirty-seven links in width at the south end ex-tending along tho west side of said east half of said northwest quarter), oontaining forty and 90-160 aerea, moreorloss. Also, uil that part of the east half of" the soutluvest quiïtfor tt saM secHsn twenty-four, which lies east of tha land in txi6 seelion which waaherotofore set off and partitionod to Kllen E. Latson,undev the decree of the Circuit Court for the County of Wnshlenaw, in Chan'-cry. and north of the land'a of said section set BS t'i WjflShA C. L.ltson, by said' decree, beiní twenty eliafns and seventy links in length and ten ehains and '20 links in Width, and oontaining twenty-one and lM-100 acres, moré or less, all in aaid State. Datetl, January 13tli, A. P. 1ST3. MAKGJEEl' McrniLLTPR, 1403 Administratrix. Eeal Estáte for Sale. o TATE OF MIonTOAN, Connty of ' In the matter of the rstntn of Philip Eiding, de-coased. Motiee i;' hereby f-ivon, t!iat in pursuance of an order granred to the undersigned, Adminístralo! of the estáte of snid deceased by the Hon. Judf-'e of Probate for the Connty of Wnshtenaw, on the seeond day of January, a. I). 1878, there will beifcold at pubhr vemlm', to the highest iyldder. at tho south door of the Court House, in Ann Arbor, in the County of Wnshtenaw, in snid State, on Wednesday. the twentysixth day of Februnry, A. T). 187, at ten o'clock irr the forenoon of tnat day (suljject to all encumbrances by moTtgageo#otheïwlff existing at tho timo of the death of said deceased), the following deserfbed reití estáte, to wit : Lot two, bloek four, range one eaet in William S. Maynard's addition to the city of Aun Arbor, in said County. Difed, Janaary ü-, A. D. 1S72. JOIIN KECK, 1408 Administrator. Chaneery Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, as.- Thc Circuit Court for the Connty of Washtennw: In Chancery. Francis M. Battles vs. "Wilson1 llattles. lt satisfactorily appearing upon due proof by affidavit that the defendant, WUson ü.ittles, is not a resident of th-i Stirie of Michigan, but that h e resides at Springtii'ld, iu the State ot Ohio : On motion of K. É. Fraxer, BOlicitor foreomtQalnanant, it is order-ed t)i;it the defendant, Wilson liattles, enuse his appearanos to be entered in this causo within threo months from the date of this order, nnd thnt in case of his appearance he cause his answer to the com-plainant's bill of complnint to be fíled and a copy thereof to be aerved on the complamt Bollcitor with-in twenty dayt aftel service of a copy of said bill amï notitie of this order, and on dcfault thereof, that the' said bill be laken is confossed by the said uefencïantr Wilson Battiea. And it is further ordereil, that with-En twenty dors tËe said. eomplsinant cause a copy oí this order to be ptiDllsoed in m: A fffan Argttt, a pnblic newspaper printed and pnblished in the Cityoi Anw Arbor, WashtenBW County, Michigan, nnd that such pubüoation be continmd in said paper onoe in cache week for six successive weffks, or thnt he oauae a copy ïf this order to be personally serred on the snid de'endant, Wilson llntfles, r.f enst twenty days beforcf he timo nbove prescribed for his appearance. Dated, Ann Arbor, Jan. si, 18Í. J. P. T, VWRENCE,. F, E. FnAzrn, Circuit Conrt Commiaeiuner, Solicifor for "Washtenaw County, ]f ichigan plainnnt. 1412 A GENTS WANÏED FOR BOOKS NEEDED BY ALL FARMERS! Tho best books publiphccl on thc f forse and tlio 'oiv. Libera] terms. '■'' y maderapidly by Aponta ;1 'Ing tlicHo boolcs. & '■' for drev !:, 'ORTBR & COATES, ruLiieiii:s8. riiilaüclvhia, fff


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