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The Fast Of Lent

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Bishop Borgess hasissued a loug pastoral letter to the Catholics of his diocese procluiining the appreaeh of Lent, and the obligation of tasting, with the rules for its observance, which are as follows : ÜEGULATIOXS FOR LENT. 1. AU persons who have completod their twenty first year, are, unless legitimately dispensed, obliged to observe all daysot' Leut - Sundays excepted - asfasting days. 2. On those days - exceptiiiR Sundays only ono full nieal is allowed, which shonld bo taken about noon. 3. General usage has made it lawful to take in the morning a cup oí' toa, coffeo, or thui chocolate, with a bit of bread or a cracker. 4. A sinall refreshment, commonly called collation, is allowed in the evening - no general rule as to the quantity of food permitted at this time is or can be made ; but the practice of the most regular Chris tiaiu is, nevar to let it exceed tbc: f'ourth part of an ordinary meal. 5. The following persona are exempted from the obligatious of fasting : All who have not completed their twenty-iirst year oí age ; pregnant women, ana tnose wbo givfi suck to int'íuits ; tho siek, and in general, all persons lor whom weakness, arduoüs dutis, hard labor or great poverty reader the feast incompatible with their health. 0. By dispensation the use of flesh meat is allowed at all neals on Sunday, and once a day - at the principal inoal - on Moudavs, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturduys, with tho exception of the Saturday in Ember Week, and the last i'our daysin Lent. 7. Eutire absiinence from flesh nioUs enjoined on all Wednesdays and Fridays uf Lent, and tbs two S.iturdays of Ember and Holy Week, and on holy Thursday. 8. Persons dispensed from the obligation of fasting are allowed to use rlesh meat at ev.ery meal on tbe days on whioh it is allowed by the dispensation ; bnt those who aro obliged to tast are peruiitted to use meat at only onemeal. lJ It is stnctly iorDiudun to use hsli of rtiiy kind and flesh meat at the same Deal un any day of Lent, even by way of condiment - Bundayt not exeepted. 10. The use ot' lardin the prepiiration of 'ood i allowed on all the days of Ijsnt, is well ns on all the days of abstinence .hroughout the year. 11. Eggs, milk, cheeso and butter can )e used without distinction of days ; but abstinence trom all those is recouiuiended on Good Fridity. The ltev. Pastors are horeby directed :o read the foregoing in tbeir respective churches on Quinquagessinia Sunday. Given at Detroit, on the feast of the Visitation of the BI. V. M., 1873.


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