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Jlil Nye calis "time" and "let up." He say8 investigations must stop, especially those coucerning Pomoroy. He thinks Senators' reputations are all in danger, "jointly and severally." Hear him: " Away with these investigations' we have had enough of them. Wo are haring enough of them. Away with this idea of catering to the morbid appetito of a particepa criminis at least, and let Mr. Pomeroy and what's his name siittle their own difficulty. ïhere is nothing the human inind feeds on liko corrupt investigation." Nyo is afraid his sale to J ones will be investiga ted. That s where the bug is. - Attorney-General "Williams has decided that Postín áster-General Greswell's construction of the 152 section of the postal code is unwarraiited, and that it is illegaltocollect doublé thu f uil rato ofpostage ona part paid letter- or 12 cents fromjthe reoeivor because the sender put i 3 cent instead of o. 6 cent stamp on his letter. It didu't need an Attornnj'-General to nake such a decisión : it was patent to ;he tuerest pettifogger practiciiig before : i very baek-woods justice of the peaoe. Vobody but a thiek-headed and obstiiiant Postmaster General, who imagines ais own wishes to be law, would have beid differently. - Judge Boardman has denied a new trial to Stokes; and now evcry judge in the State is to be " bored " in turn to reverse the decisión of Judgo Boardman. It strikes us as an outsider and a layman that this allowing one judge, anywheic in the State, to lipset the deoisions of anothcr is unneoessary and d:tiigerous. Why not go at once to the court of Appeals where the real and vibil questions r.iisfd - if any -can be deflnitely settled. New York can learn somthing from ilichigan in this respect as well as in shaping her constitution. - A joint resolution bas bsen intro duced into the House amending tli2 Constitution so as to provide for minority representaron in the House, on the Illinois principie. Single llepresentativedistricts are abolished ; threo Kepresentatives to be elected from each Senate district ; and each elector may voto for three candidatos, two candidatos or one candidate, uumulating bis votes, and the three having the highest nuniber shallbe dechired uleeted. We hopo tbat tho resolution will be adopted and submitted to the people. - It is said that the now incubating committee on privileges and clections will bring forth threo reports : a mnjority report in favor of a new electinn in Louisiaua ; one min }rity recoguizing the election of MeEnory as Governor and favoring the admission of McMillán to the Sonate ; and a second minority report which will label Kellogg Governor and Eay Senator. And the statute of limitation will off witli tho head of this Congress Marcb 4th. - York, the Kansas Senator who set the " mouse-trap " in which " Old Subsidy Pom.'1 was caught is now at Wash ington, and is making it hot for his vietim before tho Scnato invoatigating committee. - A bilí is pending in tho Senate at Lansing to consolídate the several Saginaws into one city. The Saginaw papers fivor it. Cause why ; the " City of Saginaw " will be tho second city in the State. - The conscience oí Colfax, like Banquo's ghost, won't down. He was before the Poland committeo again on Wednosday : to explain those other remittaiices from tho dead contractor Nesbitt. - In the State Senatp, on Wednesday, Senator Emerson introduced a joint resolution providing for woman suffrage. 1 The dear, sweet, littlo man." - Susan B. Anthony & Co. can " tally one," the Maine House of llepresentatives ïaving declared tpr woman suffrage by a vote of C4 to 54. - Peters has discovered still another jlanet. Tho " Seientific Editor " has a 'mighty slim chítnt.e " at cu telling up. - Judge Davis has stayed procfodings n the Stokes case, and it goes to thenext ligher court.


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