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Tammany And Credit Mobilier

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From the New York Ilerald. The Tammany frauda were startling enough but thy were comraitted by meu of low nrigin, of degraded tastes, of coarse, brutal and depravad natures. - Few persons were astouished wlien it was found that the politioians who had graduated froui the gutter to livo diss pated lives, wear gaudy jewelry and drive fast hoises, had stolen the money which they flanuted beforo the eyes of the people in suoh vulgar show. But the recent developinents have unmasked a different class oí' offenders. Harían, Wilson, Colfax, Patcerson, Pomeroy, Brooks, Garfield and Dftwes have been held up to the world as models of purity in private Hfe and of integrity in public trusts. These are the men who have been lauded for their virtues, whose Hves have been paraded as examples of Christian purity, whoue patriotisrn has been of the demonstrative kinrl. Yet they diffor from the Tammany politicians in the tact that their corruption bas been less bold and reckless. The Secretary of the Interkr, Tho accepts a gift of te-n thonsand dollars from a grasping eorjwration whose interests are largely ander his control, is as guilty of a public wrong aa the official who plots with the informer Garvey to add two hundred per cent, tohis bilis ftgainst the citj', and to divide tlte plunder. The Senator or liepresentative in Congress who takes a bribe from Oakes Aies in the shape of Credit Jlobilier Stock is as criminal as the legislator who would sell himself for so many dollars to the Tammany or Erie rings.


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