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jTpTJ1 in anolher column, advertisoment about OXjXj lonu uud .c!)rsli;i Lauilt. VÏrANTED. - An experienced girl - T toioïeiï or whitü - Lodo general liuuse work. Gooi refereucy required, íind will p:iv liberal waes. P. H. SA BIN, U13w2 DryGoodsMerehant, Jnckson, Mich. pO-PAETNEESHIP ! C. H. MTLLEN has iissociatcn' with himself in business bis son. CHARLES S. MJXLBN. Herenlter thu Bfiyle and uiime of the ürm wüi be C. H. M1LLEN i SON C. H. MILLEN, Arai Arbor, Feb. 20, '73. CHARLES tí. MILLEN. All persons having unsettled accounts or who are in nny wuy iudebted to C. H. MILLEN will please settlo thu same ut oncu, eithcr with myself or the new tirui. C. H. MILLEN. jEWCASH DRY GOODS STOEE. O. H. MILLEN & S DN Have determined to ronduct the business of buying: and uelliiij Dry Coods! On CASH PRINCIPLBS. It nerda no RTgumcnt thuse days to aulisfy all tliut the CASH SYSTEM Ia grctuly to the advaniagc of both buyer and seller. C. MILLEN & SON. CAED OF THANKS. I deaire to cxpres my ihtinks to olcl frien-3s nná utrOQS (bonie oí tiiem of many years ptan.iiug) for tiieii' patroxiHgS, and Jiojjc for n continumice of it with the new tirm uiider the caab Bestem uf doing businOM) knowiug wc can uud will make it n object for Lhem to do w ü. II. MILLEN'. TT E AEE NOW Beceiving1 a large stock of BLEACHED & BROWN siiEETiiNia-s : ANP 2 CASES OF NEW SPÜIM PRINTS "Whicti we oSiii ut the Lowcst Cash. Irices ! C. H. MU LEN & SON'S UU Cash Drj' O'orJs Store. Estáte of Jacob Beutier. RÍTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of WaihtenAW, v. ' At a session of the Probute Court for the County f Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Ottiee, in tl. e ilyof Ann Arbor, on Tkunduy, the thirteenth áuf February, in the year oue thousand eight hundied ui suventy-tlirt-Cj Piesent, Nouh V. Cheever, Jutlge of Probate. In the mattei of the estáte ol Jacob Beutler, ieased. John (i. Andrea Administra tor of said tute, cornos into couit and represent b tliut he is uow repitred to reader bii flnai account as sut-h AdmiLiator. Thereupon if is ordeml, thnt Mondny, the pevci.enth duy of Mnrefa ntxt, at ten o'clock in the toiooon be aáaigued toi uxainininif and oUowinft uch account, und that the lieirs at Ihw oí lid deccased and ü other persons interest ed n suid estute, are requived to appear at ti Htson of said Court, Ihen to be holden at the l'roUe Otiiee, in the t'ity of Aun Arbor, in said ounty, and show cause, if any thcie be, Vfhy the úd iicrotirit should nol be allowed : And it íh tn'rther nlered that said Ad in i nisira tor ve notice lo the perons interested in snid estáte, of the pendeucy of&;dd ;connt, and the henrnif? thereof, by e;uiaijig n c py f this order to be published in the Michigan Argvë, newapuper printed nnd circulatiníí in s;iid ('ounty, iree successive weekbprevious tr said 'lay of hearing. (A truecopy.) NUA1I W. CHÊKVKK, 1414 Judgeof Trobute. Estáte of Frcderick Yungfar. QTATK OF MÍCUIGAN, County of Washtennw, es l At iv seHsion ot the Probata Court tor the C'ountv cl Washtemtw. holden at the Probate Ofhce, in the City f Ann Arbor, on Wednesdny, the nmeteeulh dayof 'ebruHry, m the yeai' one thousaud eight huudred inri scvonty-three. Present Xonh W. Cheever, Jndpeof Trobüte. In the matler of theeslate of Jredeiick Yungfar, deeenr-ed. On reading and BHng the petition, diily verifled, of ?ran Nebel, AdiniTiistratoi-, pmymg tliathenmy be icensed to sell the renl estáte wiiereof said diCL;.-('(i lied cized. Thert'upon it is ordered. thiit Monflay, the twenty'ourth duy of Maich next.atten o'clock in thcforenocjii, H: issigiu.d f or the heaiingot said pet il ion, ml that tl. o leirs at Jaw of said (leeea&cd, and all other iierf-oiib inteiested in snid estáte, are required to appeti) t KMsipn of said Court, tlien to be holden at theProbate (Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, mu show canse, n aiiy tnere ne, wiiy tnc piayeroi thepetitionershonld not be granted : And ít [m í'urtber ordored, that said pelíliouer give notice to the persona interwted in wid eatate, of tuependeney oí UÍd pulition, and the hearing tliereof, h eiinsing a copy of thia order to bc publisshtd in the Michigan Árgut, i newspaper printed and in said Couuty, f uur succeasive weeks previous to said day of hearing. (Atiuecopy.) NOAH W. CHEEVER, 1414 Judtreot l'robate. Mortgage Sale. OEFAULT haring been made in the con dit ion of n ' oertaln mortfraííe mude and exeouted by Tole MeDivitl and Elizabèth VeÜivitt, of the city of Ann rboi, Cotmty of Wtishtenaw and State Of Michiiian, to TiUther James, of the fiunu ci'y, on the twentyfourth du y of Janunry, a. 1). 1865 and reóorded in the office of the lïeihtor of Doods for snid County cf Woshtenaw, on thü twenty-sixth day of Janu:iry. A. I). 1 '(i;", at seven o'cluck P. M. of said day, in líber 33 of mortgnges, on pftge 2 '; and tliat tlure is claimetl to be due at the date hereof, the mim of tour hundred iiid fourte-n dollars and ftfty cents, alsoan attorney's fee of thirty dollars pliould nny proeeedinpsbe had to foreclose the wninü, and no buit or prooeetlinfrs at luw cv in equity havinp been had to recover the debt secured by said mortirae or nny p;irl tht-reof ; notice is herebv jriven that by virtne of the power of sale in said mortgage contained, I shaU sell at public aootion to the highet bidder on the seventeenth dny oí May, A. D. 1S73, at two o'elock in the afternoon of that dy, at the front door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, in the County of WnshtBnaw, and 8ate of lichigan, that being the place of holding the Circuit Oourt for said county, the premisos described in said mortgnge, as all tlmt cert;un picce or paicel of land situated in the 'city' of Ann Arbor, County of Washtenaw, and tate of Michigan, küowii and describc-d s follows, to wit: Lot ïuirabcr lifieen i) in blook number two (2) south, of rantre twelve [121, enstern addition to the illugt now city of Ann Arbor. Dated, Febrnary 21, 1873. LUïnElï JAMES, John N, Oott, Mortiratree. Attorney for llortgagee. 1414 pASH FOK BTTTTEK ! For ii few weeks I want to buy and pay the money for all the ChoicB RoH BUTTER OFFEBKD. H13wG JOHN W. MAYKARD ÜOB SALE AND TO BENT. SLAWSÖN SON OFFZK THE1B STOCK OF GOODS FOR SALE, AND THEIR STOEE Cor, of Huron and Fourth Sts., FOR. ZREISTT. INFORMATION FUllMSHED ON PKEMISES 1413w4 SJLAWSON & SON. .EEDS! SEEDSÜ SEEDS ! ! ! TRLË TISuM IIÈUABIE! I put up no old worthless Seerts, but all nre fresh and rdiable. A small cvm judiciously invesnd in l'luwi'i tieeds, will add rnueh to thu beauty and eujoyinent oí' Home. m.-?r it. I have also largre and well ttlled Green II 'uses with the choicest Green House and Keddinfr Planta imd Shrubs, wbicb can b' safely tranaported.nn 1 I sell at piicus within rmcli of U. Ciitaloguii i'roo. AgetiU vranted to sulicit orders. Addieas, D. C. JltfiBAW, Iliverside Oardens, Binïlinmton, Broome Co., N. T. MOMni. TMPEOVED SAXON CBYSTAL, SPEOTACLE8, AK1 - ■ EYE PBESBRVERS. Patronizcd and recommended by the most eminent Oculista and gentlemen of the raedinal pvol'pssion. aa bein of great transl)arent rciractive qmtlily " con" ttrueted a's to effect the utmost relief nn.l preserve the funetions of the eyea. Tlie aifht of the nged greatly assisted ; weuksii;hlïtrengtheiied: nnU periect siifht preserved. SÍII.OMONS & SONS, Practical Optjciaxs, and Manufacturers of the imirov.d KYE PHB8BEVINQ 8PECTA0LB8, OATABAOT LENS, CÜXUAVE GL.VtíSliS lo ner-sii{hted persone. JACOB HAJLIjKK, Agent, H13m3 No. 22 East Hurou St , Ann Arbor. QAW GUMMER & SHAEPENEE. A CHEAP, nimple, nnS dornbie Machine- casily operated and running Wheela lïom SmH inehes to 12x 1 inch. Price of Machine, $15 Wheels with bovellert, rtonble bevelled and round fnce fruin S3-12 to $? .3ö, uwïurding to thiakiifss. Heuviei Muchinta S7"O nd $9O, running Wheels up to 4 inches in diameter. ior illustrated l'aiaphlete or Photogrnphs, addross THE TASITE CO., H13m5 StroTjdsbuïg, Monroo Co., Pa. SPECIAL NOT1CJS! AU of the TANITE CO'S pood are directly made by the Co., at theirowu l'actory and undertheir own Tatents :md rrocesses. It is cheapet to buy Standard Ooods directly from well known Manufiicturera than to buy of Dealers or jet luw pricuii or poor goods. The fullest iuformation on uil puints connected with Emery Wbeelu and Eraery-t3rindnig-JIaclnnery will be furnislied 1 v tlus C.inpany. H13m3 L.C.RISDON'S AUVERTISEMENr. ■ " i Nott i.i the time to kuy PA11LOR & IIEAT1KG I STOVES. I will sell thom nt COST until furlher notice. Tío. 81 S. Main St, Ann Arbor. qpHE CHEAPEST HOUSE CITY OF ANN ARBOll! H. COHEN , PEALEH IN ]SXillinei'yi &c. We Sell ior Cash Only. MWtf 33 QOVTU ÏIAW STBEET, WASHTENAWCOUNTYjg [I NOTARYTOBÏJC Lj [LI P GENERAL JJ. !l L. JL -ACONVEYANCER U - JiL -aS-jiJBSjL annarbür W: "ipV jfl SiÉSS éfiíES 8S 53 Bi OUH ABSTRACT BOOKS! Ai purtiitlly indicated above. are now popted to dnte. They it, in n condiMised fF posted fonn, sliow ihe ori;iial chala and ullnew chaiuaui title. Inslauce, üuch u AUDITOK GENEEAL'S DEEDS, Known as Tnï-Titk-s, which nre very uumeroui in tbii Cuunty, Decrees, Contraci?, Heeds ! WILLS, SzC, Alsn, now na well ns nft of the old undischnred Xortgnpe n fkt lnck as 18i4wbich nre legions. Versonstukinf title or mort!;a).'e umi li.n will rcroemlifr that TvTitle nml other collntcral malteri are not found in the usuvl mofle of seureh by Indexes ut the Rejfister's oilicv. The books or liers in the llt-L'iwtcr'a (tííice hare btcomesoiiumeronsand volumineus thiit lom? time ia mctssarily icquired even lo niüie a h;vsty and unrclinblo sciirch. With onr facilitics wo say to tïie paMif tlint we enn show them tille nul Titlo 'llistory, nmke Deed, Mortgnpts, Asnignments, Dischniirès, Jtc, ns eorrectly. quicker and in better stylc: than any other office iu the County. We have MONEY TO LOAN ! On Bond nnd Mortgage en long time. REAL ESTÁTE Soidorexchniiged. HOtTSlCS TO RENT. 33 acres opi)osite the Obseivutory for üule in lo:a to suit purchuserB. ROOT & LEITER, Real Eatnte Agenta, No. 1. Gregory Bloek, Tkacy Wi K&rs, aud oppoaite the PüstotSce. Charles A. Leiter. 141&tf 1 VESIRABLE EEAL ÉSÍATB fou SALEI The aubaenber, on accouut of UI health, offers his 33 ACRES In the Corporation for aa!e. Thi ground adjoiDB th UnivalWtj Obstrvaloiy on tlie east, opposile Bide of the atitet". It hus n mos.t excellent SPRINO ! Un the norlheast comer- foimerly stipplicd the Roili'Oíid taukb wilh water. ITS ADVAñITAGES Are as follows: Foroity purposes the Iluron Biver menndersthe same sonie ÖU to 40 rocín, and is puit of the best "Water [Power On the Iliver in this vicínüy, and the olevatkffl on the northeast córner is suiücieut! y hifíh and ampie to sup ply theciiy nucessitius for waUi and iiiepurposts THE WESTERN PORTION On the road is very nppropriate and suitnble for Publio City Cemctei1)' . TIn city has no such grouuds now but must lme soon, and wha over u.uuiiUb the city does not eme to use, can bt soid al an iidvuiitnge, so mnch so,thflt the cost of the Water orks rounds and emcUry, wouid bu mert ty r 1 ƒ theoity does uut want sume, ;he gruuuds vould be intuíuublu for FEU1TS, LARGE&SMALL, Thcre being some Ifo trees now in boaiiog Vegetables and Pasturage, And nlso for M!LKsupply,8L00DFD STOCK, Horses, S?lietp, Antlortier nnimsilR nlways in grent wont by KnnT in lhe pityimd lis vicinitr." As city ]"ts idjoiillnK the nortkwcst comer t ilu.s Uad are now seUuiK fiom threebundieato tluee lnimlred nnd fllty doHnrn, Lrse lamls woiild or ctiuld be suld in a short lint to gooJ udviintage and lornucli pvuül tu lhe pHichussn. LIBEHAL TinSriB WtB be siven or the ssmcwill be exehanged for Merchmitiibie gouds a Drugs nuil üedicineï, aten DTÍCS. TRACY W. BOOT. Ann Arbor, Jan. 31,1873. 14H TaMKS McM A H O N , Justice of the Peace, OCBce in new block, íforth of Court Housft Money collccted and promptly p:iid over. INSÜKANCE AGENT. Triurnph, nsseis, $T27.S03.1J North Missouri, " li45,417.'.H Hib-crnra, " 35U,0O0.0tf KKAL K3TATE. I have Si acres uf land U ot a müe from the city imfts, Snel; löcatcil for fruit or g.irden parpose. Also40 acres. Also lu acres, with h"use and bnrn.and a JtycI stream of water running thrungh tbc barn yard 60 ncree, a mile owt. 1 w'ill s'H :iny r all the above cheap, or exchsofs forci.yproperty. JAMBS MeMAHOW. I NATURE'S REMEDY.'X fisifiipo The Great Blood PugnKyr Vïui.ïiiMv lo uim: lititonc) nom the juiceso carefully s;locted barks, rotns :ind herb, and si atrouuly concentrated that it will efl'wtually eradicate liom the syrtem every int of Scrofiil, Berofolous Humor, inmor.-. Canr r, 'anccrous Humor, Kryipdii8, -nlt Kheum. -yphilitic Diseasts. Canker, Fai ituess at the Stomsch, jkI all d!sea that ansa from Impure bl od, fciaiica, Inflnmmatory and Chronic Rheomatism Neuralgia Gout aud Spinal coniplaiuts, canunly be efltctiiallycurcd throu;li the Mood. For Ulcera f.nd Eruptivo Diseases of the skin. Posmíe?. Pimples, Blotches, Boíl-, Tetter. Scalflhean and Rlnjrworm, VEGETINE has never lailed to effect a permanent cure. p'or piins in the back. Kiilney Complaiuts, Dropjy. b'emale Wenkuess. Leacorrhoen. ariMiii.' l'rom ínter, nal nlceratlon. and aterine dis 'ases and Oenenil Debiiity. VE(ílí I'IB acts direolly pon the caus"s of these couiplaints. It Invlgontei and ptren;theni the wholc -ystem. acts np n the secretive organe, allays inílimmation, cures ulccration and regnlates the bowels. For Catarih, DyspepBÍa.riabitual ('ostiveness, Palpitali..n ofthe Ue:irt Headache. Piles, Nervoiisne-s and General prostratiou of the Nervoua Sysïrm. uo medicine has ever "iven sueh perfect satisfaction as theVEGETINK. Itpnrifle? the blood cleaiifen all ■! Lbe ocgans, and possesses a controfting puwer over the Nervous -ystem. The reinarkablecnios effc-cted by VEGKTINE havo inrluced miuy physldani snd apotneefirles whom wo knovv to ■ cribe a ml n e itin thrir nwn fumilii's. Pin facr.V. GÏÏÏISii is the beft remeily vet disonr. ercd lor the abnve di cuses, and is thevnly reliable Blood Puri lier vet placed before the public. Preparad bv II. It. Stevens, Tioston Mass. PriceSl.35. S1(1 by all I niists. 1400 1QQ PIECES NEW PRINTS, SPRlJMi SÏYLES, AND 10Doz.LADIES'NECKTIES Juat reeeived by H13w4 J. H. MAÏMiBD. f IVE ÖSESE FEATHÜRS FIRST aXTA.X.IT"Sr , tonetant)yonhnd andforealeby BACEêr ABEL,


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