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been compolled to print new editions oL evarj number of tbe magazine containiug Dr. Holland's serial story " Arthur 'Bouiiicastle," which was commenoed in November. Of some of these uuinbers as mauy as three extra editions have been printed. Saxo Holm, who lias helped to give Scribner' Monthly its euviablo roputation for short stories, has just written what is said to be the bost story of the series. It is entitled " The Eldor's Wife, a Soquel to Draxy Miller's Dowry," and will be commenced iu the April number of the Magazine. There will be a story in an early number by Norman llolm. A curious artiole on the son of the first Napoleon, will appear in Scribner's for March. It is accompanied by several portraits of the " Kiug of Rome." A fac-simile of the famous fint telegram " What hath God "VVrought," will be given in Sa-ibneSë for March, in connection with an iuterestiug illiutrated paper on the late Prof. Morse. "Christ's Miracles Scientifically Considered," is the titlo of a remarkiible article to appear in the forthcoming number of Scribner't. Fannie E. Hodgson, the author of Surly Tim's Trouhk, :md One ilay at Arle, will have a story in Scribner'a for March, entitled "The Womau who Sa ved Me." Messrs. Kuif; and Chainpney, of the Scribner ex ;e.lition, have just passed through Texas on uiea-wayto New Orluans. They are engaged iu making sketches and taking notes for an IIlustratèd Series of Papers in Scn'bncr's Monthly, to be eutitled " The tíreat South," and to be commenoed some time next spring. The public will be glad to learn that Mr. Froude, the historian who has j ust gone back to Eujilantl, is to write a series oí Brüliant Historical Papers for Scribner'i Monthly.


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