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Hartford. Ct., Fob. 19. - The Democratie State üonveiiüon met m this city to-day and was largely attended. Col. D.vight Morris, of Bridgeport, formerly a Kepublican, was appointed temporary chairman and af lor wards permanent chairman. The Convention nominated Chas. R. Ingorsüll for Governor by a rising vote and unanimously. Geo. G. Sill, a Liberal Kepublican, was nominated for Lieutenant-Gevernor, Martin H. Sanger for Secretary of State, fm, E. Kaymoud for Treasurer by hcclamation, and Dr. A. E. Goodrich for Comptrollar. R'isolutions were passé 1 declaring the Democratie party based on the principies of the Conatitution dtclared at Cincin ■ nati and Biltiinore; arraigning the administration for the use of the pardoniug power in the interest of ballot-box stuflin; ; for striking down a faithful Cabinet to please a corrupt ring, and keeping one who payg uioney to greedy cormorants ; for using the arniy to crush out, the rights oí' the States ; arraigning the TicePresideöt for complicity in Credit Mobilier ; arrjigning the Rtpublican party for s nuHidei'iua the public lauds, and tVr eorriiptiori in tho election ; deüouucing the interferance of tho Federal authorities, trom the President down, in political iiifairs belonging to thi States, and creating State Lfgislatures by Executive decreo ; walconiiiig Spain to the sisterhood oí' the republics, believing i'rcudom to Cuba wouid Lie the result; eulozizing Hornee üreeley and lamontinghisdoath ; denomieing the rppeal ot' the usury law ; reoommenuiug furthet' legislution to protectiabor and secure just advantages of education to the pjor ; favoring the agtablishment of a bureau of labor statistics, and favoring a Constitutional Conveation. Adjourned.


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