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The New York Eeening Post has been makiag some inquiráis ubout Muckinaw, nud has partialty changed its mind about making a public park at that poiut. It now says : "Our inquines on S.ituaday in regard to the ïslind üf Mackinaw have brought explanations. The bilí before Coligiese is not the job of some specuiator, but the suggestiou of a gentleman who lbves ua turo and has a rose-cold every summer, to gutid Maekinaw against jobbery. - The back of that lovely turtle- the rounded shell thereof, on which growp, we snppose, the boi-i hlanc which gave it its Francta name ; bob-a-low, as the halibreeds eall it - is still public land, and the object of the bill before Congress is to keep it so It would have beea botter to have stated the purpose of the bill to be the keeping of Maekinaw as a military reservation ralher than the making of it a public park. But the object, now we uuderstand it, moots with onr hoarty approval. Let Maekinaw remain as it now -all exeept the fringe of village - public domain. It matters little what it is called, public park or military reservation, so that it is not tnrown into market at $1.25 an acre for some huge job."


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