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German Hot-beds

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We feel that, in given some account of translucint cloth hot-beds, to be employed instead of glass frames in general use, we ari; doing all our gardening readers a service. We can vcüch for the valuo of the ' lierman Hot-Beds," having tried thein very Buccessfully uiany years ugo. For forcing eitrly melons, tomatoes, fcc, this-prepared cloth is especially adaptcd, as it eau be tacked to boxea af any sizo required and cut to fit tbein. Littliv roujjli, square boxes of the proper size and height, covered with tho pre pnred cloth, can be placed over the hills in whioh tomato, inelon or other seeds are plantod, and the plants allowed to stand, without transplanting, until all danger ot trost is over, when tho boxes may be taken off and packed away carefully for another season. Take white cotton cloth, of a close texturo, Btretch it, and nail it on frames of miy sizo you wish ; mix two ounces of liuie water, tour ounces ei' linsoed oil, one ounee of white of eggs, separately, two of yolk of eggs ; mix the liftte and oil with m re-ry gcntle heat, beat tho eggs separately, and mix with theformer. Spread this mixture, witti a paintbrusb, over tho cloth, allowing each coat to dry before applying auother, until they become water-proot. The following are some of the ndvantagus these shadea possess over glas-i : 1. Tho cost boing hardly one-fourth. '1. Repairs are easily. and; cheaply made. 3. They are light : tuey do not require watering ; no matter how intense the heat ui the sun, the plants aro never struck down, or fad--d, or checked in growth ; neither do they grow up long, ickly, and weakly, as they do undir glas.s and still there is an abundance of light. The heat entirely arising from below, is equable and températe, which is a great object. The vapor arising from the manure and earth is condensod by the cool air poseing over the surface of the hade, and hangs in drops upon the inide, and therefore the plants do not requiro so frequent watering. If the frames Or stretchers are made large, they should bo intersected with cross-bars abont a toot square, to support the eiotb. These urticleR nre just the för bringing forward flower seeds in season for


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