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Mistress And Servant

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" We cannot be familiar with our ser vants" is a wry cominon expression, and those among whotu it is in voguo regard their hired girls as they would a piece of kitchen or dining-room furniture, and consider it quite enough, in case she does her w-ork ell, to pay her the stipulnted price, and fiud no fault. And yet it is not enough. A genuine mistress is one whose good and gracioug influence extwncjs wonianly kindness towards evcry creature under her control. An interest in her personal wants, and a care over her associations, is not familiarity - it is inerely teaching her that you respect her, and would have ber respect herseJf in the station sho oecupies. Uf courso i f' tho mistress of the house will sit with her half the morning and question her in regard to her fornier pluee with your intímate friend, Mrs Sinith, and is in'erestfd in the fact that Mrs. Sinith's sheets have a soiim up the middle, or is anxious in regard to her silver, as though you contemplated a niidnight raid in case it is the genuino artiele, she will be familiar, and you will very soon have an opportunity of entertaining your friends in the omnibus or strwet cars with an account of your squabblps with the kitchen cabinet ; but such things are in bad taste and it is a pity they are so common. Wa would that the servant oí the future might be " good and faithful," that we might meet with more Peggotys and Elizabeth Hands in every day life ; but the prospect is a dreary one. A law of universal applieation is, kindness can only bo repaid in full by kindness in return.


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