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One Peculiarity Of 1872

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From the New TorV E+etn";? Tost. It is habitual with a great many persons to pronounoo the weather ai the present moment the worst they ever saw. As these persons usually manage to preserve thoir lives for a great many yaars; notwithstanding the unchangeableness of thoso untoward circumstances, it follows, aecording to their own testimony, that the seaaons are suecessively ohanging for the worse. It is reasonable, ho wever, to 8uppose that when a per$ffn persistently coruplains of the ireather throughout a long li'fe, he müst, once or twice at least, teil the truth. This was the case larf year. From a inass of statistics furnietied to the London Times by a immber óf correspondents it appears that the rainfall, as observed at different places in England during the year 1872 was groater than m any year before since 1725, the amount being seventy-five per centuia above the average. The year ranking next in this respect is 1852, tho amount of rain during that year bfiing thirty-eight per centuni abovo the average. A comparison of thá rainfall of the last twenty-five years at uineteon stations in England confirass this general statement. At two stations 1848 was the wettestyear; At on'e 18(51 was the wottest year ; and at all the others, thirteen out of nineteen, 1872 was the wettest. Confining tho comparison to the last thirty years, and to the last four months of the year, it appears that tho rainfall of 18öÜ was the greafest by nearly four inches- the total ainount in September, Oetober, November and Deoember of 1872 being 14 94 ; in 1841 14 08, while in 1852 if was 18 40. Persons of rcorè than thirty years of age, therefore, who said at the beginning' of tho present year, " Theso have been the wettest four months we ever saw," unwittingly spoko false ; while those of less, than 140 years of ago who asserted the same thing of the year 1872, probably without much tboaght, told tho truth. This shows, in its inoral aspect, tho need of being particular in our uso of división of time when we grumble at the weather.


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